Janam Janam ka pyar ( love story of tei,kb,APH,SR) epi-5 Abhigya’s moment


Hi! Guys this is 5th episode hope u like it& pls do coments

Abhi set ladder which directly goes towards Pragya’s balcony.
Here Pragya is reading book only to say but only thinking about Abhi
Abhi reach on her balcony but by mistakenly Abhi hit spot. Den d pot fall down& break
Pragya hear d sound
P- (to her soul) their must be a thief (as Abhi falls on window of her room
Wat can i do? Idea!
She walk towards her balcony without any noise having blanket in one hand & rode in other. Abhi see a shadow comes towards him. He immediate hide behind d couch. Pragya came there but he not find anyone. So, she move 2 go bak but suddenly she c someone is hiding behind couch. She immediately put the blanket on him &
hit the rod. He want 2 save himself but he couldn’t. He faint
P- now I’ve 2 call police. No i cant handle them. I’ve 2 call Abhi 1st.
she call bt she hear d sound from d man. She immediately went to him & open d blanket. She get surprised

After dinner. Kunj drop her to her home but twinkle insist him 2 come 4 coffee, he agree. They both drink coffee. Both don’t want 2 leave each other but kunj start leaving suddenly power supply get cut. Twinkle get frightened & he start leaving.
K- ( to his soul)pls pls stop me twinkle pls stop me. I know u get fear from d dark
kunj start crossing d door but someone hug him from bk & he heard d voice'” pls don’t go kunj pls don’t leave me alone pls( muze teri jarorat hai) kunj break d hug& face towards her& say
K- I’ll never live u alone. Don’t worry I’ll always with u when u need me
They both hug each other(kash voh pal paidahi na ho)

Pragya get shock seeing Abhi d tear roll down from her eyes. She wake him but he couldn’t. Pragya immediately went inside & bring d glass of water& sprinkle on him. Finally he open his eyes. Pragya gave a little bit smile to him. He notice dat
She is crying.
A-aaaaaa, foogie finally u take ur revenge from me na
P- (crying ) I’m sorry Abhi. I’m not doing this intentionally
A- its ok! I’m just jocking. i know that u
never hert anyone
P- I’m really lucky 2 get fiance like u
A- that’s i m. ok u only talk2 me whole night or else take me inside
P- ok give me ur hand
A- i gave u early itself on our ring ceremony
P- hahaha! wat an bad joke
pragya take his hand& put it on her waist. she feels his touch. she balance him by keeping d other hand on her shoulder. they both went inside d room but suddenly their balance gt disturbed & both fall on d bed. Abhi is on d bed & pragya is on him. they both share an intense eye lock( ho Allah variyaa )
the. screen freezes on pragya & Abhi’s face.

PRECAP:- Twinkle & kunj break up

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Credit to: sonali

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  1. Nice episode
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  2. very nice episode sonali
    loved it eagerly awaiting for the next

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  9. good but make some intresting

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