Janbaaz Sindbad 21st February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sindband traveling on his boat as usual with Kaya and Babar. Babar eats chillies and shouts for water. He opens water pot and its dry spontaneously. He shouts for water. They see island in front of them. A bird shouts at them not to go on island. Babar sees dead bodies floating in water and gets afraid. Sindbad says they will go on island for sure now and gets down on island with Babar and Kaya. They see dead bodies all around. Babar panics. He runs all around and sees people dying. He sees water well and shows it to Kaya. They both try to drink water when Sindbad comes and stops them. An old man also comes running and says water has poison and they will be one among dead bodies soon. Sindbad asks who did all this. Old man says Shazuba and he

is very cruel. Sindbad asks him to take him to his king.

Old man takes Sindbad andhis friends to palace. Guards stop them and says only one can enter palace with old man. Sindbad gets in while Kaya and Babar wait outside. Kaya sees sun mark on royal flag and snake mark on guard’s clothes and tells Babar that something is wrong. Old man takes Sindbad to king and alleges him that he is Shazuba. Sindbad says he came to help them instead and is not Shazuba. Old man asks king to search Sindbad as he is posessing poison. Guards search him and find poison bottle. King orders soldiers to catch him. Sindbad fights with soldiers, but they throw net on him and capture him. Old man murmurs in Sindbad’s ears that he is Shazuba. Sindbad tells king that oldman is Shazuba and to arrest him instead. King orders solders to put Sindbad in jail and give him 100 lashes everyday.
Old man comes out and removes his mask and shouts he is Shazuba and will kill everyone. Kaya and Babar are shocked to see that and run for life Shazuba orders his puppet guards to catch them and kill. Kaya slips and hits stone and falls unconscious.
King orders soldiers to lash Sindbad and they lash him ruthlessly. Sindbad says again that old man is Shazuba. King says he knows old man since year and will not trust stranger. He calls magical electric angel and orders her to not let Sindbad run away. She asks him not to worry and king leaves.

Kaya wakes up and asks Babar who is he. Babar says he is Babar and she is Kaya and they are with Sindbad. Kaya says she does not know him or Sindbad and walks away.

Angel gives electric shocks to Sindbad. Sindbad escapes and provokes her that she is afraid of king. She says she is not and throws eclectricity on him. Sindbad throws water on her and she dies. King comes back and orders solrdiers to catch Shazuba and kill him. Prince says he will catch Shazuba and walks out. He sees Babar holding Kaya’s hand and shouts how dare he is to eve tease innocent girl. He takes Kaya with him into palace.
Sindbad eaches a house and sees old man. He points sword on old man and says he cannot escape now. Old man says he is not Shazuba and he can kill him. Sindbad points sword again, but old man sits undeterred and asks why did he stop. Sindbad says he is confused that he was so cruel when he met him in king’s court and now he is different. Old man says it was Shazuba and not him. Sindbad says where is Shazuba now. Old man says human eye cannot see Shazuba easily and he can be only seen in a nagin’s eye and tells nagin’s address and how to lure her.

Prince takes Kaya to his palace and calls hakeem/doc to cure Kaya’s illness. Babar comes as old hakeem. Prince orders him to get his would be wife well before evening as he is marrying her tonight, else he will kill him. Babar gets afraid.

Sindbad waits for nagin in jungle and once she comes with her friends he starts plahying been. Nagin with eyes masked takes human form and starts dancing sensuously. She gives him nagmani and says no snake will bite him if he possess it. He tries to remove her mask, but she stops him and tries to bite. He shows nagmani and she backs off and askswhy did he come here. He says he wants to know where Shazuba is. Nagin says since his intentions are right, she will help him and shows her eyes. He sees Shazuba’s cave.
Babar thinks if he hits Kaya’s head again, she will regain her memory. He tries to hit her, but slips and falls. Kaya says if he does not cure her, her prince will kill him. He says he knows and once she turns back hits on her head. She falls unconscious. Prince comes and ordes soldiers to arrest hakeem. Kaya wakes up and identifies Babar. She asks prince who is he. He says they are marrying tonight. Kaya says she does not know him. He says she promised to marry him once she regains her memory.

Sindbad comes to Shazuba’s cave and hears people pleading to spare them. He stands between people. Shazuba works on some chemical formula and tells a man that he will kill everyone and they will become his soldiers and he will rule on whole world. He forcefeeds poison to a man and he dies. He soul gets trapped in a bottle. Sindbad says Shazuba his days are over now and comes in front of him. Shazuba orders his deadman army to kill Sindbad. Sinbad shows his magical wrist band, but it does not work on them. Shazuba shouts they are dead and his magical band will not work on them. Sindbad breaks beaker and souls escape from it and gets into people’s bodies. He breaks all beakers. Shazuba shouts that he spoilt his years worth of hard work. Sindbad drags him on his horse.

Prince tries to forcefully marry Kaya. Kaya says she will not marry him. He orders soldiers to point swords on Babar. Sindbad enters with Shazuba and hands him over to king. King orders soldiers to throws Shazuba in jail and apologizes Sindbad for misunderstanding him and invites him as royal guest. Sindbad says he has to travel a lot. Babar says they can stay for 3-4 days and enjoy royal feast but stop seeing Sindbad’s angry face.

Precap: Sindbad fights with Keherman’s soldiers and many other enemies.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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