Janam janam ka sath hai hamara tumhara (part 12)

Now Laksh’s birthday party got over and everyone were going to their respective homes. Laksh said Ragini “bye” as she was also going to her palace. Today Laksh was very happy as Ragini confessed her love finally. But the thing which was affecting his this happiness was the anxiousness because of that old man and the book he gave to him. The only thing which was roaming in Laksh’s mind was ‘what could be in that book?’ He came upstairs to his room directly when all the guests went and the family members went to their respective rooms to sleep.

Laksh went near his study table and started searching that book but he didn’t found it.

Laksh: I kept it here only.. then where it went??

He started searching it all over in the room but still he was unable to find it.

He sat on his bed and hold his head.

Laksh: How it’s not here? What if someone else got to know about it..shit..I don’t even know what was in that book??

Here Ragini came to palace after changing her dress and being fresh she took out the old book out from her hand bag and sat in her bed propping up on the pillows.

On that book with golden lettering ‘The story belongs to us’ was written.

Ragini opened that book, the smell of the old pages of that book was brimming her heart with the waves of strange feelings.

She ran her fingers on its first page on which the following words were written

The story belongs to us.. me and My Queen. Our story wasn’t that much simpler..So many ups and downs. On our first wedding anniversary I am writing that story of us from beginning just as a small gift from my side to u My queen.

Our first meeting was itself a day to remember. The day I met a beauty who was totally different as she seems. The girl who seems to be delicate as a petal of flower can be so courageous and instead of being polite and sweet like other princesses can be a tigress I didn’t expected. One can find the anger resting on your face anytime… but this attitude of your never failed to make you look more beautiful and my this beautiful Queen is the the number one shooter also haha.

Ragini lost herself in the pages of that book. She was feeling like she is the one only for whom the book is written.

She read the some pages but soon sleep captured her mind and she slept hugging the book near her chest in the sitting position only.

Now whatever she read started replaying in her mind as a dream.

In a wide ground of a big and beautiful fort,A girl was standing having a riffle in her hand she was aiming it towards a person who was standing having an apple on his head. The person seems to be a slave as

that girl pressed the trigger the bullet came out of the riffle with full and it hit the apple and the apple fall down,

“Yay!!! I did it..!! Now I am perfect in gun shooting.” that girl said in happiness and excitement.

Two persons were standing behind a tree which was at some distance from that girl and she wasn’t able to see them from there.

“We did everything and the princess is getting happy unnecessarily.” said one of the slaves.

“What to do king ordered us to do this only” the another slave replied to the first.

“Yeah our king asked us to shoot the things she is about to shoot before she does matching the gun shoot’s sound too.. So that she don’t she could believe that she is the best shooter here or else the Princess will exhaust herself by keep on learning to shoot from dawn to dusk.” said the first slave.

“I am going on hunting now I will show dad the lion which I hunt when he will come back from the war.” Said that princess holding her riffle with proud.

“Princess you can’t go in jungle. It’s not safe for you.” said one of the soldier who were standing there.

“What you want to say can’t I take care of myself. Are you doubting on the talent of Princess Ragvi. I will go there and that too alone” that girl i.e princess Ragvi said angrily.

“We didn’t meant that Princess..but king will punish us if we let u go alone like this”

“If you won’t become agree for whatever I am saying then you will face punishment for sure. Let me do whatever I am saying” Ragvi said nearly threatening those soldiers.

She went to the royal stable and rode on her horse and went from there.

It got afternoon when she reached there

She stepped down from her horse near a pool in the forest and started drinking water from the pond. She heard roars of the lion and immediately stood up from there.

She picked her rifle and started walking in the direction from where the sound came.

She saw under a tree a lion was sitting. His face was framed with golden brown mane.

She was walking on the dry leaves which were scattered on the forest ground.

She was walking very carefully, without making any noise but the lion was keen enough to detect that someone is coming towards him. He opened bis darkly rimmed eyes whose lens were yellow brown.

He stood up from there immediately and roared loudly which can easily be heard from few miles too.

Ragvi aimed the mouth of riffle towards him and pressed the trigger of the riffle.The bullet came out from the riffle and it hit the lion too which made him wail in pain but the lion wasn’t died.

Ragvi fired the bullets again but after several attempts too.. none of the bullets hit him.

The lion looked her with his angry eyes and roared loudly.

“My got empty now what I do.” said Ragini being afraid and tensed.

She started to take steps backwards but the lion started to come towards her.

Her back was about to touch the trunk of the tree which was behind her she was shivering being afraid now and clutched her eyes tightly.

Just then the thudding sounds of the horse’s hooves came and in the next moment Ragvi felt a grip on her wrist someone hold her and put her on the horse.

Ragvi was totally shocked by whatever happened in just few seconds.

After sometime that person stopped the horse and the horse neighed.

He jumped off he the horse and forwarded his hand towards Ragvi. Ragvi looked that person with angry eyes and she too jumped off the horse without that person’s help.

“Why you took me here..!! How you even dared to hold my hand don’t u know I am princess Ragvi.”She said looking in his eyes.

“Oh Princess..Ragvi.!” he glanced her “then go and do your hunting sorry for the big mistake.” he said and sat on the horse again.

Just then Ragvi again heard the roaring sounds and she closed her eyes.

That person looked her in surprise now..this girl was showing attitude now and just now she is getting afraid.

He coughed and the Princess opened her eyes slowly.

He started to go but stopped by Ragvi’s words “Actually the lion was looking little old and infirm type I don’t shoot such a lion.”

“Oh then what I can do for the princess? Shall I stand infront of you so that you can shoot me and become satisfied.”

Ragvi: You take me along with you to the city area. I got lost here.

Person: No princess how you can come with me on my horse. You are the great shooter and the great princess Ragvi.

Ragvi: Ok now think I am ordering you. U have to take me..!!

Person: Ok princess.

She sit behind him. The sun started sinking beneath the top’s of the trees now.

The sounds of the hooves were only audible in this jungle. The whether started to become stromy. Heavy blows of winds were blowing,Golden lightning occurred in the sky which illuminated the trees and the birds flew away making sounds being afraid of this lightning.

Ragvi was obviously afraid too by having a stranger as her companion and that too in an isolated jungle in this dark and stormy weather but she is the number one shooter so..she can help herself.

After sometime they reached in the city’s market area and that person stopped the horse.

Person: Am sorry I can’t take you with me more. You reached the market area already now you will find any of your soldiers taking rounds in this area.!

Princess Ragvi stepped down on the ground from the horse.

Ragvi: But if you will come to the palace I will ask my father to give you award for saving me.

Person: I don’t need any award. I met the best shooter it’s enough and it was a golden opportunity.

He smiled towards her and went away on his horse leaving a confused Ragvi behind.

Just then a thud sound came and Ragini opened her eyes and looked around. She found she slept in sitting position only and the sound was of the book which fall on the ground from her hand.

Sorry if you find any sentence incomplete as usual I didn’t read it after writing but inform me if something like this happens

Now I want to ask the most important question whether you are liking it or not?? If you are feeling it a boring and useless story tell me directly.

Bye bye.

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