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Ammm I love you pragya, and I know you love me too but you will never accept it bcoz you think love fate and destiny, these are nothing! Pragya first when i met you, and i just flirted with you, You slapped me, but when media questioned you if I flirted with you, you saved my image, my career by saying that No! At next day i again came to your college, and apologised to you, at First you were ignoring me, yoy were really very much angry over my behaviour, but you forgave me, then we became good friends, and then bestfriends during the Wedding of Nikhil and Tanu, when Riya used to get close to me, you used to feel so much jealous, ohhhh that was best moment, and when Riya just stole my CD and kept it in your bag, I shouted over you so much without knowing that if Riya is telling truth or not, and next day u left the wedding place ,i came to know about that Riya was lying, i searched for you and again When i apologised, You forgave me, Time passed so much fast that today I m in Love with you! But before confessing my love i wanna be 100% sure that you too love me, i don’t want to take risk what if things go embarrassing in between us, I can not lose your friendship so today i will apply same plan that we applied on tanu and Nikhil before their wedding, I still remember your plan, it was that we will make tanu jealous of you and Nikhil ,and at same time we will make jealous Nikhil by me and tanu! So Jealousy it is only the way from which i would come to know if u love me or not! I hope it works….

Knock Knock!

Who is there.. Said Abhi
Ishani… I m Ishani, Abhi!
Ishaanii, come in, please, it’s been a month you didn’t met me… Said abhi
Yes! I was just busy with my some work na, well i know it’s wrong to listen anyone’s talk secretly but I can help you… Said Ishani…
Ayeee you are best Ishanj, we will make pragya jealous by this.. Said Abhi
Okay okay, we will but tell me where is pragya? Said ishani
She, Ishaniiii you are Savior we had a plan today, Actually i asked pragya that i will pick her from college and then we will go for a movie… Said Abhi
That’s best, Cancel your plan! Said Ishani
Whattt? But we planed it a week ago, i was busy with my some concerts ,so i asked pragya that for sure we will go for movie, i can’t cancel it… Said Abhi

Ufff Abhi, acha see we have to work over our plan, okay So i will also come with you both, and that’s how we will make pragya jealous… Said Ishani…
Superbbbb ideaaa, Ishani, thankss.. Okay let’s go …. said Abhi
Okay… Said Ishani

After sometime they reached pragya’s college,
Pragya came and opened the front door of car like which is next to driving seat so she could sit with Abhi… But Ishani was already sitting there..

Hey Pragya, Said abhi
Hi Abhi… Said pragya..
Hey pragya.. I m ishani…
Ishani? Pragya was pretending to smile
Yes Ishani.. My Girlfriend… Said Abhi
Girlfriend? But u never told! Said pragya
Abhi whispers how would i have told it you as i came to know for it today!
Ishani pinches abhi…

Abhi says wo pragya, It ws not anything, like i even didn’t shared this thing with my dadi!
Ishani says okayyy guyz it’s getting late for movie, pragya please take back seat!
Pragya nods… She sits at bck seat, and thinks to herself Why abhi never told me for Ishani? Meanwhile Abhi and Ishani were having chit chat, abhi was driving car ,they were laughing… Pragya again thinks to herself so bad joke ishani cracked and see how abhi is laughing over this worst joke, hehe haha, and i said to him we will go for movie, why he brought Ishani here! Girlfriend? Badee aayee Girlfriend! Pragya was feeling so much jealous, anyone can feel it easily bcoz of pragya’s expressions, Abhi from rear view mirror saw pragya’s face expression, he thinkss ahhhh Jealous girlll! She is getting jealous, Abhi excitedly in loud voice says it means you loveee meeeeee! Pragya gets stunned, Ishani thinks Abhiii bcoz of you our plan would be failed, Abhi realised for what he said, ishani normalises the situation and Says Of course abhi I lovee you! This time pragya was at height of jealousy… She thought an han I loveee youu Abhi, my foot! How can she love Abhi, i think she haven’t saw her face ever in mirror! It means you love me, an han Abhi never said it to me why he saying it to ishani! Wait wait wait pragya what are you blabbering! OMG what’s wrong with you pragya!
Pragya says Abhiii!

Abhi says yes pragya…
Please stop the car, i have urgent work so i have to do it! Said pragya!
But pragya what about movie.. Said Ishani
Leave her na Ishani, we will enjoy alone, what about a date! Said Abhi..
Pragya now was not able control her jealousy, she said Abhi stop the car with rude voice…
Abhi stopped the car, pragya said thanks and enjoy your date bye!
Bye prgya! Said abhi
Pragya forcefully closed the door of car and went to a cafe!
How mean, we can go for date! An han he never asked so politely to me then why to ishani! Bye pragya! An han bye, why he didn’t asked me pragya don’t go ,come with us for movie! But noooo Ishani what about a date! Dateee…. Eeeeeeeeeee i hate abhi! Said pragya

Yesss plan worked my Girl just got jealous! Said abhi
Yeah ,but Abhi please control yourself what was the need to shout It means You love me! Said Ishani
Abhi says Oopsi Doopsi, Sorry i got excited… Well what’s next
Amm this time it was date, next time engagement ! Said Ishani
What? I mean engagement! Okay got it so when? Said Abhi
Tomorrow! Said Ishani!

