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#Jasbatein#Pri&Nans#oberois and their angels.

They r oberois. They have luxurious life, a brand name set to everything they do. So they r happy?

Shivay Singh oberoi, strong enough to face problems that r trying to make a pathway in his brothers life. If he is emotionless then the enormous love he has for his omru is not an emotion? He shows his happiness when he safeguards his family, but is he really happy with tat? What abt his happiness ? His Anika? He can’t say no to marry tia bcoz of om truth n the one who can stop this is his Anika who is unable to remember their story.

Omkara Singh oberoi, sensible person who never got parental love. His mom pain and his dad mistakes make him weak.the thread which holded him back always is his brothers.its said that one need to break to become more stronger. May be that’s the reason destiny made him witness his mom on fire. He broke just to become another Shivay. But who will explain him tat being Shivay will kill his soul evrytym.

Rudra Singh oberoi, Free bird and party freak who is hiding his emotional vulnerable side behind this all.highly affected by fight of his parents,finding happiness in his false place,scared to witness his obro relation breaking.he is ok with anything that makes his family fight less. His Anika bhaji is the one who can feel this side of him more than his brothers.

Three bonded strongly are travelling in different paths just to safeguard their family. They need some magic in their life. Though Shivay recognised it’s none other than his Anika, he can’t accept. Rudra is not even to ready to accept his strong emotion on Sowmya.om,he is yet to find that magic.


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  3. Superbbb…waiting 4 the nxt…

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    Wow…..The promo seems quite interesting.

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  5. Fantastic… awesome…. eargerly waiting for the episode

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    Ya it’s a nice and interesting plot carry on and if possible please post the first part of your this ff soon will be waiting for it ?.

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      Thanks yaar.just submitted first episode

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    wow !!!!!
    post asap……

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  8. Loved the prologue ?. Looking forward to the 1 episode. Do update soon dear(nans-pri) ??

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  9. Go ahead dear… I am waiting.. For the next update.

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  10. Amazing….. Waiting for epi 1?

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    Finally your back to write amazing joint stories.

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    Well written Nandupie … Waiting for the next update…

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  16. Awesome Plz continue

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  17. Love love love it… Come back soon with another part??????? pri n nandu.. u always rock my babies?

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    hey nans..
    wow yaar glad to see u back…
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      Thank u mrunal.did u stop writing? I am missing ur ff Plzzz post yaar

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        Nope dear.. I didn’t stopped writing.. It’s just that bcoz of some reasons my update is delaying… I’m trying to post it soon… Let’s see when I’ll be able to post it….

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  19. Lovely waiting for next..

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    Nans Di I am happy to know that you are back to Ishqbaaz family and that too with Pri Di and I am biggest gmfan of both of your writing and I tried my luck in writing being inspired from you all writers and Di you and Pri Di are on top of that list plz Di once read my FF and tell me his it is?

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      Thanks yaar.really means a lot to us. Plz share ur link here…..

  21. It awesome awesome awesome n super awesome….
    I love it nans n pri…..
    Be back soon with nxt…. ❤❤??

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  22. Wow!!! Its superb dear… eagearly waiting for the episode

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