Jannat teri meri (Epi 1)


Hii Guys. I am writing first time in any format.please forgive me if i write something useless and rubbish? And please incourage me if you like this story…. ‘DIYA” Is a story of two different people who are studing in same collage..
Girl name is ..Diya
Boy name is…Rayan
Now the story starts…
(Its lunch break in the collage)

(A beautiful girl dressed in long shirt) came in the canteen and asked to the waiter of canteen .1 burger please..
( girl is l ike angle . her eyes are enough to kill a boy ,just like a doll she is .)
just then a Boy dressed in blank jeans and blue shirt entered there.. he is also a very handsome boy..
he says to the waiter.. give me burger first . he is busy in his mobile..

Diya.. Excise me sir but i order first.

Rayan.. So what …why are u asking me this …ap ne kaha tou apne mou se kaha tha .. mai apne mou se kah raha hon aap ko kya masla hai.?

Diya .. (she is confused now but she just manage to say )”keoun k phly maine burger ka kaha tha tou. ( she was speechless . after saying this)
Rayan ..So.. dekhe mam aap ko hamesha mere se problem hi rahti hai . aap ka masla kya hai? kabhi aap mje car park karte hue kahti hain k aap ne car ghalt park kar di hai. kabhi aap mje during lecture kahti hain k mai call pe low tone mein baat kron.. aaj aap please bta dyn aap mere piche keoun par gai hain.mai aap ki iss trah ki khartatoun se inspire hone wala nahi hon.. aap k husan ka jadu muj pe nahi chle gha samji aap?
Diya.. (with teary eyes) sorry .. she has no words to say something .. she was speechless….she walked away from canteen..
this was the first scence of story next i will write earlier… but first i am giving you detailed introduction of these two people.

Diya is girl who is self confident but she cannot fight even with girls …she is so pampered girl. she is only one daughter of her parents . she has no brother also..she avoid to fight with any one.. she is so obediend girl but cannot see something wrong is soceity..thats why sometime she stands for wrong thing in collage but just with lighter tone … she is just like a ideol girl any boy can love her but she is so stricked with boy in matter of friendship or anything else. Diya is so intelegent student of her class..her father is a big business man ..
While Rayan is a extra modern and very confident guy.. he is not just beautiful but also he is so good in studies.. his Intelligence level is so high.. he is not interested in studies but always got highest marks..he is little arrogent person he is little filirty but just for that girls who are mad about him.. otherwise he is not even see another girl.. he thinks why i offer a girl f or friendship cause i have everthing who girls wants.. money, best personality..best covalification ..so why i go to girls.. Girls should came to me…
guys its bigining so now i cannot write much but After your comments i will start more to write about this story.. I hope you want to read this.. stay blessed All

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  1. Badtameez kadoos ladka

    1. Thanks Hayathi for reading but in upcoming articles aap isi kharos larky ko pasand kro ghe dekh lena

  2. Awesome start…loved it….dearr maira…if you don’t mind just one suggestion, your story is interesting n very cute….the only thing I noticed…lots of readers here speak different languages n hindi or urdu is not their mother tongue as this is world wide media….so just for convenience adding English translation will be very helpful. ….I bet you lots of people will read n understand your stories. …I’m loving it already. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads all the best

    1. Thank you so much roma for your feedback .I will surely try to make it easy as you say .thanks for your advice .stay blessed

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