Ishani please do it fast, i can’t hurt pragya more! Said Abhi
Okay Romeo jiii , As you wish…

Time passed it was night….
Abhi in his room was looking at pragya’s pic which was in his mobile, he said ahhh My jealous girl, i didn’t knew you will get so much jealous that u even didn’t texted me today! So baddd!

Why pragya why, why are u desperate to text him, why you were jealous when u saw Ishani with him, why u felt bad when abhi asked Ishani for the date, why is it? Whyyy pragya… He is just your friend, no loveee, coz i don’t believe in love, synonym of love is Problem… Sooo no i don’t love, no wayyy!
Pragya took her mobile and went through those funny selfies of abhi and her which they clicked long time ago, pragya smiles seeing it, she says You are just my friend! Just then she saw Abhi’s name over screen he was calling her! Pragya took deep breathe and answered the call!
Hi abhi… Said pragya
Arey leave Hi, hello listen to me! Said Abhi
Yes… Said pragya!
Tomorrow is my engagement, dadi agreed so you are coming right?
Those words (Tomorrow is My engagement) stabbed pragya’s heart just same as when someone stabs knife in in anybody part.. Tears came in pragya’s eyes,
Hello pragya are you there… Pragyaaaaa! Said abhi
Yes yes, wo yes i will come, said pragya and ended call…
What my jealous girl was crying? Abhiiii i can’t hurt her more, by tomorrow i will end this plan
Pragya wiped her tears and went near mirror, she said Tears? Why? Okay it’s his, your bestfriend’s engagement, you should be happy, why are you crying? What’s wrong… Just stop this Drama pragya, be happy, tomorrow is his engagement!

Who is this jealous girl Abhiiii?
Abhi turns and see dadi
And which engagement were you talking about? When did i agreed…
Wo dadi, you know na pragya, said abhi

Yes pragya, she is so sweet girl na, i have asked u so many times that propose her but youuu! Said dadi
Abhi laughs and hugs her, abhi explains everything to Dadi,
Dadi says oh ho!okay so tomorrow at mandir ,it’s your engagement ,i will talk to surlaa jeee!
Abhi says U mean pragya and my engagement
Dadi says no i mean yours and my engagement ,fine?
Abhi laughs and says i have no objection …
Dadi says Dramebaaz…

Next day: okay so it is his engagement, mmm pragya why are you feeling bad just cheer up yourself,and please God don’t make me feel jealous!

Abhi says today i will say it to you! Yes i love you, you love me, what’s wrong let’s get engaged! Hehe i will make new song by these lyrics! ???

???? why is he getting engaged? Pragya what a stupid question, it’s getting late ,you should leave for Mandir!

All gather at mandir, Ishani is standing with pragya there! Pragya is looking beautiful in Purple saree , surla made her wear it! Pragya is hiding her tears, Abhi is smiling seeing pragya… Dadi says okay let’s start engagement ,abhi bring My bahu, abhi steps towards pragya but pragya is thinking he is coming to ishani ,as ishani and pragya were standing near , pragya turned her face and wiped tears ,she forcefully pretended to smile, Abhi forwaded his hand, ishani smiled, pragya felt bad , Ishani moved her hand ,slow motion ?? guyz i hope you visualise it, slowly slowly Ishani moved her hand ,she holded pragya’s hand, pragya looked at her, ishani smiled, Ishani kepts abhi’s hand in pragya’s hand… Slow motionnnnnn………. Pragya was confused, abhi holded pragya’s hand, dadi smiled! Pragya took her hand back! Abhi again holded and said pragya it’s your engagement come na! It’s getting late! Pragya said my engagement with you? I think you are imagining me as ishani!

All giggled, abhi went on his knees and said Pragya.. No i my jealous Girl … I don’t know ,what i should say as i have never proposed any girl, you are first, I mean you are first and last! Pragya was stunned and passed a smile over abhi’s stupid sentence Abhi said I loveee you pragya! Abhi got up and said I lovee youuuu… Pragya hugged him tightly and said I loveee youu to abhi, I love youuuu! Tuu meri jaan hai, Tu mera armaan hai, was being played in background! Meanwhile everyone clapped! Abhi broke hug and said It was awesome feeling seeing my jealous girl so much jealous thanks Ishani! Ishanu laughed and said pragya mow you are trapped you have to tolerate him for whole life! Pragya hugged ishani and said thanks! Abhi said ahhh okay okay engagement time!

