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Hi buddies… ……………

How r u all? Me n chocs r posting after a long tym ,hope u all still remember us. Ur wholehearted response for our prologue is so overwhelming. Thanks a lot all of u. Plzzz do support like this. Silent readers plz do comment a word or emoji n share ur opinions.

Before we go through story, we want to clarify few things related to our plot.

U all know about shivika story. Their clashes, fights.and misunderstanding then forced marriage. Friendship with hidden love n teasing Romance, blush lessons.

And then when Rudra agreed to marry miss. Chadda Rumya video leaked, all blame on Anika while Shivay took her stand. Then jhanvi came running on fire. Witnessing his mom om got broken completely. He dcided to protect his mom n kick sweth out by hook or by crook. Sweth agreed to om to leave Tej only if she gets crores in return. And she wanted 100 chores in installment. (sweth has nothing to do with tat deal, she just wanted to play with all oberois making them helpless) he explained this to Shivay n refused his help.so Shivay suggested him to go to Delhi n crack to deal. ( in our story no sweth-om engagement, No bareli no gauri till now).

Om left to Delhi,which made Rudra go weak more and he lashed out at Sowmya. The next day Sowmya left leaving a note and Shivay was angry on him. But seeing Rudra sad he suggests him to attend his friend marriage.finally Rudra also leaves.

Later tia asks Shivay to sign on papers to open a trust on her baby name, Anika stopped him but he didn’t listen. She was already hurt with his advice to Rudra abt their marriage. She completely feeling that for Shivay their own relation is nothing but just a burden. On top of that Shivay now also hurted her saying words like “stop being my wife “Anika pushed him in anger n tried to explain she is doing all this for him.Shivay got angry n pushed her which made her memory loss. (for real)

Omru r unknown to this as Shivay didn’t want to upset them more. Here tia used the situation n tried to make Anika against oberois. But Shivay make her agree to him in his own way, and Anika also started to believe their marriage. Then she got to know abt tia pregnancy n Shivay divorced her.so she made Shivay agree to marry tia (by revealing Shivay plan of leaving mansion for few days to family) Shivay agreed to marry tia being hurt n thinks to find video meanwhile n also make anika remember her past n present strong connection with Shivay.

Dadi was totally upset n Omru unknown of shitia marriage supported Shivay.shivay made Anika jealous to core during rituals. But he is not realising that Anika is getting hurt way too much seeing shitia. Though she didn’t remember anything she is getting broken to bits.

Mehendi&sangeet :

Almost ritual got competed, by A getting designed on Shivay hand accidentally.
Shivay tried a lot to get video chip finally Rumi helped him without revealing her identity. (Rumi is dushyant sister,shee was helping tia n sweth against oberois for money and was trying to harm Rudra but when tia told her dushyant died bcoz of shivika she wanted revenge. But she overheard sweth tat tia killed dushyant so she is playing on her own.) Shivay got ta chip n he destroyed it without completely watching video n Dayimaa words. He was so happy.

(sry to irritate u with this stupid narration which u all know, we just made few changes in story and now our imagination starts purely having different sense)

Late evening:

Anika drowned in deep thoughts. She was feeling may be she forced Shivay towards tia but the way Shivay getting close to tia making her believe tat she is indeed nothing but a burden in his life in name of so called responsibility.the thing surprising her why Shivay married her if he loves tia? What situations Made him chained in this unwanted relation ?

Shivay just then enters the room making Anika come out of trance. He was so happy n rushed towards Anika n gave her a tight hug. Tear escapes from Anika eyes while Shivay is also silently weeping other side. Anika gets herself free from his hold n turns n shows his sherwani for Shadi next day. Shivay gets hurt n angry.he holds her hand tightly n pulls her towards him.

Anika gets startled but smiles to Shivay surprise.

Anika: just one more night, from tomorrow u don’t need to face me.u will get free from this relation.u can live happily with tia.

Shivay: and u?

Holding her tears back: I will also be happy and I can Also start my new life.

Listening this he holds her hand more tight with red eyes.

Anika: u r hurting me.

Shivay: so do u

He leaves her n heads outside. Anika sits on bed crying.

“After destroying the chip,i thought there is only happiness in our lives but u r not able to feel our connection.u r completely ignoring ur heart.i can understand ur situation, u r thinking that I was forced in this relation but how to explain u our bond is beyond words. It’s enough u need to get ur memory back. For that only option left is me marrying tia in front of u. Now it’s in ur hands Anika u have to stop me getting Far away from u”Shivay wipes his tears n steps back into room.

He looks at Anika sleeping at end of bed. He goes n lifts her n adjust her on bed. He wipes her cheeks which r still wet n kisses her left cheek n sleeps beside her holding her hand.

In delhi:

Om got ta deal and is going to return in their private jet after 2 hrs. He is walking on deserted road parking his car near by. He was lost thinking abt jhanvi n Tej.suddenly a girl hits him from back which makes him land in pool of mud.he gets angry n gets up to see tat person.

Girl laughs looking at his face fully covered with mud.

Om: r u blind?

Girl: no I am gauri…. .

Some men coming running: catch tat girl… …

Gauri: listen they r forcefully making me marry some stupid. So I was running n hit u. Sorry.
(and she runs asap from there)

Men come n asks him direction she ran. Om was abt to tell right direction but then misguides them. Gauri who watches all this comes to him after they ran away.

