Janbaaz Sindbad 7th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts witih Sindbad busy folding rope on his boat. Babar comes and says he found his childhood food in store room. A fish attacks their boat. Babar says this is sea’s biggest first Sirata. Fish changes boat’s direction. Sindbad says it wants to take them somewhere. Fish takes boat to an island. Kaya asks why did fish bring them here. They see some men beating oldman. Sindbad beats men and they run away. Man gets injured. Sindbad holds him and Kaya asks who is he. Man says he is Ahmed and asks to save graveyard’s king Zohair and his men and dies. Sindbad says Kaya and Babar that king Zohair and people are in danger and fish brought them here to save them. They have to find out graveyard which oldman described.

Sindbad with Kaya and Babar reaches

graveyard and hides seeing some men coming. They all get into grave. Babar gets afraid that they cannot be human. Grave closes. Sindbad comes out and tries to open it. He hears men coming back and hides. Men come out, close grave’s door and leave. Sinbad with Kaya and Babar enters grave. Babar gets afraid. They see huge spiders crawling on floor and Kaya asks how did they go in. Sindbad finds a small spider in a disk and throws it in front of big spiders. They all move aside. Sindbad walks in and sees a shackled man who asks them to get out. Sindbad says he came to rescue him and asks who is he. Man says he is graveyard’s king Zohair. Kaya asks why is he tied here. Zohair says his twin brother Zahir tied him here and took his place. He is evil and when his father knew about it, he threw him out of place. He reminisces Zahir coming to meet him once. Zohair asks why did he come here disguised. Zahir removes his beard and moustache and says people here think he is dad’s murderer. Zohair angrily says they think same and asks soldiers to throw him out of their territory. Zahir pleads to forgive him. Queen suggests him to forgive Zahir as he has changed.

Zohair comes out of flashback and describes how Zohair conspired and took his place. Queen realized he is Zahir and escaped with royal throne and stick. Zahir shouts he ges back throne and stick, he will rule over this world. Kaya asks what will those throne and stick do. Zohair says it has magical powers and only he knows where his queen is now. Kaya asks how does he know as he was captured before that. Zohair says a kind usually will know hideouts which they use for this kind fo situation.

Sindbad wearing Zohair’s mask fights with Zahir. Zahir asks who is he. Sindbad removes his mask and after a dialogue starts fighting agian. He defeats Zahir and asks him to throne Zohair as king. Zahir accepts and says he has to bring throne and stick. Sindbad agrees. Sindbad asks to agree his crime. Zahir agrees.

Zohair’s prime minister addresses his team that if they don’t get queen and stick, throning ceremony will not happen. Zahir enters and says he found queen and stick and throning ceremony will happen, they should get enjoy royal feast till then. Ministers start enjoying feast. Sindbad asks Zahir to fulfill his promise. Zahir addresses ministers that he wants to reveal a secret with which they will not forgive him, the truth is he is Zahir and not Zohair. Ministers are shocked to hear that and ask where is king Zohair. Zahir claps and soldiers bring masked Zahir. He removes Zohair’s mask and laughs. Prime minister asks how dare he is to betray his king. Zahir asks Sindbad to call queen and stick now. Sindbad says he will only see them and not touch.

Zohair orders prime minister to capture Zahir. All ministers fall down due to poison in food. Zahir says Zohair that he knew Sindbad will trick, so he mixed poison in ministers’ food, if he wants to save them, he has to give throne and stick in return. Sindbad asks how will he get them back to life. Zahir says he has herbs and asks him to bring queen and stick in 3 hours, else forget ministers. Sindbad agrees and says he will take his friends to bring qqueen and stick. Zahir agrees and asks him to come back soon. Zohair gives his ring and says queen will trust him seeing ring. Sindbad walks out and tells Babar to find out herb and give it to ministers. Babar asks how will he go between most dangerous fishes. Sindbad says he has to go to save Zohair and his people.

Sindbad jumps into sea and reaches secret palace unde water. Kaya and Babar beat guards and start searching herb. Sindbad goes to queen Rosita and says king Zohair sent him here to take her back to Kabristan. She asks how to trust he is Zohair’s friend. He shows Zohair’s ring. Queen identifies it and says let us go. He asks where are royal throne and ring. She shows them in her bracelet and says they are protected like this to protect from evil spirits.

Kaya asks how to find azur herb. Babar says let us feed herbs to guards and if they get well, it will be azur herb. They both feed herbs to gaurds. One of them becomes horse and runs. Babar falls down unconscious.

Zohair asks Zahir to forget his evil intentions of becoming king. Zahir hits him and he falls down. He then goes to herb room and silently picks azur herb. Sindbad returns kabristan palace with queen. Queen sees Zohair on earth and asks what happened to him. Zahir brings herb and asks them to stop their romance. Queen goes and keeps her bracelet on royal seat and brings out throne and stick. Two moons come on sky at same time. Sindbad keeps sword on his neck and Zahir asks if he does not want ministers’ lives. Sindbad asks if he did not understand his game. Ministers wake up. Zahir says how can they wake up when herb is in his hand. Kaya shows real herb and says she had changed real one with colorful water and fed herb to ministers already. Sindbad tells Zahir he got his brother’s face but not his qualities. Ministers capture Zahir. Sindbad crows Zohair and Zohair thanks him. Ministers praise king Zohair and Zahir fumes.

Precap: Old man stops Babar from drinking water and says it has poison. Sindbad asks who killed all innocent people. Old man says Shazura. Sindbad asks him to take him to their king. Old man takes him and tells king that Sindbad is Shazura. Old man then reveals himself as Shazura.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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