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The episode starts with Babar preparing porridge and serving it to Sindbad and Kaya with praises. Sindbad tastes it, diverts Babar’s attention and throws his and Kaya’s porridge into sea. Kaya shows island. He says she is copying him. she says there really is something. They see island and jump on it. Sindbad says it is weird that hey don’t see any human, tree, etc. Island moves and they are thrown into some jungle and see island was a some creature. Babar sees their boat coming towards them and laugh. They then see a lady coming with 2 servants and Sindbad introduces himself. Lady says she is princess Afreen and asks if they met before. He says he came here first time and is stranger. She gets tensed and runs, but falls down. Kaya asks if she cannot see. Afreen

says she is blind and asks them to go before guards come. She continues that a stranger had come and she had to lose half her vision and on full moon day, she will lose full vision. Her dad is very angry and ordered to kill strangers. Sindbad asks if there is a solution for her blindness. She says magical leave on an Kastinizan island and she has only 2 days left for full moon and then she will be completely blind. Sindbad says he will go to Kastinizan and bring back her vision. Afreen says dad hates strangers and guards will come anytime. Guards come and arrest 3 of them.

King announces reward for someone bringing magical leave. Prime minister informs that guards caught 3 strangers and one of them wants to bring magical leave. King says he cannot trust strangers. Afreen brings Sindbad and friends. Sindbad requests king to let him help him so that Afreen does not have to lose her vision. King says he has to leave his 2 friends here. Kaya says wherever Sinbad goes, she and Babar will go. King says Sindbad if his friends are here, he will not elope. Sindbad accepts and says his friends should be kept as guests and not hostages. King agrees.

Sindbad travels to Kistanizan on his boat and then reaches there at night. He senses some people running around him and then sees golden glowing tree. He turns back and sees hooded black men with swordss trying to attack him. He runs and falls into ditch and smears his body with dirt. They pass by without noticing him and he realizes that those evil spirits cannot see him with dirt. Once they leave, he walks behind them. They reach a place where a girl is tied to spider web and ask where did her brother hide wealth. She says she will never tell them. They say just after sometime, they will enjoy her as feast. Once they leave, Sindbad comes in front and she asks who is he. He says he is Sindbad and came to help her. She asks to go before evil spirits kill him. He asks not to worry as evil spirits will not harm him. He frees her from spider web adn asks who is she. She says her name is Zara. Evil spirits come abck and they both start running. zara falls down and they capture her back and are about to kill when Sindbad shouts. They then start following him leaving girl. Sindbad jumps into water and then comes out and starts fighting with them. Girl says he cannot kill evil spirits without and they will vainsh with sunlight, so he should run from there. He starts running and they follow and surround him. With morning sunlight, they all vanish.

Sindbad tells Afreen that he was killed and is very happy seeing sunlight for the first time. Girl asks why did he come here. He says he came to take magical leave to save princess’s eyesight and if he does not retrun, king will kill his friends. Afreen says he cannot take magical leave as Kastanizan is ruled by queen Nusrath and even if he takes leave, without her permission leave will dry. He says he will take leave with her permission then. She says queen hates men.

Queen’s eunuch soldiers beat men while their wives plead to leave their husbands. Queen orders soldiers to throw both men into fire and they are thrown.

Afreen takes Sindbad to her brothers Shakur’ idol and says Shakur and queen Nusrath were lovers and Nusrath gave Shakur responsibility of protecting her wealth, but evil spirits wanted a diamond with which they could even be alive in day time and Shakur did not give it to them. They hostaged him and when he tried to escape, they made him idol. Nusrath thought he betrayed him, so she hates men. Sindbad says queen has misunderstanding and he will clear it. She says Nusrath will ill men. He says he will go as woman.

