Jannat teri meri (Epi 5)


Now i will start my next article. Just for those readers, who are commenting me. Cause I personally feels, just only those readers are reading and liking it . And this article , I ‘ m espacially writing for Roma.
In last article, you read rayan and diya are in workplace of rayan’s farther.
Now i will continue from last one.

Rayan ‘s father says to Diya. My doll now you are here and how it is possible that, we not spend time together. So O have a idea, after your work. We will do dinner together.
DIYA. No, uncle Sorry but its not possible. You better understand to my Daddy. He will be worried for me. I have to go home as early as possible.
FATHER. Oh my Doll, don’t worry I will also call your father. He will came here. Than we will do dinner together.
Diya..No uncle, please next time.
Rayan intrupts her and says. Dad why you are forcing her. She Don’t want to spend time with you. Why are you saying her again and again.
Diya is confused now . She than says. Its okey uncle do what ever you want to do. I have no problem . We will do dinner together.
Scence 2.
Now .8 pm on the clock.
Rayan and Diya almost complete their work.
DIYA. It’s done now we should go.
Rayan. Yeah just 1 point left. Wait for some moments.
Diya. You can do this tomarow. Its almost done.
Rayan is seeing to her face and says oh now i got it , You are feeling hungry?
Diya says in heart. Yeah , but i will not tell you.
amd says to him. No, actually its 8 pm now. I am getting late.
Rayan. Yeah ,i can see your face how much you are getting late for…. after saying he than stops.
Diya. What do you mean? For what?
Rayan. For dinner. See your face in mirror .its looking clear that you are feeling hungry.
Diya thinks i should not arguement with him. She only says to him.Okey .
Rayan. What okey?
Diya. Nothing.
Rayan. No ,something Is? Tell me, I promice, i will not tell anyone.
Diya is not responding him.
Rayan says to her . O hello,my dad’s doll ! I am talking with you? (he was in full mode to irritating diya). But Diya again ignore him and picks her bag and leaves the room.
After watching her reaction he is smiling. He is enjoying that moment.

Scence 3
Now ,All are sitting on dining table. (rayan and his father and diya and her father).
Diya’s father. What a co-incident that our children are also friends.
DIYA suddenly intrupts her father and says. No ,Daddy, we are just class fellow. Nothing more.
But Rayan says. Uncle but we have one relation.
Diya is in shock after listening this . She is staring Rayan.
RAYAN than says , we have relation of enmity.
AND asks to diya. Diya , I’m right or not?
Diya is too much confuse now.
She have no words to says while , all are enjoying this except Diya, cause All are getting this that rayan is joking
All are waiting for Diya’s answer .while Diya is in too much troble.
And before she say something. He says. I am joking Diya. Why you are taking it serious? (He is enjoying too much these moments.
All starts laughing. Only Diya is in tears. But she is not showing her tears. She manages to herself as per situation.
But she thinks in mind. when i did not meet this guy , I only dislike him. But now i hate him.
Scene 4
Now ,they have finished their dinner and both old friends are busy in their conversation. While rayan and diya are in garden of workplace and both busy in their cell phones.
On the other hand Rayan’s father says to Diya’s father don’t you think, Diya and Rayan are made for each other. They are looking stunning together. You know, I always want this. but , i was confused that how to tell you this. Its up to you what will be your dicion . I know Diya have no problem with your dicions. And my son is also very obidient. He clearly said to me ,that his marriage dicion is upto me. What do you think?

Diya is in tears and says to her Father. No daddy. Please try to understand . Its not possible. Sorry, but i cannot do this.

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  1. Hi maira my dearrrrryyyy….it’s awesome episode. …rayan teasing diya but she took it seriously….awwww…their cute fights…n marriage decision…wow..but she refuse it …hmmm…. 🙁 ….curious to know what happens next. …thx honeyyy for mentioning my name. ..sorry for being late my dear. ..I’m very behind on these amazing ff’s, now on page 70 🙁 trying to catch up….u keep it up honeyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads muaaaaahhhhhh

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