Jealous SSO rocks episode 10

Hello guys sorry for little late but I hope u all enjoyed the story line here’s the next chapter enjoy it

Shivika come downstairs for wedding ,,,,all members r present in hall
They do all rituals and complete the wedding ceremony
Take blessings from elders and the magical moment of their life
Coming there first night
SSO just flying like a bird but his brother s catch him,.

R- Bhaiya dekho na o troubles me
O- what did I do
R- he signal him
O- so what ,,,,u think I am afraid from shivaay
R- Bhaiya see
S- omru come with me

He take them in pool side and talk with them

Actually SSO knows there plan so he he handles the situation by own tantics and his brother’s shocked

After 15 min.
R- Bhaiya what r u doing
S- what ,just solve your problem
O- shivaay I think u forgot tonight iss your first night Bhabhi is waiting for you and you waistiing your time with us
S- ohh ya I ,,, actually I am not forget anything ,,,, u both forgot that I m yr big brother u both r kids so behave like kids now iam going to celebrate my night so I don’t want any kind of prank there understand Rudra

R– yes Bhaiya
O- very good Shivaay
S- go and sleep
Shivaay move towards the room all ladies in his room and tease Anika shivaay came so they left from the room and the romantic mode of SSO is on

He close the properly cover.the windows with curtains properly and move towards the bed where Anika is just sit shyly ,,and she stands up take the pills and put on the couch and lay down settled herself comfortable shivaay shocked what happen and Anika control her laughter he hurriedly come towards Anika and bend on knees seing this anika Anika gets up

A- shivaay what happen why r u bend come come here they both on couch nd he just has no words for how to start the conversation

A- shivaay what happen to sleep it’s very late and u have a important meeting early in the morning
S- Anika but tonight is our first night ,how can we sleep ,I mean so early how can we sleep.and why r u sleep on the couch come we both sleep on bed

A- no shivaay I am comfortable here u go and sleep
I know tonight is our first night but u promised me na k whenever iam not comfortable u didn’t touch me so tonight is iam not comfortable we save this night

Shivaay thinks about the promise give a smile to Anika and move towards bed ,,,,
Anika is overwhelmed by his cute hubby lovely understanding gestures so she decided to not trouble shivaay more

Shivaay just about to sleep then suddenly soft hands hugged him from back he stop nd turn

A- shivaay I am sorry
S- no Anika it’s ok I understand
A- my cute baby I am just kidding wo this is planned by Rudy u troubles.him outside so he troubles u inside
S- yaar that’s not fare and u also involved in this
A- sorrryyyyy
S- ok go sleep
A- what
S- what
A- u sAid me to sleep lonely
S- as you want if u want that your newly hubby gives you a Romantic enjoyable lovely pleasures night so tell your husband he gives you

A- no ,,,, thank youoAnd she turned and move he hold her hand twist her and she landed on his chest he slowly removes her jewellery and kiss the places then he make her saree pallu unpinned and calls he come and gently press his body against her make her saree plates untugges and he opens her saree so easily Anika breathing heavily but she is enjoy every minute ,,when the saree falls she hurriedly hugged shivaay and shivaay remove her remaining clothes and take her to the bed and lay her gently , she shyly cover herself with hands but her husband doesn’t want so he makes puppy eyes in front of her for not doing this and she melts and remove her hands and lay straight , shivaay just scan each nd every curve of her wife and they both see each other , now Anika doesn’t want clothes on shivaay body ,, shivaay understand and he first remove shirt than trousers then her. Innerwear but he is not shy at all he properly exposed his body infront of his wife

Now he cover Anika with his body and kiss. Her very gently everywhere and make love and consummate their marriage very cutely

Guys thnk u so much for your support this was my first romantic episode so if any mistakes happen sorry but pls drop your comments and suggestions and also one thing if you all r want I will continue this story or there’s a ends. So it depends on u but pls comment I promise you to update tmrw my other story actually I am down with cold and throat infection take care guys thnk u

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