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Recap:omru returning back. Anika fainted.

Shivay room:

All r worried for Anika who is unconscious on bed. Shivay is sitting infront of her holding her hand.

Shivay :rudra did u call doctor?

Rudra: yes bhayya he must be on way.

Pinky:this dramas is never endings.I am sures she is actings.


Pinky: no Shivay. Not this times. Doc is comings Na.u come, it’s getting late for Muhurat.

Shivay:mom!here Anika is not fyn, and u… .

Pinky:tuje Meri Kasam!!


Pinky:no…I will not listen to anyone… .shivay u come…

(she drags him from bed,while tia n Mrs. Kapoor smirking.)

Shivay’s hand is getting free from Anika hand but just then the grip gets tight. Shivay turns back surprisingly. Anika slowly opens her eyes.


Shivay leaves pinky hand n helps Anika to get up.

Just then doc arrives, he checks her.all wait outside. He informs tat anika gained her memory back n she is not able to remember things that happened after her memory loss. She may remember it after sometime or may not. She is fyn now.

Shivays happiness has no limit. He is abt to run inside but pinky stops him n drags him to living area. Here omru go to Anika n hug her.

Anika:I am fyn now.doc was saying that I got memory loss, is it true.

Omru nod.

Anika: why r u guys in Sherwani ?is there any function?? From how many days I am in this state??

Omru give her a worried look.

Living area:

Shivay:mom!! Stop it. …now Anika memory is back… .

Pinky: so???? It doesn’t matter u have to marry tia now itself or else u will see me dead.


Anika:shivay will not marry tia.

Shivay looks at Anika who just entered there with Omru. Shivay gets happy listening Anika words. Anika looks lovingly at Shivay.

Pinky:how cheap r u?? Do u forget ur status??

Anika: I remember that very well aunty. We didn’t get divorced till. And I am still Shivay’s wife. Being Mrs. Anika Shivay Singh oberoi,I will not let this marriage happen.

Shivay is surprised with his Anika n her words.he is constantly smiling at her n Omru r feeling proud.

Pinky:how dares u? Will u stop me??

Anika:sry aunty if this is the only option left then, (taking phone from om) I have to do police complaint tat Shivay is marrying second tym when his first wife is still alive.

Shivay gets shocked n his jaws r wide opened and Omru cups their mouth.

Pinky:ur marriage is not known to world.u can do nothing. See Shivay she finally showed her true colors.

Anika: I know no-one knows abt our marriage that’s y it’s a big threat to all of u if I reveal it. And I know Dadi n Omru will support me.

Pinky looks at Omru. They both hold Anika by her shoulders.

Pinky n tia leave to their room fuming. Omru laugh n hug Anika,praising her.

Anika:shivay I know u will marry tia as u think the child is urs. But I very well know she is lying that’s y I have to do all this or else I wouldn’t have stopped this marriage.

Saying this she leaves to room. Shivay is somewhat hurt n follows her.

Shivay:u really wouldn’t have stopped if u don’t have doubt on tia?

Anika turns away:its obvious.

Shivay pulls her close turning her, anika gets startled n gets little bit afraid looking at his angry face.

Shivay:really u don’t care if I marry someone else??

Anika couldn’t speak word being so close to him. His warm breath is touching her face making her go weak.

Anika:i…do… don’t. ……

She shouldn’t have said “don’t” .he just grabbed her more close by his hands on her waist n pressed his lips against her so hard. Anika didn’t expected this even in her dreams. She is numb for few seconds,when she realised its for real she tried to break apart from him which made him pull her close with his right hand on her face.he started sucking her lips n biting them hard yet gentle. Anika couldn’t resist ,she was feeling so good to loose in his dominance.he explored her mouth completely but still didn’t let her go,she tried to get back unable to breath, he didn’t let her instead he bit her lips again which made her accept defeat.he let her go when he himself wanted to breathe in air so badly.

Both took fast breathes immediately.anika being unable to look at him turns opposite n tries to leave. Shivay holds her from back n comes close to her.

Shivay:never try to say that u don’t care abt things related to me. Whatever just happened I felt it so right n it means a lot to me.

Anika feels so happy listening this, she turns her face towards him. He smiles looking at her surprised face n kisses on her cheek with passion beyond limit. Anika taking his love with closed eyes.

