janam janam kaa pyaar shot-4


hii all of u……
sorry i was busy so not able to post it early..n today i m writing my few shots…may be next1 will b last shot or may b last second…n sorry i can post dis only today dat is monday n next shot on dis sunday…so dis week my ff…will not b uploaded…no chance!!
but surely on next wednesday or if u want i will upload my ff on saturday n dis one on wednesday……its ur choice……so lets go directly to d shot…
which shot?
ummm mayb 4?


thank u all d readers of my ff

missed u all shoooooo much…..

tumne kiya?

tell me in ur cmnts….


EPI start with tw left d hall n went to her room..
kunj:i hav to convience her n tell her dat was ……………….i hav to tell her how much i love her..how much i missed her dis 30 years…..n also i cant disapooint my daughters…..
he went behind her n was about to enter d room but stand der…
tw was crying vigorously holding his pic….
kunj get sad as she was crying coz of him
tw:dont even take my name on ur dirty revengeful mouth
kunj:tw listen….i know i had done very bad with u….but…
tw:but…but wat haa?…just leave from here
kunj doesnt leave
tw: leave
kunj hold her by shoulders n pins her to d walll n looks straight into her eyes
both share a eyelock.
tw:aahhhh..leave me mr.kunj sarna..its hurting
(ab old ho gayi hai to dard to hoga hi..)
kunj:first say yes to marriage…u hav to say yes tw….for our children
tw:i will not…NEVER
kunj:u hav to tw(calmly)
tw:so u will force me to do dis also…before 30 years also u had force me….first u force me to love u with r sweet talks n all…wen i loved u u showed ur real colours…n den u forced urself on me….chi…n den leave me…n completed ur rrevenge…i will never…kya pata dis girls r also like u
listening d last sentence kunj gav a slap
kunj:stop it! tw….just stop it…dont even dare to speak a single word against my daughters…..n i know i hav done very wrong with u(n he leaves her n turns..tw who was struggling from much time to get out of hit tight grip fall unconcious while kunj continues his talkes
kunj:i hav done ver bad with u …..just only coz of revenge n m very guilt for dat……during dis all i really fall in love with u….wen i left u on footpath to die..dat full night i was not able to sleep just ur innocent face came on my eyes….dat night i realize my love tw….next day i went to dat footpath i didnt found u…i tried to find u many time but i was unsuccesful…where did u gone
n he turns…he gets shocked seeing tw in dat state
he hold her in his arms n take her to d bed he was about to put her down but he felt dizziness n fall on d bed with tw…kunj is upon tw …dey both were unconcious…der child who had listen der talks from outside left before only to find some solution
break time:

i had read only shammu n sidmin ff which dey had given links
so first turn is of sidmin..i dont know if u had upload but m very eager to know d truth sorry didnt cmnt as read in hurry…
tw was der to take revenge….muah
just loved it….
full diary next me bataa dena…
eager to know
hope tw get welll soon….

break time over
shammmu kaa next break me

here twinj our cuties were still upon eo sleeping kunj upon tw…
tw gains concious n gets shocked seeing kunj over her
she gets angry n push him as he was unconcious he fell down through d bed..
tw:how dare u do dat act again haa…how dare u…u tried to use me again..so dat again u can throw me…
she was just speaking n was nott noticing dat kunj is unconcious….
aftr 15 minutes she stoped as she notice kunj uncocious
tw:kunj! kunj! wake up…..wat has happened to him..i think he is also unconcious like me
she goes to take water from d table which is beside kunj…she fall on kunj as her dupatta comes in between…due to sudden jerk kunj wakes uup.n saw tw upon him…
kunj:aahhh! tw r u alright
tw eyes him lovingly
tw stands up
tw:yaa m k
n she starts to leave….
kunj:wait tw….
tw stopped…n turns towards him
kunj:i m so……….tw:mr sarna.i think u may leave ur so called daughters will b waiting..n find ur sil coz dey r not going to marry my sons
kunj feels hurt but he leaves..

he was about to leave d house but d 6 comes dat is devakshi,shraman n manya
dey stop him n ask about d past life kunj rejects to tell but atlast gave up…
dey all goes to shravan’s room n sit….
manav:uncle pls tell
kunj:first of all m not uncle m ur dad
dev:yaa u r to b our dad
kunj:no m not ur to b dad m ur dad from ur birth..ur biological dad
kunj:yaa u r me n tw’sons
sonakshi:den how can v mar….
kunj:u all can marry as …..
sumo:wat papa
kunj:i dont wanna tell u but now i think its d right time
sumo:tell na fast
kunj:yaa u all means girls r not my daughter..u r mahi’s daughter…
dev:now who is dis mahi
sonakshi:but dat is our maasi(aunty)…right?
shravan:i m confused dat u r not our uncle but papa..n u r not sumo’s papa but her uncle wats dis…plz tell in detaiil
kunj:ok first i will introduce evry1…
kunj:so first ….
(i will introduce every1 in fb..)..(r u guys ready…? ofcourse yes…)