Abhigya exchanged rings,and hugged eachother tightly, prGya said i lovee you abhi… abhi answered I lovee youu too jealous Girlll!
The End…

Okay guyz that’s the end, hope you liked it… Amm well I m not new here, i already have wrote 2 One shot’s this is third one …and i also have wrote a Ff which i just ended recently! So let’s play a game ,actually i m bored na so just thought to play a game! The name of game Is Guess me if you can!
I will give you two hints, so it’s just a game nothing else and i will tell who is winner in the comments at the end ,it’s nothing but a game! As many of you are my friends! Sooo i just thought for the game so let’s watch who knows me better!

1st Hint: Incredible chatterbox
?? okay so next Hint is most easier!
2nd Hint: I was named as Miss Sorry, And Miss Thank you!
So who am I? Waiting for your comments guyz , thanks for reading the OS! Leave your comments!

Credit to: Guess it yourself ?

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  1. Silent reader

    Obviously who else that somiya? Nice os!

    1. Hehe, thanks

  2. Haha i know u!! Somiya!! Easy to guess lol.. ur clues are so easy to find u!!???
    And ya jealousy is a funny feeling that everyone would experience for their loved ones so I really liked ur OS with jealousy concept!!???

  3. Guyz grammatical error! It’s not i have wrote, it’s i have written! Sorry for some spelling and grammatical errors!Thanks

    1. Omg why u care abt grammatical mistakes? We are not teachers to mark ur work! We are just readers and frnds to enjoy ur writing! So no need to be sorry!

      1. Thanks maya! Again a sweet comment from your side!

  4. ?????? i m so stupid ,i just commented with my name so guyz suga and silent reader and you all are winner ???? okay Thanks ,again i m stupid

  5. Obviously somiya…nd this was awesome…

    1. Haha thanks abhigya

  6. Hey Somiya Hope I remember me, I am the writer of Qubool Hai FF “Asya and Huyaan:A delicate relation” Well nice…. indeed you write well????Hope to see more pieces of your creativity ☺☺ZUHA FATIMA

    1. How can i forget u zuha, your poetry and all, loved your ff thanks

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Hey Somu, Kya HEI yaar…….Tu Kaise aisi games kel sakthi HOON…..Vo bhi Iss Badi hints SE……I think Iss saari duniya KO Pata hoga Miss.Sorry & Miss.Thank u Sirf tum hi hoo……….& Most Important thing……This story jaise tune shuru kiya dha na…….VO tho Hamaara “ABHIGYA Destiny” FF ki Shuruvaat dha……..Jo tumne beech mein stop karkar Nayi Andazz se Nayi kahani shuru kar dhi baad mein……..Always I felt that Dubaara shuru Hui kahani tho tune pura kardiya…….Par pehla kahani vahi ruk GAYI……..Par Aaj tune VO bhi COMPLETE kardiya…….I am sooooooooooooooo Happyyyyyyyyyy MERI Dost……………Luv u Dear………&Haa tumare FF ki 1st Episode SE last episode tak Meine Comments likhi dhi……..Aise Kaise bhooloon………Yaadash bahuth sharp HEI MERI Dost………..???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Jitni yaadaash tumharee sharp h utni meri, kyun k i tumhara name humesha m comments m dhoondhty thy k reshma ka comment zaroor yahan hoga and humesha hota h… And haan i felt k kahani ko poora karna chayh so poora kar diya ! Chal thanks nhi bolne waali m ????

  8. I know somiya dii oops miss sorry loved it when I started reading this I had a feeling someone had already written this when I was scrolling down I got a strong feeling that it is u and when I read the hints it was damn correct it was u dii..loved this osa lot

    1. Ahhh vaishu thanksss no thankss ??? i m glad that you remember my previous story that’s sooo amazinggg na, well desperately waiting for your ff!

  9. Anzeela somiya very nice

    1. Thanks Shree

  10. It’s tooooo cute episode yaar thn more than a OS u r tooooo cute coz u itself dint hide ur identity somiya coz u don’t know how to do it…??

    1. So true durga ???? i can’t na ! Thanks but no thanks for the comment or else again everyone would say Miss thank you

  11. Loved this OS…. It was so cute and sweet???… Nice job!

    1. Thanks trisha

  12. haye is. os me. mera pehla pyar hai. mera fav mera pyara Abhigyas destiny wo bhi 25th episode se pehle wala. ????????????.somu love u yr kyuki. ek. os me poora ff rewind kar diya tune to seriously yr for u and this ff pehla pehla pyar hai pehli pehli baar hai ?????
    and yeah pehla nasha pehla khumar naya pyar hai naya intezar kar loon mai. kya aona haal mere dil e bekaraar tu hi bata
    at last somu tu meri jaan. hai ????

    1. Kar loon m kya apna haal, arey tera comment or mera ff, tera comment meray ff ka charm hayee Surbhii tera comment i loveddddd your comment or yeh wala mera fav song meray hee ff per dedicate kiyaa, I lovee youuu for this

  13. it was very nice

  14. Amazing awesome excellent and yeah I will not say you are somiya because you are my soya!!!(soya bean and soya sauce) ?????

  15. Hey somuuuu..
    I know I’m late.. I can guess u?
    &ur is wow…..???????????❤❤❤❤????awesome

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