Janam Janam ka pyar ( love story of tei,kb,APH,SR) epi-4 (Abhigya entry)


Guys! This is my 4th episode i hope u like it & thanks to all 4 ur support

K-Would u marry me Twinkle?
Twinkle accept & make him stand
T- I love u too& want to marry u as today u make me feel special
But suddenly she remind something &
with teary eyes she went outside. Kunj follow her& think wt’s happened
to he go near her.
K- wt happened twinkle? If i heart u den I’m sport
T- no kunj it’s not ur fault. I’m thinking
about bhai they never accept our relations.

K- Oh Twinkle don’t worry. By compliting my college year I’ll search d best job & u know my ability. Then i will becam 2 earn. Den they don’t hav. other option & they accept us
T- uptill that day if they find d other guy 4 me & u know bhai doesn’t like u
K- it’s ok twinkle, i never let anyone 2 stretch my twinkle from me& i promise u dat 1 day i win urs bro heart .ok now lets go in 4 dinner.
they both happilly went to hall by holding hand of each other.

Mumbai city is shown in which a big house, Mehra mention is shown
In which, A boy is showing coming downstair he is looking so cool on blue
T-shirt, blue jeans withblack jacket come near a lady & touch her feet& get her blessing
L- Jitta rahe puttar. Where is Purab?
A sound is came. I am here dadi (now u get know dat the 1st boy is Abhi)
Purab came & touch her fit& he also get blased by her den suddenly his mobile ring & Abhi answer the call
A- He fuggi how r u?
P- fine! I want 2 meet u
A- ok! Came on our daily restorent on evening.
AT evening.
Pragya went at restorent she is eargly waiting 4 Abhi from past half an hour
& finally she decided to go back but finally abhi went there & Pragya is about to burst on him but she notice his one leg is covered wit bandage
P- wt happen to ur leg? Are u ok!
A- ya I’m ok its just an small accident & think
A- ( to his soul) Thank God. She not identified dat i am just doing d
acting else she had kill me

fb shown
Abhi is sleeping. He wake up & see at his watch it is 6 pm
A- Oh! No. I’ve 2 go 2 meet Pragya at 6& its already 6. wt can i do now.Ya i pretend like i have met with an accident. FB ENDS

Pragya make him sit as he couldn’t able to stand. Pragya showing her concerned 4 abhi but her cell ring & he went 2 d call. by walking she suddenly slip but someone hold her. he is no other bt our rockstar Abhi. Both gt. memories. after some time they came 2 reality. Pragya notice dat Abhi stand properly on his leg.
P-ur leg
A- wt happen 2 my leg? he see & realise that his lie was catched by Pragya. now wt can i do?
A- wt a magic! see see Pragya I’m able to walk even i can became 2 run& dance also see
Pragya by doing 1 eyebrow up says
P- u making me fool uptill now
A- Just listen 2me i..
P-dont dare 2 talk wit me,I’m going.
Abhi went home wit sad face. dadi notice this

d- wt happen Abhi y u r so sad.
A- actually she is angry wit me
d- then y r u standing here just go & confess her.
A- (by little smile on his face )ok! thq dadi ill confess her
Abhi went outside pragya’s house
A- how can i went 2 pragya’s room directly without get noticing by others
Abhi see a laser & den think.
A- this is a good idea i went 2 pragya’s. room by d help of dis ladder.

Precap :- Abhi went on pragya’s room.
Pragya think dat there must be a thief
get inside her room
Entry of Swaragini& Sanlak

I know. guys u want me to post more abhigya& Swasan & I’m will try to make more Abhigya & Swasan seen & also try to concentrate on it.
I’m sorry for dissapointing u So I’ll make sure that u like d next episode

Credit to: Sonali

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