After a while,she opens her eyes just to witness that Shivay left already. She reminisces the moment again n blushes so hard that she can’t stop smiling.

Later Khanna explains to Shivomru that he went to that place n found Robin tied, Mrs. Kapoor was also there n shows a video where Mrs.kapoor says to Robin giving him a slap that “tia shouldn’t know that u r alive ,if she knows then she will get diverted in ur love n will not marry Shivay. U r big mistake she did in her life. She wouldn’t hve loved u n married u. Don’t wry I will set scores right”

Shivomru r shocked. Khanna says he freed him after she left n Robin is in basement. He also says that he traced the caller with much difficulty who helped Shivay to get chip.

Omru:chip? Which chip?

Shivay:nothing….. It’s.. …something of badepappa n sweth. Anyways who is it.

Khanna:rumi!!we also got her .she was in kapoor mansion.


Then they go to basement n enquire Rumi.she tells them tht tia told Robin was killed by Anika when Anika Omru followed them. But then she got to know tat tia herself killed so she wanted revenge from tia so helped Shivay as Robin is her brother.

Later Shivay calls Evryone in living area. He brings Robin n then rumi. Rumi is happy to see him.tia n mrskapoor who just came r shocked.tia just runs n hugs him tight.

Tia:dushyant where were u? I thought u….. …….u don’t know how much I missed u… .

Robin:and u r marrying shivay??

Tia realises that Evryone r present n tries to cover .


Tia:mom !!we call Robin like that.

But Shivay plays video of Mrs. Kapoor torturing Robin n rumi confession.

Mrs. Kapoor checks her watch n is shocked to find chip nowhere.

Shivay smirks looking at her. Pinky slaps tia n Mrs. Kapoor n leaves in shock.

Police come n arrest Mrs. Kapoor(sweth silently assures her) they were abt to arrest tia. But anika stops them.

Anika : Shivay she is pregnant .its not her child fault.

Shivay : Anika…. .


Shivay: OK dushyant can work in Delhi in one of their companies n they should never come back in Mumbai or else they have to land in jail.

Dushyant thanks him n leaves with tia n rumi. He explains rumi that tia didn’t kll him, it was accident.

All disperse happily that finally truth came out.

Shivika room:

Shivay on call: watch every move of dushtia n rumi. Give me info of their each n Evry movement.

He cuts ta call n turns to witness Anika looking at him.

Shivay:anika I know u r not ok with my…. .

Anika:I understand.

Shivay: Ha?

Anika: I know u very well n I understand tat u don’t want to risk family members lives so u r keeping eye on them. I support u in this.

Shivay : really. …u know me tat much

He comes forward saying this. Anika gets nervous with their kiss playing in her mind n runs out saying Dadi is calling. Shivay smiles at her act.

Omru come to him n they discuss how Anika was always right abt tia. Shivay feels guilty not to trust her.

Here Dadi n Anika share some beautiful moments together in jhanvi room. (jhanvi is somewhat OK n can talk)

Sweth calls tia but tia cuts her call n msgs her tat she don’t want to get in any revenge game, she wants to start a new life with dushyant. Sweth fumes n decides to destroy oberois all alone.

? night:


Rudra n Sowmya r coming from opposite direction n r abt to dash. But Rudra holds him back.

Rudra: can’t u see n walk? U r such a disaster. I hope u never get into our lives.

Sowmya : stay in ur limits Rudra. I too wish same that we never met but now nothing can change. If not for Dadi, I wouldn’t hav come back. But don’t wry I will not interfere in ur life.

She leaves saying this n Rudra lookson.

Shivika room:

Anika sets her pillow n blanket on sofa n hearing Shivay footsteps she acts like sleeping. Shivay comes n looks at her on sofa.

Shivay:this girl Na…. ..

He goes n lifts her n makes her lay down on bed. He sits beside her n caresses her hair. Anika is feeling so good but she tries to hide it faking sleep.

Shivay: sry Anika. I wish I trusted u abt tia matter. But what happened was good. Bcoz of tia u became my wife.

He smiles n kisses her forehead.then he too sleeps beside her holding her hand closely.


Shivay : om what’s wrong to meet Miss. Shekawat. May be u will Lyk her. I really heard a lot abt their family. Apart from being rich, they r so nyc people.

Anika: Ha om meet that girl once. What’s wrong in it??

Om: I can’t.

Shivruanika: why not?

Om: I love someone else.

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