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Shaadi day:

Early morning:

Anika is ready in beautiful white golden lehenga.being sad tries to wear mangalsutra in front of mirror.shivay comes n backhugs her. Anika gets startled n looks at him in mirror.

Anika: what …..r… …u doing? (nervously)

Shivay turns her to face him. He makes her wear magalsutra n fills her maang Anika looks at him sadly n tries to leave.he holds her n pulls her back.he comes close to her.

Shivay: y r u running away from me? R u getting affected?

Anika: n. …no.. But u r getting married to tia.

Shivay: u only wanted this. Morever u said we r not romantic so I am trying to learn some romance. I can’t disappoint my future wife right??

He holds her face n kisses on her cheek passionately. He comes Close to her lips. …

Just then they get startled by voices “bhabi…. .bhabi…. “

They break apart. Omru n Sowmya bang into their room. (om brings Sowmya with them when he sees her with Rudra) anika is confused looking at them. Omru give angry look to Shivay. Shivay understands ta situation. He looks at Sowmya.

Shivay: sowmya where have u been?

Sowmya: sorry bhayya I didn’t inform u n dadi.i am sry.i was confused with all happenings. And…. .

Shivay: I can understand.

He hugs her.

Om: Shivay what’s all this how can u marry tia? Have u lost it.

Rudra: how can u do this with bhabi.

Shivay: ask ur bhabi she wanted me to marry tia.

Omru:what?bhabi?(looking at anika)

Anika: bhabi? Oh yes prinku showed me ur pics. Namste bade devarji, namaste chote devarji. !!!!!


Servant comes n informs Anika that Dadi is calling her. Anika leaves from there.

Omru: Shivay!!!

Shivay: Anika is suffering from memory loss.

Omru: what…. .how… .when did this happen??

Shivay explains everything.

Rudra: it means she can’t remember me(making sad face)

Om: how can u marry tia when she is in such situation.

Shivay: Anika wants this. She feels she can’t become mom n I am suffering bcoz of her. And tia is right to Me. I tried a lot to convince her. But she is not listening.

Om: what do u mean? Will u marry tia?

Shivay : no anika will stop this. I have faith in our relation, she will herself stop me from doing this.

Rudra: what if she don’t?

Shivay:she will.she has to.

Sowmya: but…

Shivay: I will never marry tia no matter what.

He leaves from there. Omru smile at Shivay strong faith.

In om room:

Sweth comes to om.

Sweth:not bad u transferred amount to my account. But remember I will not mrry Tej only if u arrange money whenever I ask.

She leaves smirking. Om fumes in anger. Just then Tej enters.

Tej: Omkara!! See what is happening…. ….Shivay is marrying tia n he will get more shares. Y don’t u agree to me?

Om: Mr. Oberoi!! I will not agree to anything u say.u r not my father but just a cheap business man.

Tej: in that case lets make a deal. I got a alliance again for u. Last tym u spoiled everything with cheddas. But this tym we really got very rich family proposal. Shekawats want their daughter get married to u. They themselves asked me for this. U better marry her.

Om: it will never happen.

Tej: if not then I have to divorce jhanvi n marry sweth. So either u marry shekawats daughter n make our business merger go smooth or witness ur mom leaving this house for ever.

Om: I never saw such a disgusting person like u. I feel low to be called as ur son.

Tej: u have 2 days decide what u want….. .

He leaves from there. Om throws things in his room here n there in anger.

Living area:

All arrangements r done for marriage. Just 15 min to go… .all the while pinky making Anika do all work n tia enjoying it. All r sad looking all this.

Rudra: O! What if bhabi don’t stop. Khanna told that bhayya did a lot to make Anika bhabi gain back her memory. See….. .

He shows all videos of Shivay trials Lyk gobar act, ? buffalo act(guys In our story Omru r not there when all this happened, hope u remember )

Om: what’s this???

Showing video when Shivay goes to Anika n brings her back home from some unknown place.

Khanna: this. …Anika madam gone to this place saying some dushyant stays there… ….

Rudra: O!! Dushyant is same name which sahil told that day. And tia tried a lot to take her phone back when we were trying to go through it.

Om: may be tia is hiding something. Khanna go to that place n search it carefully.

Khanna leaves with his men.

Later Shadi tym starts,,,

Shitia are called to mandap.shivay sadly looks at Anika.

Oh Jana…. ……

Anika trying hard to control her pain. Omru Dadi r tensed.

Pandit asks them to exchange garlands. Anika gets flashes of Shivay making her wear garland. She gets pain in her head.

Shitia start pheras with Pandit chanting mantras. Anika gets fast flashes of their marriage n couldn’t take ta pain shouts “Shivay!!!!!!! “ all look at her. Shivay is happy that she reacted. But anika faints looking at him. All get tensed.

Precap:tia phardafash.surprise.

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  1. I like this episode because Tia is getting expose I hate her beyond limit because of her Shivika are suffering so much she is idiotic

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u bharati

  2. Amazing starring and today whole day I spend reading both of you writers previous work and you both are amazing I am new to this site so I don’t know much about other author and I randomly started reading this and now I am hook to both yours story and tell your partner to update na since so long she have not updateed and one more thing will you write a FF for Swabhiman’s lead??? Plz reply.

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u meghnal for appreciating all our works. And trust me she so wanted to update her posts, she will do it soon. And abt swabhiman,we both don’t watch ta show. We know nothing abt story also,so we can’t write ff on it.hope u understand. ???

  3. Please post next episode soon
    And it was superb?

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u alisa

  4. Ruksy

    Amazing loved it post ASAP

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u ruksy

  5. Mrunal

    marvelous epi again dear…
    i also mentioned it before also that u have that power to turn anyone into obsessed lover for ur writing…

    and this was another proof…
    i must say that u both r package of entertainment…

    amazing & superb episode…
    eagerly waiting for next one….

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks a lot mrunal??

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