janam janam ka sath hai hamara tumara (raglak) part 3

Hello my dears.???
I am really happy to see the wonderful response I am getting in this story thank you very very much ??
First of all I want to tell you all one thing I told you guys na that I am of 16 am really sorry I said lie. I am of 14 years and I am in 10th standard. Forgive me please..

Time never waits for anyone, it passes
With its speed, with the passage of time many birth and death occurs,Death is the secret of life. Everyone have to die one day but… the love never dies..
Love can’t be obliterate. Never ever!!!!

Some people can’t get separated by death, they take birth again for their love..to complete their love story.!!

The story starts with laksh standing dumbstruck because of the photograph he was holding in his hand.
The black and white photograph was not an ordinary photograph for laksh it was the chest of questions for him…
his eyes become widened and the words were not able to find way to come out…he stand there only being totally numb.
Sanky saw him
San:- lucky!! Lucky!!!
Lak:- hmmm…
San:- lakshhhhh!!!!
Lak:- ha.. Bhai.!! Yes!!
San:- what’s there in your hand?
He snatched the photo from his hand.
And he too got shocked​ seeing it.

San:- laksh you r here in this photo with this girl… this was the girl na which was in your painting? you know her? And your dresses are royal type na..,laksh!!!!!

Lak:- Bhai I really don’t know her, believe me please..

Here in the palace.

Ragu:- what was there in that paper ??
“Ragini..” a voice came.
Ragu turned and found gardener’s daughter kavita there..

Ragu:- kavita!!
Kav:- come with me..
Ragu:- where???
Kav:- in the garden.. some small children are playing there…

Ragu:- wait I am..
Kavita dragged ragu with her.

Kav:- well ragini why you came India you lived​ in Australia na..?
Ragu:- I got nightmares about some sequences in India and…

Ragkav reached in garden

Outside some small girls were Doing Kathak.
Ragu smiled seeing them.

All girls:- diiii come na…
Ragu pointing towards herself:- meee!!
Lil girls:- yes you… please come na di..

Ragu came near them hesitatingly​.
One lil girl (ridhima):- diii you dance with us naa..

All girls:- please please..
Kavit:- rani go na!!..
Ragu:- ok ok…But I love to do Kathak already.
All lil girls:- oooooo…
Ragu(smiling):- yes.!! and I love to do Kathak in anarkali dress only..may I go to change..

All:- okkk…
After sometime ragu came out in a simple but gorgeous royal blue anarkali dress..

So there were girls between the age 8-13
Their names were iqura(@?) ,priyanjal,ridhima,purvi,anshika.

All girls:- wawoooo diiii!!

Ragu stood in the middle​ and start dancing.
(Iqu your favourite song ??)

Dha Na Dha Tatdha tatdha
Dhi Titkit Dha
Dhi Titkit Dha
Dhin Tirakita Tirakita dha
Dhin Tirakita Tirakita dha
Dhin Tirakita Tirakita dha
Dhin Tirakita Tirakita dha

Mere Dholna Sun
Mere Pyaar ki dhun
Mere Dholna Sun
[Lucky’s​ heartbeat​ become faster..he placed his hand on his chest..]

Dha|Tat Dhin Tirkit Dha Tirkit Dha Tirkit Dha
Dha|Tat Dhin Tirkit Dha Tirkit Dha Tirkit Dha
Dha|Tat Dhin Tirkit Dha Tirkit Dha Tirkit Dha

[San:- lucky come car is repaired now
Lak:- hmmn
Sanlak drove off]

Mere Dholna Sun
Mere Pyaar ki dhun
Mere Dholna Sun

[Ragu was dancing gracefully.. the walls​ of the palace had mirrors attached in it when ragu passed near it..
The mirror reflected the king and queen in it]

Meri Chahte to
Fiza mein bahengi
Zinda Rahengi
Hoke fana
Tana na na tum 4
Ta na dhi re na ta dhi re ta na dhi re na

[Sanlak were near the palace that’s​ why the photo came on the car flying..
Laksh heard some singing sounds.
Lak:- bhai stop the car!!!]

Mere Dholna Sun
Mere Pyaar ki dhun
Mere Dholna Sun

[All were admiring ragu’s dance..
Thwy were in garden so outsiders can also see themm.]