Sindbad goes as woman and tells Nusrath that she can see her future and says she loves a man till now and is in pain. Nusrath orders soldiers to throw her away. Sindbad says she can read pain in her eyes and secret behind it. Nusrath takes her to her room and asks what secret she knows about her. Sindbad says she loved Shakur and thinks he betrayed her, but Shakur also loves her and is hostaged by evil spirits. She asks how does she know. She says she met Shakur’s sister just now. Nusrath removes his long hair and says he is a traitor like Shakur. She orders soldiers to catch him and throw him in front of most venomous spider. Spider walks towards Sindbad. Nusrath asks why did Shakur send him, if he needs more wealth. Sindbad says his way was wrong, but his intention is right. Nusrath says he is also a traitor like other men and asks what is his last wish. Sindbad says he will remain on his words even if she throws him in fire. Spider bites him and while venom spreads into his body he says Shakur is loyal to her and was guarding her wealth when evil spirits captured him. She says he is lying. He says dying man cannot lie and he knows where is Shakur.

Nusrath asks where is Shakur. Sindbad says he can take her to Shakur and she can see him with her eyes. She gives him antidote and he gets well and says she can come and see herself how Shakur is suffering because of her love. She walks with him and is shocked to see Shakur’s idol. Sindbad says Shakur never betrayed her, he was a true lover and became stone for her. Nusrath starts crying thatshe did not believe her pure love, she apologizes Shakur and says she made a big mistake. She asks Zara how can she get Shakur back to life. Zara says they have to massage Shakur with magical leaves. Queen says they can pluck it only at night and evil spirits would be guarding it. Sinbad says if she permits, he will bring leaves. She permits and he leaves.

Babar sees Kaya walking tensely and asks what will they do now. She says let us elope from here and wait for Sindbad far away. King comes and captures them and shouts how dare they are to betray them. His daughter trusted them and Sindbad and now they are eloping. He will punish them and it will be lesson for the world. After full moon tonight, if his daughter loses vision, they will also lose their eyes.

Sidbad with dirt smeared over his body reaches magical golden tree and plucks its leaves and keeps it under his wallet and runs. Evil spirits hear voice and follow him, he stands and they continue to run. Sindbad reaches back to Nusrath and gives her leave. She rubs leave on Shakur and he gets back to life. They both then get happy seeing each other and thank go. Sindbad says some people ar waiting for him and he has to back soon. Evil spirits come and attack Shakur again, but Nusrath bears attack and becomes stone idol. Sindbad takes Shakur from there and evil spirits follow them.

King ties Kaya and Babar to wooden plank. Babar cries if Sindbad does not come before morning, they will lose eyes.

Shakur tells Sindbad, the red diamond which evil spirits are searching will become reason for their death if it is brought under moon light. Sindbad asks where is diamond. Shakur says it fell somewhere when they captured him. Sindbad asks to go and search diamond while he diverts evil spirits’ atention. Shakur searches diamond and finds it. Evil spirits come back and Shakur throws diamond. Sindbad catches and hides it. Evil spirits search him and unsuccessfully. Sindbad takes diamond in moonlight and evil spirits vanish. Shakur and Nusrath reunite. Sindbad returns diamond to Shakur and says he has to go and gives them moral gyaan that whatever problems come, they should trust each other. Nursath says he gave them a big gyaan.

King’s men walk towards Kaya and Babar with hot iron rods to pierce their eyes and are about an inch away when Sindbad reaches and stops them. He gives leave to King and asks to save Afreen’s eye sight. King does same. Babar jumps on Sindbad and says he knew he would save them. Sindbad looks at Kaya and then Afreen. Afreen gets happy seeing her dad and says she is fine now. King thanks Sindbad and apologizes for mistrusting him and says he is brave and loyal man. Sindbad says he is happy that his sister Afreen can see beautiful world from her beautiful eyes.

Precap: A magician tells Sindbad that nobody could enter his fort till now and he entered it, if his magic and sindbad’s bravery meet, they can do wonders. Sindbad says he cannot. Magician punishes Sindbad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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