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I know u will be angry on me. I am really very very sorry for posting late n and this will happen for next two months. My exams are there so I can’t update regularly, Plzz follow the story still. And along with sry I really need to thank u for ur love n support. Thanks a lot.

Precap:tia exit with dushyant n rumi. Mrs.kapoor arrested. Sweth still on revenge game. Shivika kissing.

Living area:

Evryone had their breakfast n r all set to leave for their works. All the tym Anika trying to run from Shivay waking up before him n not giving him chance to talk with her or come close to her by keeping herself close to Dadi n jhanvi.

Just then media bangs on them asking questions abt tia marriage n all.

Shivay just drag Anika towards them making all surprised.

Shivay: she is my wife,mrs.anika Shivay oberoi. Tia was already married n is carrying child of her husband not me. And the announcement was made just to expose Mrs.kapoor.she made her own daughter helpless to do all this. Hope u got ur answers. And I know u still have doubts. So let me announce that me n my wife r getting married again infront of whole nation with all rituals.

Anika is shocked, surprised n confused. All members r happy.Tej was not interested in any of these.pinky was not liking all these.

Anika leaves from there without saying anything to her room. Shivay was abt to follow her but pinky stops him.

Pinky:shivay u should throw this low class girl out n u told that u will marry her again.

Shivay: mom! Now it’s limit.


Shivay : now u will only listen mom. I am already married to anika n she is n will be my wife forever. I am doing this marriage again just to give her respect she deserves. And abt class??? She is of equal class as us now being my wife. By the way tia whom u thought is so honest bcoz of her class ……did u forget what exactly happened. I will not blame u Coz I myself was so obsessed with all this name lineage n all. But not now after seeing Anika loyalty respect love care for our family. It will be better if u also come out of this status thing soon. No mtter what, this marriage will happen, n if u try to stop u have to see my dead face.

All get shocked. Pinky takes aback n not knowing what to say leaves from there. All elders leave. Omru come to Shivay with proud feeling.

Om:finally!!! U got some sense.

Rudra:but what abt this death thing bhayya… …(making upset face)

Shivay: that was just to make mom calm OK. (smirking)

Om: u should first talk to Anika, she must be going through a lot.

Shivay nods n goes to his room n looks at Anika folding clothes without any expression on her face.

Shivay: anika!!

Anika looks at him. He comes to her n takes her hand in his.

Shivay: whatever happened out ,I…

Anika: u don’t need to explain I know u did this to save ur family reputation like u married me. I understand n tries to leave

Shivay pulls her back n holds her by waist.

Shivay: u don’t understand anything Anika!!! U r again becoming stupid like u were in past few days. I wish u remember what I told u abt us.

He leaves her n goes from there not able to explain her. Anika is again confused n tries to rember abt past days but all vain. She then gets function videos from prinku n watches all of them.it worked she really gets links of all pics n videos in her mind. But stressing herself makes her unconscious.

After some time Shivay Omru come n gets shocked n calls doc.he explains it’s normal as she gone through memory loss. They all wait there for her to get up again. Meanwhile Rudra looks at videos of shitia n some of shivika from past days in lappy on bed n shows to shivay.

Shivay: its my mistake.i was saying abt past days n she must have watched Al these being sherlock homes. I should have been with her.

Om: it’s OK Shivay doc said nothing to worry,so u don’t wry.

They leave from there patting shivay shoulder.

Shivay looks at Anika lovingly waiting her to wake up holding her hand sitting near her on bed.

Anika in her sleep,

“Shivay says I…. its complicated, I can’t explain you, I can just say, you are very imp for me, whatever happens in life, I will make sure you are never hurt, trust me, whatever I do will be good for you. She nods and cries. He wipes her tears and says I can’t see tears in your eyes. She says but our divorce. He says everything will be fine, you trust me right. She nods and asks him pinky promise. He promises and says pinky promise.


He asks her did she go mad. He says you ruined the plan, you asked me to marry Tia, I can’t bear this. She asks what wrong did I say, relation is between two people. Third person has to leave, I don’t remember how our relation started, I will always remember how our relation ended, you gave me divorce, your mum does not like me, Tia is pregnant with your child, what shall I do. He says shut up, i know you don’t remember, things can get erased in mind, but not in heart, we both did a lot for each other, we have bear much pain and shed blood, memories can end, but feelings can’t end, I just want to know you remember that feelings or not.”