Gauri:thank u Mr…. ……..whats ur name?

Om: none of ur business.

Gauri: u r so mean.

Om: shut up, u made me fall in mud….and now don’t irritate me more.

Gauri: why r u shouting? I didn’t do it intentionally .anyways it’s mud by which we can make many artistic things, one example is ur face.i can’t see ur original face but I am damn sure this mud face is more handsome than ur real one. Akhdu Kahike!!!!!

Om: fhat ta wuck!!!!!

Gauri showing her tongue runs away. Om wipes his face with his hand n looks at mud n gets into world of Statue making. He lets his thoughts go n drives away.

In plane to goa:

Chubby lieing to Sowmya makes her come to Nandini marriage. After boarding plane Rudra n sowmya shocked seeEach other. Sowmya is angry on his hurtful words. And Rudra some what relieved seeing her safe but still ignoring his care towards her takes his seat. Ria who is obsessive of groom kills a air hostess n comes as replacement. When ta plane was about to take off she holds Nandini and threatens everyone with pistol n bomb. Sowmya who is near to her hits ria leg n makes Nandini free but she herself gets caught. Rudra gets worried seeing this. He tries to come forward but ria threatens him hitting Sowmya head. Sowmya shouts in pain. Rudra can’t see this anymore n comes forward n holds ria hand n pushed her taking her pistol n remote in her hand. Then she is arrested.

Nandini makes Sowmya drink water n thanks her. She leaves seeing Rudra coming with first aid box.

Rudra tries to wipe blood on her forehead,

Sowmya: I can do it myself.

Rudra: shut up sumo!! U think u r hero just shut up and let me do.

Sowmya looking into his eyes.: why did u save me ? It would be better if I have died, u wanted me to leave for forever Na….

Rudra: enough…. I was angry n irritated so I busted on u. But what wrong did I say?? Why did u keep magalsutra with u?? On the top of that u left mansion without informing anyone. ..its btw us then y r u punishing Dadi prinku n Evryone back there? U talk abt family and u showed disrespect to all over there.

Saying this he leaves after dressing her wound. Sowmya was still hurt tht Rudra has no meaning of their marriage but she was also in guilt thinking abt Dadi. She switched on her old number thinking to talk to her n apologize. But she got shocked seeing prinku msgs abt shitia marriage.

She fastly comes to Rudra.

Sowmya: Rudra what ta hell is this?? Bhade bhayya is marrying tia n u r here enjoying?? Don’t u care abt Anika bhabi?

Rudra: what? R u mad? What nonsense?

Sowmya: prinku msgd me.

He immediately calls prinku n gets to know abt shitia marriage .he calls om..om also gets shocked.om decides to first go to Rudra n then return to Mumbai in their private jet.

Midnight :

Anika gets flashes of shivay forcing her to sign divorce papers.

Shivay: who the hell r u? Just sign papers n leave me or else I will throw u the way I brought u here.

Anika gets up suddenly from sleep. She is shocked with tat memory flash. She looks at Shivay sleeping beside her. She cries n thinks shitia marriage is right thing.

Precap: shitia taking pheras in front of Anika n Omru.

Tats it for today guys.plz do share ur opinions .dont skip commenting. Plzzz ur comments really mean a lot to us. Plzzzzzzzz

With love

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    Its amazing chapter Di. I hope Shitia marriage don’t happen I am but worried with precap and Romi played good I like it and I am feeling I like in actual to she must be Robin’s sister after she react in yesterday’s episode and like Rumya part Rudra is being stubborn and caring and Om and Gauri visit is superb actually I don’t like their plot in Dil boley Oberoi but I like this waiting for their story to move further. Di plz update next part soon an plz tell Pri Di to update her ffs I am waiting to reqd her ffs.

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u mystery….. I too was not OK with shrenu character as village girl, so we changed it. Chocs is kind of busy but she will post soon.thanks a lot for supporting us against tat stupid but just ignore her n don’t give attention to her.she is kind of wanting that right now. Thank u again for ur true love n support really means a lot

      1. Mystery_Me

        You both Di are my favorite writers so I can’t listen word against you both.☺☺☺

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      Hey I’ll post soon and yeah thanks for your support dear it means a lot to us… ☺☺☺

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  6. Too good nandu n pri… I wish ib was like this??

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    Superbly described… ?? Love you my idea mate Nandupie… ????

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    It was nice one and changed plot of yours is also good if u don’t mind can u make ishkara rather then omri it’s just a request and all depends upon u not ishkara then please can u give a meaningful full end of ishanas character in your FF because this ishqbazz people did no gave proper ending to ishana character and I love that the most so . Any way if possible do that please or else it’s ok u continue your track thanks for this current track FF.

    1. Nansshivika

      Why will we mind??? It’s so good u shared it thoughts.i myself was fan of ishkara n chocs is big fan of vrushy. But they know paired kunal with shrenu so we also changed it coz readers will get happy reading.sry we can’t show ishkara coz we already thought of total plot. But we will end ishana in good way.ur request gave us idea to make rikara story forward thanks a lot for that. Thank u for appreciating this ff and do support like this?????

  13. I knw shitia’s marriage will not happen….. But still fingers crossed n waiting for ur nxt dhamaka episode……
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      Sorry didn’t get tym to post yesterday. I submitted just now it will be out soon. Sry for delay.

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