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The episode starts with Babar informing Sindbad that their boat is stuck in a cyclone. Sindbad looks at Kaya and jumps into sea. He reaches shore and sees an old man tensed. He asks what happened, where is his family. Old man asks to not talk loudly, else witch will catch him. Witch kidnaps Sindbad.

Sindbad wakes up and finds himself on a bed. He roams around place and sees a woman walking laughing. He sees her idol and touches her. Woman comes in front and he asks who is she. She says she is Shalaka and is waiting for her. He says he does not know her. She says he was her lover in his last life. He says he has to go back to his friends. She claps and calls her magical army and orders to bring Sindbad’s friends.

Shalaka ges romantic with Sindbad. When

she touches his magical wrist band by mistake, she shouts in pain and turns back to witch with long hairs and wrinkled frightening skin. Sindbad walks into cave where he steps on skeleton. He then walks in and sees unconscious children. He then sees a woman tied and with his magical wrist band frees her. Woman says she is paristan’s queen Gul and Shalaka has confined her and these children with her black magic.

Shalaka comes there and laughs. Sindbad takes out his swords and attacks Shalaka, but her wound heals spontaneously. He attacks her with wrist band and she shouts. He runs with woman into jungle. Shalaka’s soldiers attack him and he kills them all. Woman with her magical ring generates flying mat and asks him to go. He says he will not until he kills Shalaka. She says only black mountain sultan knows secret of killing Shalaka and he should go and get it. He says Shalaka will kill her. She says Shalaka needs her from time to time and will not kill her.

Sindbad rides magical mat and reaches his boat. Babar and Kaya get happy seeing him. Sindbad tells about Shalaka and her terror and tells about black mountain and its sultan. He shows map and they all 3 reach black mountain and see sultan in jail. Sultan tells Shalaka removes her teeth daily and he has to destroy that. Sindbad says he will take him from here. Sultan says he cannot come out and says a genie fell in love with his would be wife and kidnapped her and put him behind bars. Sindbad not to worry, he will free him and his would be wife.

Sindbad with Kaya and Babar reaches sultan’s would be wife’s room, sees her sleeping, removes blanket and is shocked to see headless body. Babar shivers in fear. They then see head hanging nearby and asks what is all this. Just then, genie comes and they all 3 hide. Genie fixes woman’s head with body. Woman wakes up and tries to escape, but genie holds her and says she has to marry him. She says she will marry only sultan. He says he will kill sultan and throw his deadbody in front of her. she shouts no… He makes her unconscious again with flower perfume and her body and head separates. He laughs then. Sindbad comes suddenly and kills him. Kaya then unites woman’s body and head.
Sindbad then with his magical wrist band frees sultan. Sultan gets happy seeing his would be wife Husna and thanks Sindbad for saving him and wishes him safe journey.

Sindbad disguised as old hakeem/doc reaches Shalaka’s place with Kaya and Babar. Guard stops him. Sindbad says he brought herbs which will make Shalaka young. Guard says Shalaka does not need it. Shalaka with her magic punishes guard and says she always needs herbs. She takes them in. Sindbad says he needs lizard of his palace. She says her servants will bring it. He says he needs special lizard. She permits him to get it. He gets into her secret room. Guard asks if he found lizard. Sindbad says no and he will complain Shalaka if he interferes. Guard walks out. He then finds out Shalaka’s dentures in water and picks it.

Shalaka removes Kaya’s veil and fume seeing her young and shouts where is hakeem. Sindbad comes. She shouts she will kill them all. Sindbad shows her dentures. She orders guards to kill him and get dentures. Sindbad kills all guards and throws dentures in fire. Once dentures burn, Shalaka turns into old woman and her magic vanishes. Gul and her children are freed. Shalaka cries that she lost her youth. Kaya consoles her and says age will dissappear but not good deeds, she should do good deeds and get into people’s memories. Gul comes. Shalaka says she needs her and not youth. Gul says she always was with her. Gul then praises Sindbad that he is a angel who protects truth.

Precap: Queen who hates men shouts she will kill all men of this world. Sindbad enters disguised as eunuch and says he wants to know why she hates men.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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