janam janam kaa pyaar….. shot-1


helllo all of u………
here i m with janam janam kaa pyaar few shots
i m so happy dat u all liked it n u al liked d concept…ya dis is different one n it is real story means not full dis wil b filmy n will lookalike with real…haaan haan real hai sista…its my frnds family member story……i loved it when she told me dis story i was imagining twinj as i had not seen dat people …………hehe
so here v go with

a house is shown….ohhooo a melodious song of hindu religion is playing….nono some1 is singing….lets go in
a lady of 60 is singing d song(are yaar ab twinki ko oldy banaaya hai to kuch oldy type kaa hi lena padega na!)
a voice of a boy comes from a room
boy:MOM, please stop yaar…u know naa i hate religious songs if u want to sing dan sing some new ….
2 boy:shravan u just shutup dis sound is so pure..n u huh u love that yoyo honey singh song
shravan:dev!! u r like ur name only DEV n i love honey singh song not like u only religious song….
3 boy:shravan n dev both shut up! v should not fight ….v r good boys na!
dev:aayye manav maata aaiye…kuch laoo kya aapke liye…
manav:(calmly)no dev…. u should not speak badwords to any1
dey trio fight
d lady completes her pooja n comes der

lady:u trio just shutup
listening dis shravan who was wearing shirt….he put his shirt up(namuna kahika)..seeing dis manav close her eyes n dev goes to lady
dev:mom calm down….u know na ur pressure gets high if u shout
lady:u r telling dis to me u hav to think before fighting n u shravan put ur shirt down n manav open ur eyes beta
shravan:jo aagiyah twinkle baby
n winks at her(flirt kahika)
tw:u just shu……she stop as she knew dat if she will speak shut up dan again dis item will put his shirt up
dev:mom dont say like dis ……n starts to cry(rotdu kahika)u know d word silence remembers me my teachers dialogue

shravan laughs
manav:dev bhaiya….n he also starts to cryy(nakalchi bandar.huh)
(trio is item haina ……..i know i know as i had given dem role)
tw leaves being irritated
other house is shown…
a men voice coming…omg! yaar he is shouting lets c
men:no no no(confuse?…den read further)
1 girl:dad pls pls
2 girl:wat pls pls sumo….tell directly
3 girl:oh pls sona silence….he is our dad
sumo:dad pls naa it is only for 1 night
sona: no dad dont let her go…u hadnt let me go wen i asked u
maya:cant u talk calmly both of u
dey trio also fight n dont let der dad to speak

sumo:common kunj baby tell yes
sona:how cheap….he is ur dad n u r talking like dis
kunj leaves from der leaving dm fighting
next scene
tw is shown selling flowers …..trio boys comes
shravan:hey tw baby how many times v hav to tell u
dev:dat u should not come to shop v r here naa
manav:jii maa v r here
tw:n how many times i hav to tell u both dat i got bored of resting….n i verywell know dat dev will leave for tennis n shravan will leave for beach to see beautiful girls n my bechara bachcha manav will left here n sell flowers whole day
shravan n dev:oh yaa i hav to leave…….by mom

tw gives oh-god-wat-will-happen-of-dis-boys look n leaves for house n poor manav sells flowers
kunj comes to play tennis witj sona n dev also comes…kunj is expert in tennis dats y he guide dev
dey play for sometime…
dev:now i m tired man…pls can u giv me some water
sona:no sorry dis is dad’s water
kunj:sona!…..is dis way to talk..giv him
sona gives irritated look ….she goes to him to giv…kunj was facing back to dem sona sees dis n open d bottle n spills it on dev…now dev was all drench he goes near him n she steps back until she is stopp by bench
dev bends

dev pick another bottle from bench n spills on sona….both r drench now….due to sudden sona jumps coz of cold water n boh falls on ground upon each other……..both lost in each other..kunj turns n see all dis gets teary eyed seeing dis
on d shop:
manav was selling flowers…(bechara ladka)..tw comes der as she was bored at home…she was about to go to shop wen she see dat………
maya comes der for buying flowers..
maya:hey can u give me pooja flower(hahahaheheh)
manav:yaa sure…which 1 white,yellow or pink

maya:actually giv me all of dem as i donno naa which color god like
manav smiles at dis
n starts to pack flowers…his eyes was on maya…unknowingly starts to shower d flowers on maya
tw sees dis n she also gets teary eyed remember something…n goes from der
OVER!! abhi kitna lamba chahiye….dis is enough…
today i was not going to write also…as i m having fever….today not bcoz of mumma becoz of myself i m writing in blanket…yaar ye sar dard….chalo koi ni leave all dat
tell me how was it
so plz cmnt
d silent readers who cmnt on my ff junnon wala ishq
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n yaa special note dis only of twinj sorry for making u all bore with another pair but it was needed..n dis storyline cameup in mind through my frnd but its totally different from dat

now let me take rest….i m feeling cold
LuVv…….. u…….ALL……..TiLl ……mOon……….N……….aBoVe

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  2. aamaal shaikh

    awesome concept and awesome episode I loved it

  3. Kritika14

    This was so new .. Twinj in their old times. Wow! Looking forward for more of it.

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous cute epi….aur tum sb likhte hi itna jyada accha ho k cmnt kiye bager raha hi nahi jaata h….& waiting for my gift….love you dear…..& eagerly waiting for next part

  5. Sameera

    Hehe aamu nice epi
    I think Twi n kunj r not their real mom n dad
    Or else other hero heroines will be siblings
    Amazing awesome just loving it yaar do cont soon
    Love u soooooooooooooooooooo much

  6. Amazing epi dear.. and get well soon.. ☺☺

  7. Sayeeda

    Amazing Aamu jaan… What a awesome episode….
    Loved it..

    Guys one more thing I need to inform u…
    Yesterday nd today I posted one article to TU but they haven’t updated both of them…. I even mailed them but still in waiting for the reply… I don’t why r my post r not updated as they r not mailing me regarding rejection of it…
    Nd if this continues then I’m sorry I won’t be able to post any of my ff… I don’t know for how much long TU will take to sort out my problem…

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Dont worry it will becum alright

  8. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Awesum epi aamu
    Nd post ur other ff also fast.
    Btw get well soon

  9. Heu aamu!!! It was very nice!

  10. Angita

    Great great great ×10000000
    Aamu toooooo fantastic

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    Superb aamu…….it is just so unique
    Im loving it❤❤

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    Omg ammu
    It was damn beautiful
    Really love u n the ff was jhakas❤❤❤

  13. ya sameera is ri8…hope dis will be jst like golmaal 3 film..n post nxt asap n get well soon

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    hey ammu amazing yr how how howwwwww r u sooo muaah speechless yr luvd it 2 d core n luv u get well very soon n post junoon wala ishq w8ing eagerly fr dere test n d confession fr sure luv u agn

  16. Jiya_Ani

    Heyyyy Ammu..I never knew that u will miss my comment..sorry dear soooo much but mumma be surf half an hour me like phone Lena diya and I have really great work load..
    BUt I read that… Too good..Twinj sleeping pos. pic part was muuuuaaaahhhh
    And yes this one..I feel its like a bit of Golmaal 3….Twinj used to be lovers at their times but due to some reason got separated and they adopted the boys/Girls and din married..

    Nicie nice yaar…
    Lovely.. (JUST like me???)

    Love you and sho shorry and forgive me if I don’t comment again.. But surely will if I get time..

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