let me tell u i m going bak 30 yrs…so its 2016 n twinj oldies r living in 2046
kunj sarna:a handsome hunk of d college…live with his sister dat is mahi…frnd of tw..dont hav parents dey had died in an accident

mahi sarna:beautifull…live with her bro dat is kunj….gf of uv..have a big hidden secret which she regret…dat is only knwn by her bro..dont hav parents

yuvraj taneja:s/o leela n rt…a womaniser..bro of tw…bf of mahi….had a hidden secret…

twinkle taneja:d/o rt n leela…beauty with brains…frnd of kunj…

here taneja family live in london..kunj n mahi lives in amritsar india…mahi had now only return from london…at london tw had come to know about uv’s truth n tell dat to her parents but dey dint listen as uv handles his business n dey tried to marry tw with some other man so she ran away to india from london n now live in a chowl…here only she found kunj ….she goes to ‘qwerty college'(nice name na!)der she became frnd with kunj both enjoys eo company…hav a sisterly bond with mahi…..
here end our todays dose….
how was it

shammu m very excited for ur ff ….twinj is now separated but will surely meet…..to know more hav to read ff n pls all d writers giv ur ff links………..

break ends here
yaaya it was a break yaar half past ko kaise chod du….but if u want v can….bahbye
love u all
will meet u on saturday with last shot
ok….not leaving last part lelo
here it start with d past end of introduction
i will write evrything in short…….
twinj r best frnds…dey only talk to eo …not any1 other…tw had strted falling for kunj….but fear to telll him..
at college
tw comes to college n went to canteen..she starts to find kunj but he was nowhere…she cant even ask any1 as noone will know dey dont hav anyother frnd except eo…so she thought to visit his house…she enter his house n saw all empty..no one is der not even mahi..as mahi dont go to college..she had cmpltd her studies in london..she call him many time but he doesnt pick up…
she was very tense…
in evening she was thinking about kunj only wen a calllll comes..she picks up
man:hello..is dat tw..
tw:yes m only tw n who r u calling from kunj’s fon..
man:he is unconcious pls come heree..at silver plaza hotel..room no:405
d call cuts.
she goes to dat hotel n went to d room…it was dark room..wen some1 comes n backhugs her….
n she turn n finds kunj hugging her
tw:w……w..h.at r….r.. u ..d.oi..ng…
kunj:shhhh…tw today i will speak n u willl listen….
tw didnt speak anything
kunj:tw pls listen carefully..m not forcing…i will tell directly..only idont know wen where n how …..i had started falling for u..i love u
tw was overwhelmed…she stands der numb…after sometime kunj shook her
kunj:m sorry i had just spe……
he was stopped by a soft lips on his……..dey share a passionate liplock…..while kissing kunj hand goes on tw’s top n he tears it….

(NOTE:not for kiddos)
…now she was wearing short clothes and capry which kunj is about to open but tw hold his hands n put on her waist n dn she without breaking d kiss unbotton his shirt n covers herself from it….
after 10 min…dey break it…both were breathing heavily..
tw:i..i lo..lve u.t..
she was again stoped by his lips..dey both again share a liplock but dis time kunj was showing his wildishness…he bite her lips make blood to come out…he was torturing her lips n she thinks as his love….she was moaning continuosly his name n was having tears in her eyes…she was not able to see hungry lusty animal in kunj….he removes d shirt from her body with whom she was covering her body…she tries to break d kiss but he was not letting her to do so….her lips were continuosly blooding…she was bearing it thinking his love..tw take d bedsheet n covers it which was on bed….now tw pushes him..
tw:kunj wat r u doing…….i cant do all dis before marriage
kunj:but v love eo..n trust eo
tw:yaa v trust eo but as a friend not like dis..u r removing my clothes..no first v both hav to trust eo….
kunj:(thinks)now dis fish is trap but not leting me to eat first she will trust me…n i hav to bear her more days………..
kunj:hmmm u r right..m so sorry..i think dat u trust me but….its k..
tw felt bad….but she cant let him do so..
tw:its k kunj …….u dont need to b sorry..its not ur problem..u know hormones..n all
n she laugh
kunj:(thinks)i just hate her laugh…dis bl**dy girl will make me mad one day
kunj passes a smile n left d room saying tw good night….
he left den tw realizes dat she is wearing bedsheet…she saw he teared top…she calls kunj..but he dint pickup…..
she had no other option so wear a teared top…her tummy is visible..n her sleeves r also teared only her body upperpart was not visible……she left from der n take a auto n left to her house..
kunj was hiding in d hotell smirks
kunj:diss is just starting of ur bl**dy hell life…
n smiles evilllyyy..
den he calls tw
kunj:r u k baby
tw:go to hell…dont u dare to call me baby….
kunj:but….wat h..hav..e i..d..o.ne…..
tw:dont call me again….
n cuts d call
finally over..
how was it..
sorry if some1 didnt like last part..
r u excited for next?
n yaa do tell me which u want next…dis or ff..
thanx for ur cmnts…………..
chalo ab mujhse raha nahi jaata so i will tell u dat next epi of my ff is love confession special…so wat u want?first dat or dis?…
n yaa m getting some time tomorrow is my school half day so i m thinking to post my ff or day after tomorrow…n on saturday last shot…wat say?…… hmm i know i had told dat but i had write half at morning n at my school i came to know about half day so thought to not study one day n giv my time to u alll……s u all r also imp.
n sorry i cant reply ur cmnt..