Saathi re saathi re mar ke bhi tujhko
Chahe ga dil tujhe hi bechainiyon mein aayega dil

Mere Kesuo ki saaye mein
Teri raahton ki khushboo hai
Tere begair kya jeena
Mere rom rom mein tu hai
Meri chudiyon ki khaan khan se
Teri sada aati hai
Yeh dooriyan hamesha hi nazdik kahan bulati hai

[Laksh came there and stand near the gate.He was unable to see ragini as she was surrounded by all girls]

o Piya
Sa Ni Dha
Ni Dha Ma
Ma Ga Sa Ni Dha Ni Sa Ga Ma

Ragu stopped her dance and all clapped for her.
Iqura gave ragu a rose
Iqu:- diii you dance very beautifully.
Ragu:- thank you sweetie

Laksh :- who is this girl???why I felt like this girl
is …
He saw the photograph in his hand and smiled..

Precap:- the meeting of raglak.. with the sweetness of yummmm… mangoes ?

Sooo friends I am really​ sorry for saying lie about my age but most of you already know my age.

Ok leave it
Today you all tell me your birthday if you all don’t mind.

Your favourite dialogue from swaragini.

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  4. awesome mickey the mystery i’m waiting for it
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  14. Harinipriya

    Oh Micku! This is awesome! Ragini’s dance is awesome! Oh the little girls were Iqu, Priyanjal, Ridhima, Purvi and Anshika… I think I already know these names. hehehehe! Want to see Raglak’s face off dear! That too I want to see Laskh’s reaction! 😀 Eagerly waiting for next part!
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  19. Awesome episode dear and loved Ragini’s dance. My birthday is on 1st June. My all time favourite dialogue from swaragini is “Awesome Mera Bachaa” Laksh’s dialogue to Ragini. Eagerly waiting for Raglak scenes. Please post next part ASAP ??????

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  20. Sorry it’s “Aww Mera Bachaa”

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    Awesome micku.. Its hidden nd seek na..both raglak didn’t see each other.. ? they going to meet soon..wow.. ragu is dancer in kathak.. Superb.. Eagerly waiting for their meeting.. I think already u know my birthday..!! My fav dialogue is..awww mera bachaa..!! Urs??

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  23. IQRA222

    hey angel it was simply awesome episode
    so let’s start
    the first four lines i really agree and love too they are too so true!! did you wrote them on your own?
    poor lucky so very confused and puzzled he is but don’t worry lucky boy my angel is there to clear your doubts so don’t worry and have patience
    and god ragu’s dance scene and my entry was the best scene loved it so much and my ragu danced on my fav song its a cherry on the cake
    and god i am flying i gave flower that too rose to my rose my ragu di i am flying
    and the recap is very very superb can’t wait for the raglak and not to forget my yummy mangoes
    can’t wait for the next part

    1. IQRA222

      and didu as i told there are two of my fav dialogues
      1) aww mera bacha and
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    Baccha..frst of all thnx a lot for ur wishes…it made me so relaxed dear really..M so blessed to have u in my life??? love u…
    Oh wow dis story..??? amaznggggg!!!!really i love dis type of plot dr.. n u r writing on it wow so it must gonna be fabuloussss…..rags dance woww…I imagined it yaar…? It’s awesome…N aww!!! IQU n rags scenes were so cuteeeee…..N loved laksh? ….waitng eagerly for nxt part dear???? n no need to be sry sweety,i already know ur age bt for some who doesn’t ,dey wl understand u n it’s so good dat u confessed it like dis.hatts of to u??
    My birthday is on-15TH SEPTEMBER?

    N my fav. Dialogue from SR is hehe jo ke I mostly use -“AWW!!!MERA BACCHA”??,

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  27. A.xx

    Amazing and 2 dialogues per character I really love:
    Lakshya : (Sab kuch kohne ke baad mujhe apne pyaar ka ehsaas hua hai aur ab yeh ehsaas meri zindagi hai) and I know some people will find this a wierd one but I truelly love it (RAgini zabardaasti meri zindagi mein aayi hai,meine isse nikal ne ki bohot koshish ki AUR LAKSHYA KO RAGININ NAHI KABHI PASAND THI AUR NA HIKABHI HOGI.)
    Swara: (Yeh Ragini ki behen Swara bol rahi hai) ( acha dever sa).
    Ragini: (Ki shukar hai ki hum aapse ab pyaar nahi karte) ( acha suno yeh ek art hai ek daam ache se karna ).
    Sanskaar: ( Meine tumhare pyaar ki khadar ki, agar main tumse shaadi nahi karta tho tere jail se bhagna bekaar ka ho jatha.) ( Are yaar helicopter mein gumane kya Sanskaar ka bhooth le kar gaya tha).

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you sooooooo muchhh diiiiii…yeah all the dialogues are awesome.. ??? and you forgot to write your xx in ending ?

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    I loved the dance….try to increase the events happening in a chapter…..who is in your dp???

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      Thank you sooo much diii.?????
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