Janam Janam ka pyar ( love story of tei,kb,APH,SR) epi-2


Hey! Guys
this is d 2nd episode of my ff .Hope u like it
1st of all thank to all for ur comments
Here I’m gonna to add 1new charector
Kanchi Singh as Avni.
here we go

Kunj see twinkle &get memories. Twinkle comes there& say
T- ok! Let’s go. Kunj is continuously staring at her. Twinkle shake him &then he comes to reality
t- where were u lost? Let’s go.

At college,
both enter in a college. Kunj& twinkle were continuously talking with each & suddenly a girl enter in the college.
every 1 stares at her(She is so beautiful & wearing shorts) She then come straight towards Kunj &extend her hand to kunj

G- hey! I am avani … avani khurana
K- (to himself ) this is a good chanse to tease Twinkle. He shake his hand & said
K- I’m kunj. Kunj Sarna. They both hug each other& she live
Twinkle get jellous& her face turned into red & she is about to leave when
kunj say
K- she is so hot n
Twinkle punch him on his chest & say
T- tu itna chipak- chipak q bateh kar
raha tha us chipkalli se.
He pretend like smells something bad
K- i think something is burning.
T- i am not jelous ok!
k- when i told u this. my jellous queen. Twinkle angrily bit his legs with her foot having heels kunj shout
K- awwweww………..
T- know u get to know how i hert when u hug her & she leave.
K- (to himself)aww ! my jellous queen cause of these attitude i love.u more
At class room,
twinkle is about to sit near kunj when Avni sit there. Twinkle get angry & sit bhind kunj.chinki came & sit near twinkle& ask her Wat happen, Twinkle explain her. Chinki said wait &watch wat can i do. She go near Avni with her water bottle & drop some water on her dress. Avni irretedily stand & shout on her & went to the washroom.
after class kunj observe that twinkle is so angry on him.
K; oh God” wt happen, i have to do something for her else i am gonna kill by her. The screen frisses on kunj
PRECAP:- Kunj praposed twinkle.

i am sorry guys it is too short actually my laptop is not working properly.
pls comment me & i make sure to add their Abhigya & Swasan seen.
Thanks to all of u for ur support

Credit to: Sonali

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  6. he! guys. i already upload my next episode. ull get today itself & Thanks
    shruti, anii,shumi, tamanna&neya. thanks u all 4 appreciating me

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