hii guys i am janvi….and sorry swasan and raglak ka love after marriage fans …sorry i was not able to post asap …so i decided to post a os …


swara and sanskaar are in love…
it was engagement ..soon the rituals and ceremony was done …and it was time for a dance party…
swara and sanskaar were dancing continuously from dancing …and swara says: hey my bride groom let’s play something …
sanskaar was smiling at her childish acts ..and said yes…
they got out of the hall and sanskaar:now what is the sean …should we play hide and seek …
sanskaar:okk you go and hide andi will seek …
swara:okk after a min u come to seek me …
sanskaar :okk

swara gone to hide ..their she sees a old store house and she gets inside where she sees a long oak box ..she opens the lid and steps inside …
after a min sanskaar goes to seek swara with a sweet smile ..and the mins later he could not seek swara so his smile fades ….a whole night sanskaar was lookingfor swara but could not able to find her …the guests have leaved .
soon the weeks ends than months and years …..
then laksh decided to make a coffe cafe and decided to make it at the place of old store room …some workers sees the oak box….and can’t pulls away than they opens the lid …and there they findout the skeleton it was swara’s !!!!!

sorry for short os …and sad ending hope u like my os…

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  1. swara agaewal


    1. Janviiivyas

      I will make my next os with happy ending

  2. So sad

    1. Janviiivyas

      sosorry snehal

  3. Nice but so sad

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanks rizna

  4. Janvi.. I am so angry at you.. You forgot your Anu di na … I wrote one more series .. And there was no ata pata of you.. On none of the chappy’ s I saw you.. Won’t talk to you

    1. Janviiivyas

      areh di it is not like that…I am working on a FF swasan and raglak ka love after marriage….

      1. Janviiivyas

        as it is raining continously here …and by the way our family tree is ready

    2. Di why don’t you become registered member and there we can have private messages

      1. Hmm janvi.. Actually I have to register but there are some problems .. There has been a problem in wifi of the house so Internet is not connecting and my phone net Vodafone 3G ka tariff plan renew ho raha hai isiliye I can’t use.. I tried by 2G but it’s taking too much time and I got frustrated so I stopped and moreover if I go to London then I wont keep any contact .. But I’ll try to register tonight

    1. Janviiivyas

      thankew and sorry sounjaya

  5. Sumeeta

    Sad ending

    1. Thanks

  6. Abirsha

    Its so sad….. But nice dr…. ?

    1. Thanks again for your comment ….my dear friend

  7. hyaaaa.a keshi os hai đŸ˜® …akto itna chotu aur toh aur no polich ,no rona dhona,no yadein ,no nautanki.. :p :p

  8. Shruthis

    beautiful story line but sad ending koi nai i liked it đŸ™‚

    1. THANX…

  9. what was that my head is totally spinning now i mean nice story line & great moral but seriously u killed SWARA….. you’re gonna repay for it *in a crying tone* i will come in your nightmare as a ghost & do a lot lot nautanki

    1. Janviiivyas

      than I will won’t sleep ..,

  10. This is world short story.

  11. Nice…sad ending…appreciate the fact that itna kam umar me tum os likh rahi ho…mujhe dekho 27 years ho ke bhi ek os bi nahi likhi…keep writing???

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