janam janam ka sath hai hamara tumara (raglak) part 4

Hello all my dears..
Finally my vacations started and now am free sooo let’s start our story..

The story of two lovers who had togetherness of births.
Who are made for each other only
The story of two lovers who need eo like a drowning man need shore..
The story of lovers who had the relation like night and dreams..

If one is moon then other is moonlight..
But…loverstories are never easy..
Loving someone is not easy..
They got separated..!!! Death obliterate the bodies wirh it..but THE LOVE it can’t get obliterate..

King Lakshya and queen ragvi (oh god I am crazy for this name I wish it would me my name) got separated in their previous birth the queen didSuicide..and the king also did suicide when he got to know that his beloved wife died..
But they had the togetherness of births..
For completing their love story they took birth again as laksh and ragini.

Laksh is a painter , he.loved to do painting but on day he painted a girl’s portrait which changed his life..
He also got a photograph in which the same girl was there with him in royal attires..

And ragini, A cute,bubbly newbie in Rajasthan came from america and brought a palace which had many mystries buried in it
Ragini completed her dance.
All eulogised her for her beautiful dance.

Lucky was peeping there from the gate but he was unable to see ragu’s face.
San:-lucky till when u will peep here..come with me now..no arguements..Ram prasad kaka is waiting for us..
(Sanlak’s uncle also live in rajasthan)
Laksh was still trying to see that girl’s face.
Sanky hold his hand and dragged lucky with him.

Here in palace.
A girl came near ragu.
Girl:-diiii do u know 1km away from here..there is a garden of sweet mangoes..please come with us naa..we want to eat mangoes.

Ragu:-but whose garden is that.
Girl(priyanjal):-u come with us..na..we will tell u later.
After many attempts ragu agreed.
All sat in ragu’s jeep and they all went.

After sometime in front of garden’s gate.
The garden was.surrounded by 7-8feet high walls.
Iqura:- diii this is the garden of a strict uncle who don’t allow anyone to eat mangoes from his gardens.

Ridhima:-and now you will steal mangoes for us by going inside the garden by climbing up through the wall..

All lil girls:-yes…!!!!!!!!! You have to do it.for us…diiiii..you can do it…ragini di..ragini diii..you can do it…

They all started cheering her like she is going to play kabadi??

Finally ragu agreed.
Ragu climbed up the wall being scared of height she was treambling.
She was about to come down the garden slowly slowly but the thing which happened was not that much slowly it’s out of ragu’s imagination..
Her leg slipped and she fall down from the wall.

She immidiately closed her eyes being feared that she would fall down.
But someone caught her in his arms.

Ragu’s face got covered with hairs..
She opened her eyes and slided her hairs when she felt that she is safe..
She looked up to see who is holding her.

It was laksh..both looked in each other’s eyes and felt a strange connection with eo.
They got lost in each other’s eyes and shared a eyelock full of feelings of connection,questions,attraction..
But this eyelock and I think ragu’s back bone broke when laksh left her and she fall down.

Laksh:-you….!!!! How can u be here..
Ragu:-ahhhhhh…!!! Aiiiii maa are u made Mr. And why r u reacting like u know me.and one more thing I came just like u came here..by climbing through the wall as the gate is locked..now don’t shout if the owner of the garden get to know na..that we r here..then we will become like mango juice..

Lak:-ohhhh madam I will tell him that you came here for stealimg his mangoes.

Ragu:- Ok I will also tell him that you are my patner and came here to steal mangoes..

Lak:-hahahaha..aww..Miss einstein..gooo and tell him..I don’t care because I am his nephew..

Ragu:- haiiiiii??????
Lak:- haaaaaaaa…Miss einstein use your extra brain and gooo tell him.

Ragu:- sorry sorry..please forgive me..I am not any mango theif..I came from america…

Lak::- you came from America to steal mangoes…
Ragu:- shut up! Oh sorry I mean nooo..I came here to know something but okk leave it..some small girls asked me very cutely to steal.mangoes ANd I melt please forgive.

