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The episode starts with Keherman’s boss scolding him that he did not find Sindbad even after 7 years. Keherman pleads to give him some time. Iblees says if he does not find Sindad, he will destroy him. Keherman says he is right. Kaushike comes and greets him. Keherman says just like boss said they will not go in search of Sindbad, he himself will come in front now. Kaushike asks how. Keherman says if they kill people and create havoc, Sindbad himself will come forward to save people.

Sindbad practices weapons reminiscing his childhood and his parents’ murder. Pirates attack his boat and kill his men. When they are about to attack Sindbad, he turns and angrily beats pirates. A pirate girl keeps her sword on his neck. He turns and swiftly starts fithing with her.

She throws her sword in air. He picks it and removes her veil with sword, calls her Kaya and asks what is all this, why did she attack him. Arsalan comes and addresses all his men. Men get up and smile. Arsalan says this attack was his examination as he wanted to see if he is thorough in his training, he did not dissapoint him. Sindbad eagerly asks if he agrees he is ready to fight with Keherman. Arsalan says not yet. Sindbad sadly asks when he can defeat Kaya and team, why can’t he fight with Keherban, he will not be pleased even if he dies. Arsalan angrily says he could not save his men at all and says sailor’s duty is to save all his men. He tells Kaya that she should be swift and powerful like Sindbad. She angrily leaves saying he always praises Sinbad even if he does mistakes.

Sindbad follows her and says she fought bravely and if he had diverted attention, she would have killed him. She says she was ordered not to harm him, else she would have make many pieces of him. In the morning, boat driver gathers men and tells Sindbad that they came into monster Tagara’s territory who is equally cruel like Keherman and should move boat in different direction.

Sindbad’s mother who is slave now in a hotel carries dishes and drops them on client. Client yells at her and raises hand to slap, but owner stops him and himself slaps her and drags her to a room and says she is not Basra’s queen now and if Keherman would have killed her with zafar, she would not have made his loss. He punishes her that she and her daughter will not get food and water for 2 days. Daughter comes crying and tells she will find out Sindbad brother soon.

Sindbad gets into water on a small boat. Babar shouts to come back as they are in Tagara’s territory. Kaya hears that and shouts to call abbu/dad. Tagara (water monster) attacks Sindbad and Sindbad fights with him. When Tagara is about to kill him, Arsalan comes and stops Tagara and says Sindbad is also on a path of truth like them. Tagara gets back into water. Arsalan calls back Sindbad and asks what he wants to prove. Sindbad says he wants to prove that he is ready to fight with Keherman. Arsalan says good angels have given his responsibility to him and he has to protect him. Sindbad says he cannot be in peace till his father’s killer is alive.

Sindbad’s sister Ameen tries to break wall with knife. Mother says it is very dangerous. She says she cannot tolerate torture now and will get out of here tomorrow morning. She asks what about Zulfi. She says let him die here. Zeba/mother says Meer was good to them, so they cannot leave Zulfi alone. Ameen says Meer is a traitor. Zeba says Zulfi lost his memory and does not even know who he is. Owner comes and shouts what are they doing. Ameen confronts and Zeba pleads to forgive her daughter and sends him.

Sindbad tells his Babar about Zulfi and his friendship and how Meer who was Zafar’s best friend betrayed him. A man tortures people and shouts his boss is most powerful Keherman. Sindbad gets angry hearing this. Keherman in his hideout tortures his man and asks why he thinks Sindbad will not come under his grip. Man pleads. Keherman asks his men to throw him in front of his monsters. Man pleads to spare him continuously.

Sindbad sees Keherman’s man torturing innocent people and tries to run towards him to save people, but his Babar stops him and says Keherman is very dangerous. Sindbad says he is waiting since 7 years to kill Keherman like he killed his dad. He runs and kills Keherman’s men and saves people. Babar says he will bring Arsalan and runs. Sindbad leaves in boat.

Zeba and Ameen break wall and runs into city hiding. Keherman angrily thinks why did Sindbad come out yet, if he is really truth angel or not. He should be patient, who knows he may come towards death slowly. He sees Sindbad sailing in a small boat and thinks he may not be Sindbad. Sindbad looks at him but does not identify him.

Babar informs Arsalan that Sindbad went towards Keherman’s boat. Arsalan orders his men to divert boat towards Keherman’s boat and orders Tagara to protect Sindbad.

