Janbaaz Sindbad 31st January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with a family dancing on Sindbad’s boat. Father thanks Sindbad for giving them lift as they would not have reached marriage venue without his help. Pirates come to attack. Sindbad asks to hide. Father asks his sons to hide instead of girls as sons will earn him money. Sindbad says if he trusts his girls, they will be more than boys. They all hide. Pirates attack and girls with Sindbad fight with pirates and force them to run. Sindbad realizes father how his daughters fought bravely and protected him. Father apologizes for his mistake.

Sindbad’s boats reach island. Babar says they can repair their boat on island. Sindbad, Babar, and Kaya walk near shore and see beautiful fishes. Fish plead to save them. Sindbad with his magical wand get

fishes’ face. Lady fish says she is queen of tilism and says they are all in big trouble and describes story inwhich a dancer lures king with her dance. King praises that he did not see such a beautiful dance and asks her to ask what she needs. Dancer asks to rethink. He says king’s words are not taken back. Dancer asks him to make her his queen and says she heard a lot about his bravery and loves him by heart. King says he respects her feelings, but he is already married and loves his wife a lot, she can ask something else. She says she is not a beggar and he should have thought before promising, if he does not agree, she will kill his queen and forcefully marry. King orders soldiers to arrest her. She warns him that her black magician brother Rawat will take revenge from him.

Dancer goes to her brother magician Rawat and complains that king rejected her love and she needs revenge. Rawat asks who is that. She says whom she loves, but he insulted her for someone else, she needs him and cannot live without him. He asks name. She says Tilism’s king shahtoot. Rawat with dancer reaches palace. King orders soldiers to attack him. Rawat turns soldiers into fishes and warns him to accept his sister, else he will repent. King says he loves his wife Amra and cannot think of anyone else. King warns him to turn his soldiers back to human, else he will kill him. Rawat tries to punish him, but dancer stops him. Rawat says now only her sisterhas right on him. King warns him to return back. Rawat turns Amra into fish and warns him to stop being stubborn, else Amra an soldiers will die. King pleads to forgive his people, he will do whatever he says. Dancer holds king’s hand. Rawat puts fishes in water bowl and says until he accepts his sister by heart, fishes will be fishes.

Amra continues that King Shahtoot loves her even now and is loyal to her. Sindbad asks where is he. She says in palace. Sindbad with Kaya and Babar reaches palace and sees king praising dancer’s beauty and expresses fake love. Babar says Amra is madly in love, but Shahtoot is betraying her. Water in beaker turns red. Dancer shouts that he is lying as water turned red and walks out yelling. Sindbad comes out and says Amra sent them to help him and asks where is Rawat. King says it is a very difficult path and route is full of tricks during day time and he can only go during day time. Sindbad walks into jungle at night. Babar slips and sees human head who warns to return back, else he will be body less like him. Babar runs towards Sindbad and tells about bodyless head’s warning. Kaya says it is his imagination. Sindbad says Kaya is right. They walk a bit and see Rawat’s palace.

They all 3 enter palace and see only woman’s pics on walls. Babar jokes that these pics must be of Rawat’s wives. They see pic with one eyed woman. Sindbad with Babar’s help touches eye and wall door opens. They get in. People captured in pics warn them to return, else they will be captured like them. Babar gets tensed and says they came into wrong place. Rawat emerges on chair and says they came into right place and he greets Sindbad and says he saw his life’s journey on his magical mirror. He praises Sindbad that he is brave and entered his palace with his brains. He extends friendship hand and says if his magic and Sindbad’s bravery meet, they can win whole world. Sindbad says he befriends only true people and not tricksters. Rawat punishes him angrily and he falls down. He then punishes Babar. Sindbad gets up and beheads him. Rawat falls down and Babar gets happy. Rawat gets back to life. Sindbad beheads him again and he gets back to life again. Babar says Rawat is very powerful.

Sindbad thinks Rawat’s soul is somewhere else. Rawat sends Sindbad in a pic. Kaya thanks Rawat for punishing Sindbad as he was troubling her a lot. Sindbad asks not to befriend Rawat. Kaya says she will as he is very poweful. Rawat asks if she will become his queen. She agrees and asks him to show his palace and tell his story. Babar warns her to come into her senses. Kaya says she is getting a powerful husband who will give happiness of whole world. Sindbad vanishes from pic. Rawat says he can roam from one pic to another and cannot come out. Babar shouts at him and he sends him into an isolated chamber. Babar sees a single pic with bald man. Sindbad comes into that pic. Babar asks if he saw Kaya’s changed tone. Sindbad says Kaya diverted Rawat’s attention to get some time. Bald man asks Babar to press stone. Babar asks who is he. Bald man says he is Babar’s father and seeing Rawat’s evil deed, he made weapon to kill him, but he captured him in pic. He orders Babar to press stone again. Babar does and stone door opens. Before man could say anything, Babar goes into room thinking he will get weapon. Man says Rawat’s doll is inside and if they destroy it, Rawat will be dead.

Babar searches weapon in whole room and does not find it. He thinks key is in doll and shakes it. Rawat shakes and thiks what is happening. He sees Babar holding his doll in mirror. Kaya runs and takes doll from Babar and says they will free Sindbad now. Rawat comes and says she betrayed him. Kaya strangulates his neck and says she tricked him to save Sindbad and asks him to free Sindbad. Rawat gets Sindbad and bald man out of mirror. Baar beats doll and Rawat feels pain. Bald man scolds Rawat that he became evil and asks him to free queen Amra. Rawat says he loves his sister and will never free Amra. He snatches his doll from Sindbad and beats him. Sindbad escapes and snatches doll again and warns him to get back Amra and soldiers to human form. Rawat obeys.
Red water beaker breaks. Dancer scolds king for lying and not loving him. Amra comes and says true love does not die. Bald man vanishes doll and tells Rawat that he forgot that he is his father,but father did not forget his son. He tries to leave. Sindbad asks where is he going. Man says far away from his disobedient children. Sindbad requests Rawat not to lose his father. Rawat apologizes his father and releases all captured people.

Precap: Babar, sindbad, and Kaya reach graveyard, then into cave, and asks caged man who is he. Man says he is graveyard’s king and his look-alike brother has kept him hostage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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