Anika gets up from sleep getting these flashes.

Shivay:anika how r u feeling? R u mad y u stressed urself watching all those videos. U r just…. .

Anika tightly hugged him surprising him.

Shivay too reciprocates. ……Anika starts weeping. Shivay gets worried n holds her back.

Shivay: what happened? (caressing her face)

Anika: I am sorry I forced u to marry tia .

Shivay: u remember ?

Anika nods: I remember all those words u said abt our connection with each other.

Shivay gets happy n again hugs her wiping her tears.

He gets apart from her n holds her hand.

Shivay: Anika we both know there is something strong btw us. I may be unable to name it but whatever be it is, it’s is there btw us. We care for each other ,we can’t see each other in pain, we like each other n some where we don’t want to get apart from each other. That’s the reason I want to marry u again. It’s not for my family reputation sake or for world outside. its for my sake,it’s for the respect u deserve.so Mrs. Anika Shivay Singh oberoi will u marry me again n be the perfect wife n perfect bahu of this house like the one u are?

Anika is so overwhelmed in happiness n so surprised with his confession that she got freezed at the very moment.

Shivay glaring at her being frreezed ,shakes her.

Anika: ha?
Shivay: I asked u something? So???

Anika:ha..wa. …u…. .i….

Shivay: let it be any ways I am gonna marry u.

He comes close to her n pecks her lips gently n sits back. She just goes into blush mode trying hard to hide her smile seeing here n there.

Shivay laughs n pointing finger towards her:see again u r blushing. U remember blush meaning Na or should I need to explain u in detail again.

Anika blush mode is reaching to infinity zone n not able to handle it anymore hugs him tight. Shivay smiles broadly hugging her back.


Living area:

Tej:om!!! Tomorrow shekawats r coming here. They reached Mumbai n in their guest house.dont create any mess. Otherwise u very well know what I will do.

Jhanvi comes there: what will u do?

Tej: I have to divorce u If Om say no this time.

All get shocked. Om feels disgusted.


Jhanvi:mummyji!!! Plzzz do whatever u want I don’t care bcoz I myself don’t want to be in this relation. And don’t u dare blackmail my son in my name. Om will marry the one he wants.

Tej leaves fuming. Jhanvi also leaves to her room saying to om that don’t do anything stupid for her.

Pool area:

Om: u don’t wry Guys!!! That cheap Swethlana will not marry Mr. Oberoi til we pay her.

Anika: still om!? How long will u handle this.. ….what abt jhanvi aunty?

Om: it is good if she gets free from that man.

Shivika n Rudra gets shocked with this om.

Shivay:om!! What r u talking??I know badepappa is wrong but still we can’t just let them get divorced. And what’s wrong in u meeting Miss. Shekawat. May be u will Lyk her. I really heard a lot abt their family. Apart from being rich, they r so nyc people.

Anika: Ha om meet that girl once. What’s wrong in it??

Om: I can’t.

Shivruanika: why not?

Om: I love someone else.


Om turning away from them:yes that the reason I can’t marry miss. Shekawat.

Shivay:u r lying. There is no-one in ur life. We would have been aware if there is someone.

Om:no Shivay!! U guys don’t know abt her. I never told u so…. .we r in relation from 5 months.after rdhima getting out of my life she came n I love her. Ya. …….thats it.

Anika: om r u saying truth?

Om nods without facing her.

Shivay:ok fine then we want to meet her that to today.

Om: what? Why?? I mean we don’t want to marry now so… ….

Shivay: so what !!!don’t we have right to meet her. She should also meet ur brothers n bhabi right??? So it’s done bring her today eve to falling stars restaurant near hill side.that place is far so u don’t have to wry abt elders.

Om :but…. I… .she…. .

Shivay leaves from there followed by Anika n Rudra.


At restaurant :

Om: guys here is my girlfriend. All surprisingly looks at the girl not believing that a girl is there for real.

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