Sindbad enters Keherman’s boat, but his men stop him. Sindbad says he brought a message of his boss. They allow him in. Sindbad goes towards Keherman holding knife. Tagara comes. Keherman says he is truth angel’s friend and came here to protect someone. He jumps on Tagara and kills him. Sindbad reminisces Arsalan’s words that Keherman’s very powerful. Keherman asks if he wants to kill him or Tagara with a small knife. Sindbad asks what if he says if he wants to kill him. Keherman laughs and holds his hand and his men tie him to pole. He holds knife on Sindbad. Sindbad says if he knew he is so powerful, he would not have held knife to protect him from Tagara. Keherman laughs and asks whom he works for. Sindbad says he works for his man, so indirectly works for him. Keherman laughs, says his man to turn boat towards his friend Imran’s boat to see him torturing people. He then tells Sindbad that he will stay with him like shadow now. Arsalan nervously says Kaya that his ancestors and many brave men lost their lives in protecting truth.

Keherman with Sindbad meets his friend Imran and asks if he remembers how they destroyed Basra. Imran says Basra is Sindbad’s city. Keherman says he still remembers how Zafar suffered before dying and if Sindbad was caught then, he would have also died. Sindbad gets angry hearing that and points knife at him. Keherman asks what happened. Sindbad says nothing and cuts meat with knife. Keherman says just like this, knife must be rolling on Sindbad’s heart reminiscing how his family died.

Zeba and Ameen save Zulfi and reach sea shore. Sindbad serves alcohol to Keherman. Keherman holds his hand and says he feels he knows him, where is he from. Sindbad says he is from Basra. Sindbad mixes some powder in Keherman’s drink and serves him. Keherman drinks it and says it tastes like poison but is tasty. He is waiting to cut Sindbad’s hands and get magical diamond from him. He then falls asleep.

Arsalan sees Tagara’s deadbody and apologizes him. Sindbad takes Keherman to his room and drops him bed. ‘He then takes out knife and is about to stab him when Keherman holds his hand and says he does not get too much inebriated that anybody can betray him. Sindbad tries to attack with other hand, but Keherman easily throws him away. He says he is his cousin, so he can choose his death. Sindbad says it is not that easy and attacks with magical powers, but fails. Keherman laughs and says he does not like to use his magical powers on him and his hands are enough. He beats Sindbad like a dog. Sindbad gets up and tries to attack repeatedly unsuccessfully. Keherman beats him to pulp.

Zeba and Ameen with Zulfi escape in a wooden trunk. Zulfi pleads to let him go as they will be killed if caught. They get into boat and leave. Boss comes running but cannot stop them.

Keherman drags Sindbad into jungle and tells his men that he is Sinbad and shows his magical wrist band and says with his boss Iblees will be freed. He ties Sindbad with magical powers. Arsalan with Kaya and team reaches there and asks Kaya to take Sindbad from there while he diverts Keherman’s attention. He comes in front of Keheman. Keherman asks 2-3 men guard Sindbad and rest to come behind him. He asks Arsalan if he wants to hug him or get his throat slit. Arsalan says he has to defeat him first and says he is powerful as him as they are students of same teacher. Keherman says he is a powerful cat. Arsalan says he is cat who attacks from behind and is not a tiger. Kaya kills Keherman’s men and takes Sindbad from there. Keherman attacks Arsalan repeatedly, but Arsalan gets up and fights. Arsalan finally falls down notwithstanding his attacks.

Kaya with Sindbad reaches boat. Babar asks where is Arsalan. Kaya says he promised that he will return soon. Arsalan comes injured and says he does not break his promise, especially made to his daughter. He falls down, says he is less time and says they have to divert boat towards an island and find a map under Iblees’ idol. He gives magical diamond and says this diamond and map will take him to 7 keys. He has to destroy them to kill Iblees. Sindbad says they both will find out keys. Arsalan says he does not have time, he lived a brave life and is dying bravely. He asks Sindbad to promise him that he will take care of Kaya and asks Babar to take care of Sindbad and Kaya. Babar promises. Kaya says nothing will happen to abbu.

Keherman comes on flying horse. Arsalan says he will take magical globe towards Keherman while he and Kaya can escape in boat. Sindbad says he will take it. Arsalan asks to promise that he will fight for justice and finish evil. Sindbad promises. Arsalan hugs both of them and then runs towards Keherman wishing goodbye to them. He falls with Keherman on snowy mountain. Keherman gets up and says his sacrifice will not save Sindbad, soon he will kill ‘Sindbad. Arsalan says Sindbad is not weak as he found him instead and by the time he finds him again, he will be more powerful. Keherman attacks with magical powers and says he will keep him alive till he needs him back.

Kaya cries reminiscing Arsalan. Sindbad tries to console her. She pushes him and says he snatched everything from her, first he dad’s love and now abbu. They were happy in their world until he intruded it. He with his foolishness is responsible for his abbu’s death, her abbu sacrificed himself to save him. He tries to speak, but he stops and shouts to get out of her abbu’s boat.

Precap: Keherman says his men that he has to reach Iblistan before Sindbad and find out map and 7 keys and save his boss Iblees. Sinbad clashes with Ameen and says if she recites dua for him, he will free her from Iblistan. She asks what if he betrays. He says she can consider him as her brother.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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