Jane kahan dill mill gayye – a swasan (few shots) shot: 3

Ragini: shona where were you
Swara: I went to meet laksh
Ragini: (blushing) laksh ohh why didn’t you take me with you
Swara: because he wanted to meet me only
Swara: bura lg rha h kya??
Ragini:mujhe kyo lagega
Swara: really
Ragini: yaa

During phone call
Swara: i think she likes you
Laksh: reallyyyy
Swara: don’t get excited it’s not confirmed
Laksh: then
Swara: only one person can help us
Laksh: who?
Swara: sanskar
Laksh: hmm

Next day at SMCH
After all classes were over
Swara: ragu you go I have some work in library
Ragini: I will wait for you
Swara: no ragu it will take a lot of time so you go byee
Ragini : bye
Ragini left after 10 mins swara saw sanskar and called him
Swara: sanskar I want to talk you its important
Mansi: o common he is busy right now just go away
Swara: please sanskar
Sanskar: ok
Mansi : I said no na { mansi dragged sanskar with her}

Next day same thing happened and now sanskar was also irritated by mansi’s behaviour so he called swara and asked her to meet him at a café.
Swara went there and told everything to sanky and in no time he agreed to help them because he loved ragini a lot
Swara: thank you sanskar for helping us
Sanskar : arehh ragini is my sister and I’m happy if she is happy but first I want to meet laksh
Laksh: I’m here
Sanskar recalled everything he saw on café and later both swalak convinced him
Sanskar: now tell me what I have to do
Laksh: ask ragini if she loves someone​
Sanskar: ok
Then laksh left and sanskar dropped swara to her hostel
Sanskar: swara listen
Swara: bolo sanskar
Sanskar: {forward his hand} friends?
Swara : {by shaking hand} friends….

After one month laksh proposed​ ragini and she said yes now swara started loving sanskar but for sanskar it was just friendship..
One day there was a notice that the hostels will be renovating so students have to arrange for few months most of the students in the college were from Mumbai only and some had relatives so it was problem for swara but then ragini asked her to live with her in her massi’s house (sanky’s house)…
Swara: yr ragu it will look so weird i mean how can i live there
Ragini: keep quite my masi is very nice she agreed for it…
Swara: hmm
At sanky’s house
Sanky : (hugging ragini ) hello sis hi swara
Swaragini: hi
Ap: hello bacho

Swara: hello aunty
Ragini: hii masi
Like this time passes and swara became ap favourite and sanky started loving her and swara too…
One day ap n ragini went for a family function​ in Bangalore for 5 days
Sanky: shona pls help me in finding my t shirt
Swara: ofo sanky wait what did i just called me
Sanky: shonaa kyo tume achha nhi laga
Swara: no
Sanky (sad face): hmm
Swara: l loved it
Sanky: really
Swara: Yes

Swara started finding his t shirt and saw a beautiful teddy
Swara: sanky what’s dis?
She turned and saw sanky on his knees
Sanky: shona i want to say something i love you a lot shonaa
Swara: i think its a dream
Sanky: no shona i really love you
Swara: i love you too
After that both kissed each other
And finally after few years they got married……..
I know guys this was really bad but spare me as it was my first writing

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