Jannat teri meri (Epi 7)


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Scence 1
Diya’s Father is lying in bed and says to rayan’s father Thank you for coming. I know you have only one son. You must have some plan of his marriage. But nothing in my hand. we are doing our childerns marriage here in hospital. After saying this he starts crying. Diya comes to him and says don’t cry. Its not good for your health .Rayan’s father reply him. Ibraheem don’t cry. nothing in our hand. And see you always says you will do marriage in very different way. And now your wish comes true. Our lot of money is safe now. Diya father smile and says thanks for your compromise. Please take care my daughter. She is very innocent.
Than court member intrupts them and says sir can we start our officialy procedure of marriage.
Both says . Yeah ,why not.
One of court member comes to diya and give her some paper. She signs it without and emotions. Than he came to rayan. Rayan also do the same. But he is observing her very deeply.than they complete all the procedure (like signatures of their parents and all)

Scence 2
All are congratulating each other. Rayan’s mother says to both. Congratulations from now you are husband and wife. And says and diya is my daugther now. From now , i am your mother.
Diya is actually is not in senses now. After listening last words (mother) she madly starts crying. Everyone is in tears now. Even , Rayan have tears in his eyes. Diya father says please Diya. No, I will lose my hopes. You are my hope. If you will cry than i will die now. I cannot see this.
Diya suddenly comes in her senses. And says no dad please don’t say this. She wipes her tears and says see i am not crying. Please do not say again about your life. You know if anything happens to you. I will be finished.
Father holds her hand and says you are my very strong girls . Promice me you will not cry at any cost. And says to rayan come to me my son. He came to him. Father holds his hand also. He says to rayan. I am giving you my life. Please take good care of her. Will you take care her?
Rayan is in tears and say uncle why not. I will take care of her.
After lisening this her father die now.
Everyone is in shock now and
Diya faints.

Scence 3
Diya is in rayan’s room. She is lying in bed. He and his parents is also there. Dr says to rayan. She is too week. Abhi hum ne in ko neend k injection diye hain .but jab in uthey ghi tou dobara se wo sab yaad aaye gha tou khud ko sambhal nahi paye ghi. (now i gave her sleeping pills but when she wake up. She will remember everything. )
Rayan says to him. Dr. Tou us waqt hum loag kya krna chahiye.( on that time what we should do ? ) Dr says to him when she will wake up. Aap in ko khana(MEAL) kilaye gha. Than its up to you how you will handle her.
Rayan’s mother says. In this age. She faced lots of hardships. I hope, she will recover her self. She is strong girl.

Rayan ask to Diya, if you want than i will shift to another room.
Diya reply him. As you wish. Why are you asking me. Do whatever you want . But don’t ask me anything. Even I don’t want to talk with you.

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  1. Maira ur story is gud.. Plz post nxt episode.. Waiting for nxt part…..

  2. Very heart touching episode. ..poor diya…soo sad for her…I hope rayan take good care of her n his parents too….precap is very depressing, why she is so rude to him…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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