Hey everyone! I’m back with an OS again.
And yes all the articles that were posted yesterday, I have read them all and loved it! But as I was out because of Eid, I couldn’t comment! Sorry for that.
A bungalow is shown where a girl is running behind a boy..
Suman: shr wait now I’ll show you..
Shr: you will not be able to catch me..
Suman: ahh…, she acts as if she has fallen down and got hurt.. Shr goes behind and gives her his hand to get up.

Suman: hahaha.. See I told u Na I will catch you!
Shr: achaa.. He runs behind her when Preeti comes
Preeti: will you both please stop it! All the time you both keep fighting!
Shr n suman stop.. And laugh seeing each other and give hi Fi!
Preeti: chalo di we have to get ready for the party Na! Suman asks shr also to get ready..
The three are getting ready, sumo and preeti are together.
Preeti: sumo when will tell him that you love him
Sumo: I don’t know, whether he loves me or not. Maybe he considers me only as his best friend!
Preeti: but you should at least tell him Na!
Sumo: hmm..

Its sumo, shr nd preeti’s reunion party
Some time later they go to the party.. They are enjoying the party.. When a boy enters .. Tall, handsome.. All girls go to him and stares at him.. They all chit chat with him. Sumo is standing with shr and preeti when that boy comes to her..
Boy: hey sumo
Sumo turns and sees him and is surprised to see him..
Sumo: hey Rahul! She hugs him.. Preeti goes to her other friends.
Shr fumes seeing them hug, he goes to the other side and drinks wine..
Sumo and Rahul talk and laugh remembering their past incidents.. They were best friends during school time. An announcement is made that now is the dance time. Rahul offers sumo to dance with him, she agrees.. But thinks where has shr gone? The music is played they dance on the song sau asmaan from baar baar dekho.. Shr is continuously drinking looking at their closeness.
Shr: one more glass!

Waiter: you have already had a lot sir!
Shr: who are you to tell me that! Give me the bottle.. He forcefully takes the bottle and keeps on drinking. Here sumo is enjoying with Rahul but still thinking about Shr. The music stops and Sumo turns to search Shr but Rahul holds her hand
Rahul: where are you going? Let’s dance.. Sumo smiles and a romantic song is played Janam janam from Dilwale.. Rahul pulls her and dances with her and they both were really very close which increased She’s anger.. He breaks the bottle in his hand and blood starts coming from his hand! But he is still not ready to stop, he keeps on drinking from another bottle.
Sumo and Rahul keep on dancing, Rahul picks up sumo in his arms and spins her.. Sumo feels a bit uncomfortable but still she smiles which fumes shr all the more. He throws the bottle which had turned red because of his blood.
Shr: enough is enough!

He walks towards them..
Sumo was now too very close to Rahul, it almost looked like they were kissing each other.
Shr screams Sumo…
Everyone looks at him, Sumo is shocked to see blood coming out from his hand, his eyes had turned red and tears were coming out from his eyes. Looking Shr in this condition Sumo also had tears in her eyes, she leaves Rahul’s hand and runs towards him.. She holds his hand and asks what is this? How did this happen?
Shr takes his hand back and holds her hand and takes her to the stage..
Shr: Hello everyone.. I want to give you all a good news! I and Sumo are marrying each other in a month.
Sumo and Preeti are shocked at his declaration! Everyone claps for them!
Sumo: what are you saying Shr?
Shr: I love you Sumo.. He kneels down
He holds her hand which was Rex in blood and asks if she will marry him!
Sumo is super happy and nods in yes
Shr stands up and they both hug each other…

The end!
So this was my second OS on Shraman! I hope you all liked it! Please comments..
Criticisms also welcome!
Keep smiling 

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  1. Nikita

    Jealous shravan..
    Loved it..
    It was cute..
    Love ya,
    Nikita 🙂

    1. Angel20

      Thanks so much!
      Love you

  2. Wohoo…
    Thanks for thus ff…
    Its so nice..?????

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much

  3. Ufaaq

    loved it
    same should b long one
    its ok nice one
    take care
    with love

    1. Angel20

      My exams are near so can’t write long. Sorry!

      1. Ufaaq

        its ok no worries
        best of luck sweetu

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG Maria i m so happy u wrote an os for EDKV and it’s amazing i love EDKV so much even my fav show is KRPKAB and EDKV hi 5

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Jo!
      Hi Fi 🙂

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awesome one ???
    Nd the title is great .. lol JEALOUSE SHRAVAN ??
    love ya ???
    Take care ..

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Fatima!
      Love you!

  6. Prettypreeti

    It was superb
    Maria di u rocked
    Loved it very much
    Keep writing
    Love u

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much!
      Love you!

  7. Oh my…. This was amazing.
    Loved it ?

    1. Angel20

      Thank you Zainab 🙂

  8. Marie

    Oooyyyy hoyyyyy jealous shravu…..!!! God that was so amazing I loved it to the core…..!!!!??????❤❤❤????????????great work maria API????
    Post like this always…..
    Love u so muchhhhh muahhhhhhhhh
    Take care

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Maria!!
      Love you too???

  9. Ariana

    Ohoho….Shravan jealous to such an extinct !!! Awesome. Maria girl u rock. beautiful os. make more!! I’m greedy so I want more and more. I hope u’ll do this much for me. Btw, r u my di or small sissy? I’m 14 so what should I call u?
    muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh of love n huggies from me
    take care
    nd Eid Mubarak!!

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much!
      I’m your di! I’m 16?
      Love you
      Thanks dear!

  10. Oh my god
    Jealous shr
    Loved it
    Keep writing
    Loved it

  11. LovelyLady

    hello maria
    do u really think that u will gey criticism over sucj heart touchng story
    if u think so thn u r bewkufff
    budhhuu the story was damn good
    really loved it to d core
    n i really miss u n all other frnds on tu

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