Janbaaz Sindbad 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Babar getting tired after walking for a long distance and telling Sindbad that he needs something to eat now. Sindbad asks him to be patient, they will get something to eat soon. They hear people near fort shouting to save them. Sindbad asks who are they They say they are very hungry and need food. He says they can get it from their town. They say they cannot as their crop turn into sand everytime and they cannot cross barrier of fire. A kid runs towards Sindbad and dies. Her motherruns to protect him and also dies. A witch comes and says she warned not to cross line of fire, else they will die. She burns mother and son’s deadbody. People run back. Sindbad gets out his sword and asks witch to return people’s lives. She says he is lucky as he

is not from this town, else he will die like them. He should stay away from fire line, else he has to fight with her/queen of death. He says only god has power to give and take life.

Sindbad tries to enter town. Kaya stops him and says once he goes in, he cannot come out and protect people. He says he is not coward and runs into town crossing line and asking them to go back to boat and wait for him. Kaya and Babar also run behind him yelling. People surround them and beg for food. Sindbad asks why is their queen so cruel. A man says she is not their queen and they have a king and only he will answer their question. Sindbad with Kaya and Babar enters palace and sees no guard. Someone throws thronein front of Babar. Babar wears it and says he is king. Sindbad takes throne and a ta distance sees a man and asks where is king. Man says he is helpless king. Sindbad says he is coward to say this. King says he is incapable of protecting his people, so he threw his throne. Sindbad says he looks like a nice man and asks what happened to his city. King says his father was king and was very arround, their town was called Gulistan and not Maristan. His father used to think himself as god who can destroy any human. He used to burn people alive for going against him. He goes into flashback where his father laughs seeing people being punished. He comes out of flashback and tells a saint came and warnedhis father that he has pay for his sins. King orders soldiers to throw saint in fire. Soldiers says if they throw this saint, god will punish them. King orders also them to jump in fire then. Saint asks people to go against arrogant king, but nobody comes in front. Saint shout he is ashamed of himself to fight for them. He curses them that every year on this date, a devil will attack them and their Gulistan will become Maristan, they will not get even a grain of food. King orders soldiers to throw him in fire now and they throw him in fire. Thunder attacks king and he dies on spot. Young king tells Sindbad from then on people wark hard and grow crop, but it destroy on 13th of every month.

Sindbad tells that if saint takes back this curse, people can be saved, but he is already dead. King says he knows one way, but it is dangerous. Sindbad says he can fight any danger to save people. King says saint has cave and his people must be there, they will anull saint’s curse, but that route is very dangerous and they have to fight with queen of death. Sindbad assures king not to worry. King shows him route and tells he is brave man, but this route is very dangerous. Sindbad says he just wants to save people. Babar comments that he wants to die saving people’s lives. King wishes them good luck and they walk on route. Babar gets tired walking and sleeps on floor. Sindbad and Kaya also sit. Kaya says they are walking since 14 hours and need energy for body. King says their courage will keep them going. Queen of death comes and laughs that she knew they would come, now they will be her servants. She punishes them with her magical wand. They fall down unconscious. Sindbad wakes up after some time and does not find Kaya and Babar. He shouts their names. He continues searching them.

Sindbad reaches saint’s cave and sees Kaya and Babar caged. He then meets his disciples. One of disciples tells that people did not help saint and they deserve it. Sindbad says incident happened 13 yers ago and innocent children cannot be punished. Disciple says he is right, but curse cannot be anulled and he has to go to saint’s shrine as his soul resides there and he can save children. Sindbad requests him to leave his friends and wallks again towards shrine. Queen of death attacks them and creates line of fire. Sindbad with Baabar and Kaya jumps in water and then jumps line of fire. Queen fumes and says they have many other hurdles. Babar says wholeplace full of sand and asks where to go now. Sindbad prays god to show them a way. He says glowing insects coming and he follows them. He then falls into shrine and land closes back to normal. He sees shrine and asks saint why innocent people are being punished and have right to live. Saint comes and says they deserve punishment. Sindbad asks sinners died 13 years ago and their innocent children are being punished. Saint asks if he knows whom he is talking to, he will die. Sindbad says everyone has to die some day, but why he is punishing innocent people being a saint. Saint gives him knife and asks to stab an innocent person’s chest. Sindbad asks how can he kill innocent person. Saint leaves asking to stab before sunsire. Sindbad goes back to Kaya and Babar and they ask if he met saint. Sindbad says he will meet disciple and will come back. He goes to save and tells disciple what saint told. Disciple says he will die to save 500 people’s lives. Sindbad says he cannot kill any innocent. Other saints call Sindbad. He walks out with disciple and sees Kaya and Babar missing and other disciples dead. He asks disciple to inform Kaya and Babar to wait for him if they return.

Queen of death captures Kaya and Babar. Sindbad finds them. Queen asks Sindbad to back off, else she will kill his friends. Saint comes and asks to kill one of his friends to save people. Queen asks him to stay away from them and she will spare him. Sindbad says he will not leave Maristan’s people and not kill innocent people. He says saint he will kill himself and stabs himself, but knife turns into soil. Saint praises Sindbad that he is a nice and fulfilled his promise and takes back his curse. Queen of death kills Kaya and Babar andvanishes. Sindbad cries and asks his friends to get up. Glowing insects get into Kaya and Babar and they wake up. Curse vanishes and soil turns into food. People enjoy food and celebrate. They thank Sindbad. King also comes and says he will not forget his favors. Sindbad says it was his duty and tells Saint suggested to be couragous and not tolerate sin. Babar jokes..

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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