Jannat teri meri (Epi 8)


I am writing my next article . And it is last of this month. Next article,I will write in the end of next month. Actually friends, I am busy in my exams preparation. From next month my exams are starting. Please i am requesting all readers and especially Roma please pray for me. I decided that i will not write. but Roma and Ananya I am writing just for you.

Scene 1.
20 days leap here and Diya is little fine now. She has been very busy to herself in studies. Now her purpose of life is to handle her Father’s business. She is mantly very strong. but she hates Rayan. Diya believes that, her father’s Perpetrater( mujrim,katil) is Rayan.
Now its 9 pm on the clock. Diya is busy in studing while Rayan comes to her and says Diya If you want than i will shift another room. Diya relpy him. As you wish, why are you asking me. Do whatever you want .but don’t ask me anything. Even, I don’t wanna talk with you .
Rayan is sad now and says .Diya I can understand that you are upset. But Atleast talk to me. I am your husband.
Diya. What. What do you mean you are my husband. Its forcefull marriage. I hate you Mr. Rayan. You are my Father ‘s perpetrator. She is screaming.
Rayan is trying to quite her. but ,Now she has lost her sences. She screams and say you are my Father’s murderer. I do not ever forgive you.
Rayan. Please Diya, calm down. Please put down your voice. She packed her bag and leave the room.

Scene 2
Now she is driving and suddenly the car comes infront and hit her car. Her head hits on car steering and she faints.

Scene 3
She opens her eyes and see herself in the room of Hospital. She gets up suddenly.And looking at Rayan and his family she is shocked.
Rayan. Diya ab keisi ho?( how are you now?)
Diya sees him and says who are you?
All are stunned. While Doctor says to them. She losts her memory. She does not remember anything. And its better for her. Because whatever happened to her in past. She should forget it.
Diya says . Who I am.Whats my name Who are you. Why I am here.
She is snap up.
Dr says her this is your family .
Rayan added and says your name is Diya. You are my wife . And these are your parents(pointing his parents) .you had an accident. Your memory is lost.
Diya thinks and after thinking
She readily agreed to it.
All are happy now.

Scene 4
Rayan and Diya is now in room. Diya raises from bed but she feels dizziness and is about to fall but Rayan holds her. They both share eyelook. Rayan remembers when she slips in university and he holds her..and says . Koi kaam hai tou please muje bata dein. (Please tell me if you have any work. )
Diya reply. Nahi wo mai ne washroom jana tha.( I had to go to washroom.)
Rayan says .If you say . I will take you to the washroom.
Diya feels shy. You , I mean aap keise.( how you.)
Rayan smiles and says . I am your husband. why I cannot take you to washroom.
Diya again feels shy and says. Muje tou kuch b yaad nahi . Hamra rishta keisa tha?(i do not remember anything.how was our relation.
Rayan is confused and says after some thinking. Our relationship was same like every husband wife .
Diya reply himn agr muje yeh pata hai k har miyan , bivi k beach( between) koi rishta hota hai. Tou yeh keoun yaad nahi k hamare darmiyan keisa rishta tha (if I remember this what is relation between husbandband wife. Than why do not rember how was our relationship.
Rayan smiles and says. Oh tou aap ko sab kuch bhool gaya par aik yehi baat yaad hai.(oh you forget everything but you remember only one thing about husbandb and wife relation.)He laughs aloud. Diya is confused and feels shy and says in heart.Han yehi to mai b soch rahi hon. ( yeah ,I also thinking about this thing)
Rayan teasing her and says . What are you thinking about?
Diya feels shy and reply. I have to go to washroom.
Rayan smiles and says. May I?
Diya feels shy and nodes.
Rayan pick her in arms and take her to washroom.
Diya. Ab utar dein.(Now let me down)
Rayan lets her down. And comes out from washroom.
He is totally confused now and says to himself why i am behaving like this and what is happening with me. What I wants and why i am doing this. He thinks . What I ‘am doing wrong with her.

Rayan says to himself I am in love with diya.

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  1. Nic episode.. Its gud she lost her memory… Will be waiting for nxt update..
    All the best for exams…

  2. Awesome episode, so sad for diya she lost her memory. ..but it’s OK in one way…now rayan can understand her better n also she maybe start loving him…lots of possibilities here…nice track…I love this story very very much. …thx honeyyy for posting it…maira my sweeeeeetheart, don’t worry and prepare for your exams…may Allah bless you with lots of success and happiness in the life n you get very excellent grades in your exams….all the best n take care…we will be always here n won’t forget you or this story. ….I’ll pray for you from the bottom of my heart. ..love you soooooooo muchhhhhh, muaaaaahhhhhh

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