Laksh(in mind):-ohhhhh god lucky who is this girl..first in painting then in photograph now in reality..

Lak:-okkk okkk I will not tell him he sleeping now..sooo you can carry on your stealing sequence..and you know what…
Ragu:- what????
Lak:- I….Love..
Ragu:- hey what r you saying…don’t u dare to say all this to me..

Lak:- oh..Again miss einstein used her brain..I was saying I love mangoes .that’s it..

Lak:- let’s steal mangoes together and We will go out ang distribute mangoes to those girls okk??

Ragu smiled..
Laksh was collecting mangoes and ragu was seeing towards himm..
Ragu(in mind):- ohhh god he is the same boy who comes in my dreams..how can he be here in reality..

Lak:- Miss einstein..come help me.
Ragu smiled and both collected mangoes together..
After sometime they went outside and distributed mangoes to all girls..

Priyanjal:- Bhaiya you r very sweet..wbat’s your name..?
Lak:- laksh.
Iqura:- nice name..she is our ragini dii…she dance very beautifully..

Lak:- do u live in that palace ragini..?
Ragu:- yes..
Lak(in mind):-oh wawooo now the girl who was dancing was ragini only..why I always feel attracted toward ragini..unknowingly..also.

The screen freezed here only.
So Will the love story of king lakshya and queen Ragvi get completed in their this birth as Laksh and Ragini…keep reading to know.

I know I used this mango swquence in my swasangini ff but I left that soo I used this idea here.I hope u liked this.

Bye bye..???
And my birthday is on 24 march 2003.
My favourite dialogues.are:-
1)swara or ragini ke bina swaragini adhuri hai.
2)aww..mera baccha.
3)jiji khus nhi hai(I know this is strange one but I really laughed whenever urvashi poked her this dailogue in all talks.??

And which is your favourite song tell me..?

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  1. Rafeee

    Superb da even I want to eat mango now? but I can’t get it here

    1. Yashu24

      Awwww..diii It’s soooo sad I hope you will soon enjoy to have mangoes..
      Take care
      Love you ????

  2. Amul


    1. Yashu24

      Thank you soo much ????

  3. AMkideewani

    My awesomeness ki dukaan it’s amazing ?

    1. Yashu24

      Hehheh I am awesomeness​ ki dukan?? ?
      I am happy that you liked it..
      Take care
      Love you ????

  4. Darshini

    Aww miku it’s damn cute…
    I loved it a lot dear…
    Can’t wait post the next part soon dear…
    Tc and love u loads??
    My fav songs were lots of list…here u go
    Jane dil Mein kabse hai tu,manwa laage,sunn raha,chahun Mein,tum hi Ho,raabta,soch na sake,hamari adhuri kahani,phir mohabbat,tujhe bhula,kaun tujhe yoon,samjhawan,tere sang yaara,ae dil hai mushkil currently phir bhi tumko chahunga…
    And urs??
    And munbe va song from Tamil mvie too

    1. Yashu24

      I am really very happy that you liked it..???????????
      Love you soooo muchh akka??
      Ohhhh I think​ all songs r your favourite ?
      Hmmm I also have a longgggg list..
      Tu jaane na,tera hone laga hu,tere bin nhi laage jiya(female),samjawan,all songs of aashiqui 2,humsafar( badri nath ki dulhaniya) and lots moreeeeee….,
      Currently :- baarish

  5. Harinipriya

    Ok dear! What can I say??? It was cho cute like u cutie pie! Raglak face off and their cute fights were lovely. Really Miss Einstein is a cashew nut 😀 She should have let Laksh to complete what he was saying. I wish they should complete their incomplete love story. And also I want to know the reason of Queen Ragvi’s suicide.
    My all time fav song ‘Kalaiyil dhinamum kan vizhithal….’ tamil song. I love it!

