Jannat teri meri (Epi 6)


I am just writing for Diya.
In last article you read diya’s and Rayan’s parents were talking about marriage of their childs. Now episode 6 is starting.

Scence 1
Diya’s father says to her. Whats
kind of relation in between you and rayan? Are you in love with him?
Diya first stunned after listening this, but than soon she comeback her sences. She say confidently.Daddy, What do you mean , you are getting wrong we are just class fellow nothing more.Who ask you this?
Father. Are you in love with someone?
Diya.No daddy, not at all. You know very well.
Father. Can i have a right to take your marriage decision?
Diya. Daddy ,why are you asking this you know only you have a right.
Father. Okey , I decided your marriage with someone , have you any objection?
Diya is in shocked after lisening this. But she manages to say. You are my dad. You cannot think anything wrong about my future. I have no objection.
Father. Thanks my doll, my angle i was expecting this from you. Rayan is very good guy. And you know very well his father. He love you alot like me. You will be happy in their house.
Diya is stunned now . And suddenly she starts with anger. No .not at all, its not possible. Sorry, but I cannot do this. She also don’t know what is she saying. She is in full anger.
Her father is stunned now. And watching what she is saying. He did not expect this kind of behavior from her. He suddenly has heart attack.

Scence 2
In Rayan’s house.
Rayan’s father says to him in very jolly mood. My Boy, I was thinking to tie a knot you in marriage relation.
Rayan reply him with smile . Oh Thank God Dad, Finally you think about it. Otherwise, I was thinking that, i will die without mariage.
Both than start laughing.
Father . Rayan !I am serious.
Rayan. Jokes again. Dad i am also very serious.
Father says . Rayan ,you was always saying that just i have a right to take your marriage dicision. So i take it and i fixed your marriage with Diya. Is any issue you have with my dicision? Or you are liking someone ?
Rayan is in shock. But after listening this,he than take a silence for just moments and says. No, Dad you will always think good for me. I have no issue.

Scence 3
Rayan’s house.
Rayan is lying in bed and thinking in mind.
Mai ne Dad ko is bat pe inkaar (refuse) keoun nahi kiya . Mai khush keoun hua .mai to abhi shadi k bare mein soch b nahi sakta tha; phr keoun mai ne daddy ko asani(easily) han (yes) kah diya.
He is thinking and don’t know why he did this. But he had no answer in these question.

Scence 4
Diya is crying and praying. She says to God.just give me one chance. I will not do whatever daddy say. I promice , i will do anything but just save my father’s life.
Doctor comes to Diya and her mom. he says Mr.Sikander had a serious heart attack and not fine now. And we came to know that he had a cancer in last stage. He has no much time.
Diya is in shocked after listening this. but her mother is suddenly faint. So she manages herself and take her mother to the hostpital room.

Scene 5.
Diya is now in great trouble. her parents are in danger . She is alone to face this time of hardshipm She is praying .God forgive me .please forgive me. Why are you doing this.Take my life but save my parents.
The doctor comes to her and says. Sometime we have to face too much trouble in one moment. But we should not lose our patience. (Doctor is also in tears)
She is crying and says what about mom? She is fine ? Can i meet her?
Doctor with teary eyes says. She is no more.
She faints.

Scene 6
She opens her eyes and rember last words of Dr, that” She is no more.”
Remembring this.
She gets up and start running to the I.C.U. she is crying like mad girl. She feels life is finished now. She is crying like little baby. All the doctor are in tears after watching her.

Scene 7
4 days leap here.
Rayan his father and mother , Diya and some official court member are in room of hostpital where Diya father is admit.

One of court member comes to diya and give her some papers. She signed it with no emotion or expression. Than he came to Rayan and He also do same.

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  1. I love the episode. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  2. Very emotional episode.. Felt bad for diya… Poor girl.

  3. Ahhh…so sad for diya. …precap is very interesting. ..love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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