Jane kahan dill mill gayye – a swasan (few shots) shot: 2

Swara was thinking about her college and suddenly her phone rang seeing the name of contact a bright smile appeared on her face. Call was of her cousin swara told her about Mumbai and then they made plans that they will enjoy this whole week by watching movies and shopping..
Like this whole week passed and now was her last they in Delhi because tomorrow she have to leave for Mumbai for her goals. Her family was bit emotional because she never went anywhere alone….
Now swaragini and laksh were talking on conference call
Swara:laksh yr we will miss you
Ragini: yes yr how we will manage without you I’ll really miss you yrrr
Laksh :ohk my babies don’t miss me I’m coming with both of you
Laksh:yes i have got admission in engineering college near your medical college so get ready we will enjoy a lot….
Swaragini: yayayy asli mazaa ab aegaaa yayayy
We are so happy
At new Delhi railway station:
Ragini: swara yr I’m waiting for you we are getting late….
Swara: areh areh chill ragu acha listen palat palat palat
Ragini: what???
Swara: areh yr palat naa
Ragini: shonaaaaa
She ran and hugged swara
Ragini: you and your filmy drama
Swara: acha let’s go yr we are getting late
Ragini: chalo let’s go …….
Laksh: areh wait yr I’m also coming
Swaragini: you are always late man!!!!!
Laksh: acha na sorry ab chalein
Swara: ya lets go
At Mumbai railway station
Swara: so we finally reached the city of dreams
Raglak : yes chalo lets go

Ragini: {reads the board} Sanjeevni medical college and hospital finally shona yrr its like a dream come true
Swara: han ragu I can’t even imagine that we have got admission in such a reputed college
Ragini : chalo lets check our hostel room and sleep because tomorrow is our first day
Swara: chalo
Swara: ragu what should I wear tomorrow
Ragini: umm let’s decide …
Next morning
Swara: ragini wake up yr we are getting late today is our first day
Ragini: shona please let me sleep
Swara then started playing jumma chumma de de song and started singing also first ragini got irritated but later she too joined swara and both realised but suddenly they saw clock and it was 8 am they were getting late so they got ready very fast and managed to reach college on time……
Swara was wearing black t shirt black ripped jeans along with red and black check shirt and white sneakers she was wearing a tiger printed cat eye specs and was carrying a black bag she was looking amazing and ragini was wearing black ripped jeans and white crop top along with white sneakers she was also carrying a black bag
At sanjeevi medical college and hospital {SMCH}
Ragini’s phone rang so she entered five mins later than swara…
Swara’s pov…….. ohh god I’m hell nervous what will happen I have heard a lot about ragging oh god please bccha lena ohh wait why are they looking at me im talking about that gang type they have 3 boys and 2 girls shitzzz they are coming towards me ohh god yeh ragu kaha reh gyiii………. Pov ends
Just then sanky’s gang came towards her but sanky didn’t paid any attention because swara was not very pretty and sanky was only noticing the girl behind her. She was wearing pink coloured short dress with black coloured high heels and was carrying a black sling too ……
Sanky to that girl: hello beautiful I have seen you somewhere I can’t remember…chalo leave it my name is sanskar but its sanky for you tell me your name
Girl: hii my name is mansi
Nikhil: such a lovely name
Sahil: just like you… hiii I’m sahil
Nikhil: I’m Nikhil
Kavita:I hi mansi I’m kavita
Kavya: hello and I’m kavya
Swara to herself: looks like she has painted her whole face with make up 😀 😀
Mansi: what did you just say
Swara: nothing
Mansi: don’t lie you chashmish
Swara: I was saying that you are looking very pretty
Just then kavita and kavya saw swara and started talking bad about her looks and mansi also joined them
Kavita: look kavya this chashmish is so weird
Kavya: ya kavi see she is having dark circles also
Mansi: ya guys you are right she looks so boring
Sanky: leave it guys waise bhi hume kya karna hai but ya she looks boring….;D ;D
Swara was standing there with teary eyes just then ragini entered and shouted
Ragini: sanskar bhaiii hiiii and hugged him how are you
Sanky: I’m fine hey guys she is my cousin ragini
Sanky’s gang: hii ragini
Sanky: how are you my sweet little ragu
Ragini: I’m totally fine but swara what happened to you
Kavita: you know this boring girl???
Ragini : she is my best friend she is not boring and ya don’t you dare to speak anything against her okk… {Towards sanksar} bhai did you say anything to her
Swara: {interrupted her} no ragini he didn’t say anything it’s ok and lets go we are getting late
Ragini: but swara
Swara: chaloo I’m fine yr
They left and sanskar felt bad for her…

Just like that one month passed whenever swara saw sankar she used to just pass a smile and sanksar also did the same
Now swara started making more friends and so do ragini so they both had the biggest group in their batch and mansi,kavya and kavita were extremely jealous of swara
One day laksh called swara and asked her to meet him at a coffee shop near his hostel so she went their and by chance sanskar also went their along with mansi…..
Swara entered the coffee shop when laksh saw her he came near her and hugged her. While talking laksh kept his hand on swara’s hand this was all seen by sanskar and he was a bit irked with it…..
Laksh: shone I was to confess something
Swara: bolo lucky what happened is everything all right
Laksh: I’m in love with someone
Swara: and who’s that lucky girl
Laksh: ragu {blushed}
Swara: ohhh raguuu hannn ahan someone is blushing
Laksh: ohh swara shut up and just help me to propse her okk
Swara: okk I’m so happy for you both
Laksh: first find out whether she loves me or not ok??
Swara : okk so I will talk to her today about this and let you know asap
Laksh: thank you swara yr you are my best friend
Swara:chalo bye tc and ya remember dosti me no sorry and no thank you
Laksh : byee take care
Swara left from café and reached her hostel

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