precap:”ahhhhhh..pl…..z do..n.t….d…ooo..diii….s…aaaaaahhhhhh” blood is shown ….

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing romantic epi….suspense bhi h bhot

    1. Aamu

      thanx purnima…….n next evrything will b cleared

  2. Sameera

    Hawww miss bilkul b nai Kiya tujhe

    In fact bhtt zyada miss kiya (ab Teri hi sissy aur besti hu utna to darana banta hai
    And yaar kya epi diya ufff kunj behaviour
    Becahri Twi n shocked to know that dev n others r kunj sons omg loved the epi
    So do cont which u wanna post first
    Will wait for it
    Love u ????

    1. Aamu

      oh my god!….
      draamebaaz…dara diya is pagli ne to….
      thanx for ur fearful n lovely cmnt…..
      love u toooo

  3. Angita


  4. Awesome epi.. loved it.. do cont soon.. post any as I love both of them 🙂

    1. Aamu

      awwww…thank u sidvee…..n i will post my ff tommo..or day after tommo…

  5. Baby

    oh my god ammi yr amazing
    luvd it 2 d core
    post nxt asap n yah jo teri cnvinence ho vaise snd krna
    bt post soon dear luv u
    d episode was painful emotional n cute as well

    1. Aamu

      ohhhh thank u my shweet,cute aapiiiiiiiiiiiii…..
      n u loved it to d core ….not me?…huh…
      hehe just joking…
      n yaa i want to tell u dat….
      kaise kahu…ok bataa hi deti hu..
      actually u r calling me ammii…it means mother in our language n m not ur mother na…..u can call me aami….aami n ammi related hai lekin meaning ekdum different….pls dont call me ur mother..
      me to ek choti shi bachchi hu…..
      kahaa se mumma..
      k by
      love u….

      1. Baby

        oh so sry i no i no dat its mother in d language bt actually mein i was calling u aami only ohk so now i decide i ll call u pyari si meri sisto so cn i call u ammu only

      2. Baby

        oh ammu n yah dont hesitate kuch bhi mujse kbhi prblm ho shikayat ho ya mene koi syappa create kia ho so definately tell me m ur sister aftr all ohk luv u dear

  6. omg kaisa twist hai yeh….
    kunj taking revenge n later realise…
    u knw wht i m so eager 4 upcoming epi…
    confession jaldi karwa do…bcoz they r oldie…he he he…jst kidding…
    plz plz plz post asap

  7. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Aamu amazing
    Loved it ??
    U write so well
    Plzz post this one soon
    as I’m loving it

  8. SidMin

    Loved it Twinj’s past Loved it waiting for the next episode 🙂

  9. Sayeeda

    Ummmmmm kya kahun main tumse ???….
    Aree itni jaldi kya hai ruko sochne do pehle….
    Aaareee yrr kahan chali tarref to sunti jaiye apne is episode ki ????…
    Acha chalo pakana band krti hoo r batati ho ke kaisa laga….

    Sahi padke hai…. Ed dum phaddu… Full on awesome episode tha yrr…
    Nd the twist u bought… Too good…

    Amazing…. Loved it to the core…
    But I’m sad… Really very very sad coz the next one will be ur last or second last episode of this ff…

    Yrr don’t end it so early if possible please continue as this ff was quite different….. Nd I really enjoyed it….

    Love u ??

  10. Jisha

    Awesome.. loved it…I am comfortable with whichever days u r fine with… twist was like wow…

  11. Nice…

  12. dreamer..arundhati

    Osum 1

  13. Kruti

    Soooooo sorry aamu i am very late i know

    But d epi was dhassu…..muahhhh loved it

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