Janam janam ka sath hai hamara tumhara (part 14)

At 8:45 PM Laksh came walking back to Ragini’s palace where she was waiting for him already on the gate. She was dressed simply in a white shirt and blue jeans.
Her hairs were tied up in a long ponytail.
Laksh passed a smile to her and She came to Laksh and said in a confused tone, “We will go there walking??”

Laksh replied with a smile, “You come with me”
He hold her hand and took some steps and stopped at a place where a taxi was standing..
Ragini glanced the taxi and then turned to Laksh “and..where is the driver??”

Laksh sat on the driver seat and winked as he said, “Mam where u want to go??”

Ragini raised his eyebrow and she said, “Oh..so this much special things you are going to do..u r my strange Prince who came here in taxi..”

“Madam the meter is on. I will charge money so don’t blabber much and sit inside fast.” Laksh replied.

Ragini laughed and sat in.
Laksh looked Ragini through the rear view mirror and said, “Even your so called new crush that Prince of that stupid book can’t even take that Princess in taxi ride. Don’t u think so”

“Don’t u dare to say anything to my prince hehe” Ragini replied giggling.

Laksh too laughed at this. After then they stopped in front of the cinema hall. It got 9PM now.

They rushed in and sat on their seats.
They enjoyed the movie and the time spent with each other a lot.
They came out now
“So how was the movie Ragini?” asked Laksh while sitting on the driver seat of the taxi.

“Awesome now we should go home fast..! I have to read my book too” Ragini replied and she too sat in the taxi.

“Urgh again book..!!! what’s in that book I am feeling jealous of that prince now..” said Laksh while rolling his eyes.

He started the taxi and Ragini said,
“Ragini ok so u want to know what’s in that book?? let me tell u till whatever I read”

She narrated the entire story of their meeting (till whatever we got to know in previous part)

Laksh: What’s there to love that prince I am in love with that princess..well how u know that person was a prince..?? It wasn’t mentioned there in whatever u have told till now

Ragini: U didn’t listened the complete thing now…

Laksh: Ok tell then

Ragini: After that person went from there the princess covered her face with a cloth as she didn’t wanted anyone to know that she is princess..it may be dangerous for her.

She too went away from there in the search of any soldiers of her empire so that they can take her to her palace.

A man was seeing all this hiding behind the tree and then he went to the palace where everyone was congratulating the king for the victory he gained in the battle.

(The king was Ragvi’s father and u can imagine Diya’s father here )

The person who saw Ragvi and that horse rider came to the king and whispered something in his ear when the king was attending the welcome party. Princess Ragvi too reached the palace till now.
When the king heard what all the person told him he curled his fist in a tight fist and bellowed at the top of his lungs, “Ask Princess Ragvi to come in my room right now”. Everyone saw the king and got shocked as he never ever became this much angry in the case of his beloved daughter.

A servant rushed to princess Ragvi’s room and told her the king’s order.
Then Ragvi reached to the king’s room.
When she entered her room she saw the king was looking outside the window and she was facing his back and one of his courtyard was standing there lowering his head.
Ragvi took some steps towards the king and said in a low and gentle voice, ” Congratulations father for winning the battle..!! How u called me here any serious matter?”

The king turned towards her,
King: Ragvi..my child can u tell me how u know that prince and what u were doing with that Prince Lakshya ???

Ragvi: Prince..Lakshya? Who is he ??

King: Ragvi u went out for shooting a lion in the jungle didn’t u??

Ragvi: Yeah father I went am really sorry for that but who is that prince and why u r asking me about him..I am not able to understand what u r saying..please tell me.

King: I am asking about the one with whom the courtyard saw u on the horse.

“That person is a prince??” Ragvi asked being shocked.

King: Yeah he is!! He is the prince of the empire which is our enemy!! What you were doing with him???

Ragvi: I didn’t knew it father really… he just saved me from that lion..am sorry if I hurt u.

King: It must be a trick of him and his cheap father i.e. King Pratap Singh!!

Ragvi just looked on..

Here that person i.e. Prince Lakshya reached to his palace. He came in and dressed himself back in his original form. He was on the rounds of the empire disguising himself at the time hime meet Ragvi.
Lakshya then moved to his father’s room where the old king was laying on the deathbed. 
King Pratap Singh knew that he was going to die soon and after him his prince will be the new king of the empire. He was seeing his son and gripped Lakshya’s hand.

‘Prince..I trained u in all sorts to become a kind, brave and responsible king. I..I am going to die soon and my child.. u will be the new king now. Be careful child there are many enemies of a king..!! And our biggest enemy is that Sajjan Singh..!! Promise me that u will never defeat from the empire of Sajjan Singh!! He is very cunning king..!! Our enmity is continuing from generations..u have to end it now..!! U know very well what I am saying.. and how to do it..

Prince nodded his head in yes.

‘Promise me you will show that Sajjan Singh his real place.!! If u will defeat him and acquire his empire u will become the most powerful king here..!! ” said King Pratap Singh in his weak voice. 
His eyes then started closing..he smiled looking towards the Prince and breath his last.

Ragini: So this all happened till wht I read.
Laksh applied the brakes of the taxi and said “ok..ok..now go and read it as much u want your home came”.

Ragini stepped down and looked towards the door beyond the main iron gate.

Ragini: How the door is open??
She pushed the iron gste and opened it and took some steps towards the door of the palace.

Laksh too came out of the taxi hearing her.

Just then Ramu Kaka came there.
Ragini: Kaka did u opened the palace?? Who is there inside???

Ragini was asking this only at that time two persons came out one was a man of about and the other was a women.

Ragini was asking this only at that time two persons came out one was a man of about and the other was a women

the lady ?
And the man?

Seeing them Ragini jumped in happiness

Seeing them Ragini jumped in happiness.

Ragini: Mom dad..u here..but u were about to come tomorrow..

Ragu’s mom: Yeah but we thought to give u a surprise but where were u wandering at this time and that too with a boy..who is he Ragini?? Ragini’s mom said frowning towards Laksh.

Ragu: Mom can we talk inside?
Ragini’s dad gave a weird look to Laksh and went inside and her mom to followed him. After that Raglak looked each other Ragini looked him helplessly and Laksh assured her through eyes that everything will be alright. He hold her hand and they came inside.

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