    1. Yashu24


  6. Asra

    awesome my princess…loved it alot…raglak scenes r supper dear… ragu loves mango na…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you soooo much asra diiiiii..??
      Yes ragu loves mango?
      Take care
      Love you ???

  7. Asw

    Nice keep going

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      Thank you ????????

  8. Naz_Temish

    Cute chappy

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      Thank you ????????


    1. Yashu24

      Thank you ????????

  10. Awesome

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      Thank you ????????

  11. Dharani

    awesome micku… i loved the nick name lucky gave to ragu miss. einstein

    1. Yashu24

      LOVE YOU 🙂

  12. Mintu

    Awesome micku..raglak r mango thief.. ??now both r feeling they r connected with eo…I think the story starts their love track.. Waiting for next part dear.. Take care da..!!??

    1. Yashu24

      LOVE YOU 🙂

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you ????????

  13. Awesome one

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      Thank you ???????

  14. Riya_Mitra

    Hey it’s awesome.. Nice concept. Continue soon. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. Update it soon. Stay happy.

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      Thank you sooooo much?????

  15. Akshata


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      thank u akshu diiiiiiii

  16. Superb part

  17. IQRA222

    angel what do i say about this episode so wonderful it was!!
    firstly the 3 paras in the starting are simply wonderful
    lucky very naughty seeing our ragu ‘s dance tell him angel that peeping is bad!! he he .
    and i am so happy i asked my ragu di to pluck mangoes and she did too. angel you fulfilled my dream of talking to ragu in your ff
    and god raglak meet that too with cute nokh jhoks and the funny part was lucky leaving her and calling her miss einstein and he toh almost said i love you to her but she scolded him and he had to change his dialogue to i love mangoes. By the way even i am A BIG FAN OF MANGOES!! god my mouth is watering
    and didu now toh i am flying i cant stay on ground i talked to lucky woahh. thanks a lot my angel for fulfilling this dream too.
    and fav song current fav: Baarish
    all time fav: Phatte tak nachna, mere dholna sun, tum hi ho

    1. Yashu24

      i am very happy that u liked it iqu…love youu sooooooooooooooo much my lil princess

  18. Amazing part Mickey, I enjoyed reading it, would love to read more. Upload the next part soon, till then take care and keep smiling ✨

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you soooo much?????????

  19. Awesome di

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      Thank you sweetie ?????

  20. IME

    I love mangooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I want to eat it now
    but i can only eat it in the lunch and dinner huh
    coming to the epi
    I was aewsomeeeeeeeeee
    Loved ittttttttt
    post nxt part soon
    Love u
    take care

    1. Yashu24

      thank you ishu….i am glad that u liked it
      love you toooo 😉

  21. Awesome

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      Thank you ???

  22. Elizebathlovely


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      Thank you sooo much ????

  23. Soumya85

    Wow yar kya likha h yeh padhne me bad mujhe bhi mango khane ka man kar raha h?? The m episode was awesome seriously they meet atlast king laksh and queen ragvi (really nice name ?) aka raglak?I’m loving this ff more day by day?waiting for next episode egarly ?
    Nowdays my favourite song is mai fir bhi tumko chahunga ?love u ??

    1. Yashu24

      Oh god thank u sooooo much somu diiiiii..I am flying in happiness that u liked it this much..????
      And mangoes yummm..I also love them very much??
      Ragvi I love this name..??and mai fir bhi tumko chahunga is really a nice song??
      And ya..Love u sooo much diiiii???

  24. Interesting episode and Raglak scenes are beautiful. I really love mangoes. Eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you soooo much?????????

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you ???????

  25. tëìtō kUn

    Ragu: I came from America…
    Laksh: You came from America to steal Mangoes…. Hehehe
    Loved the nick name Miss Einstein…

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you soooo much?????????

  26. Lovely7


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