Jannat teri meri (Epi 3)


In last episode you read Diya and rayan is in library .now i will continue that scence.
Rayan. Mam I don’t know your name .whats your good name?
Diya. G Diya
Rayan G Diya hows this name?
Diya. No I mean just Diya.
Rayan. Just Diya is also strange name?
Diya with confusing tone. Can we start assignment ? And she thinks in heart how cheap this man. Ofcourse he must see my name in board thats whay he came to me and ask for assignment m serioualy this man is so cheap aik thapar laga ho sari memory wapis aa jaye ghi. while Rayan is waiting for her answer after too much time finally he says. O Hello miss Just diya are you thinking make home in Sun?
Diya. Can we start Assignment . And see this points i make it in night i hope you will like it.
Rayan. miss “Just diya” whatever you made i ma not intersted to see this leave this. I mean we have just four days so we should not waste our time .
Diya. Please don’t do this . I make this points 3 at night. I did so hard work. Atleast you should see at once.

When She was requesting in that way. She was looking very cute even Rayan was feeling bad for rejecting hes papers .thats why rayan suddenly takes the papers from her and start seeing.
After deep studing the papers he says. Yes good but you should improve more . I mean to say you have talent but please save your talent for another assignment.
Diya. But?
Rayan . Mam we have just four days not four week. so we have no time for see your talent .
Diya thinking in her mind that I should not waste time with argument with him .its useless.its better to say “Yes boss” to him. She says. Okey fine. Can we start assingment now?
Rayan. I guess you said this line in 3rd time . How someone can repeatedly say one line again and again?
Diya is now makes her mind that i should aviod him at any cost thats she was not giving reply to his question? She suddenly reply to him. I will start from observation of Hypothises you can chose your point.
Rayan . Diya please I will make the points you can printout the papers that i am giving you?
Diya without argument with him says. okey i should switch on the printer
Rayan with little naughty smile. O thank you so much its very big work to switch on the computer. You are great .
Diya without answering him .take the paper from him and start working.
scene 2
Now its 5pm and collage time has been over .So they are ready to go home.
Rayan. Today we did not too much work . Just three days are left and still we have lot of work to do.
Diya says. Yeah.
Rayan . Just diya aap se aik baat boloun?
Diya again says ?
Rayan. Don’t you think your name is too different just diya how is this name?
Diya is staring him and says to him .without just the next word is my name .
Rayan . Oh your name is Diya . Right?
Diya thinks in heart .dramebaaz pta isse phle hi tha. Wah Mr. Rayan kya tareeka hai baat aage barhane ka. But kabhi sochna b nahi mai un larkioun mein se nahi hon jo tumhare jaise flirt se frienship karen .dont think even.
She says to him .Okey bye see you tomarow.

Scence 3
In next day they are again in library and making assignment and now 4 pm of the evenging and they were already in library from One pm.

Rayan says to Diya .See the clock its four pm. just one hour left then collage will gate will closed and still we have lot of work to do.
Diya. Yes but still we have one hour and 2 days left.
Rayan. But so much work to do. How we will do this?
Diya was little surprized to see his involvement in aasigntment she was noticing him since tow day that how much he is talented During working in assignment he was so convincing even his involvenent in aasignment . He was so deep involved in assignment. She was so surprize to see this she says to him .Don’t worry Everthing will be fine .
but she says in mind. But thank God Assignment bnate waqt yeh mere se koi faltu baat nahi krta. Chalo ksi waqt mein tou apni zubaan ko thora sakoon deta hai..
Scence 4
Now its 5 pm and collage time is over.
Rayan says to Diya. Oh God time is over but still lot of work. You will go to my home to complete this?
Diya is shocked after lisening this.and says
What ? No . Not at all. Its not possible. Me in your home. Not possible.
Rayan . Hello mam don’t think sonething abd don’t even focus on me abi sirf aasignment pe focus kro. kuch aur nahi socho wrna mai kal Sir se baat kr loun gha k mera pair ksi aur k sath bna dyn. Yeh larki mere sath bilkul b coperate nahi kr rahi. Aur yeh b boloun gha k Assignment se zayada mere pe concentrate kr rahi hai.
Diya was in troble now because she don’t want to make her this kindof image infront of professor .and she was also worried for assignment ,So she has no option now. She says.
But Mr. Rayan can we go some random place?
Rayan . Yeah good option hum hmare office chalte hain .my dad office is near and night staff will also there so hum akely nahi hon ghe. Fine ?
Diya says in heart. itna samajdar hai yeh keise meri problem samaj gya.
She says. Okey fine this is better option.

Rayan ‘s father says to Diya . What a surprize you came in my office first time. Your Father even not tell me that you are coming.

Credit to: Maira

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  1. Awesome episode, wowwww loved diya n her cute talks….she is adorable. ..n this boy annoying aryan very sincere with work but naughty at same time….how he threatened diya…wowwww awesome. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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