Janam Janam ka pyar ( love story of tei) twinj special

This is my 6th ff. Thank for ur support

Twinkle light candles every were in hall. She hear d voice of thunder& hug
Kunj in fear. he hug her back. Its raining outside. Twinkle rushesh outside. Kunj follow her. Twinkle came outside & start enjoying rain
kunj ask twinkle
K- Twinkle came back else u fall ill
T- I’m not coming. Infact u came & join me
K- what is ur problem twinkle. Y u not listen me & do exactly apposite.
Twinkle came there & said
T- because i ..
K- I….. ( coming close )

T- because i. ( coming close)
K- i……..( coming more close )
Twinkle cm more close & whisper in his ear
T- because i enjoy 2 teas u. She laugh & say
T- Mr karoos sarna. I think u don’t know even d meaning of romance
k- oh! So u mean dat i m unromantic
(In angry tone) ok den
He lives.
T- listen kunj. Li …sten
oh babaji wat i had did?
Someone one came behind her. & hug her & turn her towards him.twinkle think.
T- who d hell are u. She push him & got 2 know he is known other than kunj.
T – kunj? ????????

K- wat did u think dat someone else hug u. If u den ill tell u one thing that i never let anyone 2 touch u. Because u r mine twinkle. twinkle smile & about to leave when kunj hold her & sing.
Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pahli baarish ki duaa
Tere pahloo mein reh loon
Main khudko paagal keh loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
Seh loon saathiya
Pahle kabhi, na tune mujhe gham diya
Phir mujhe, kyun tanha kar diya
Guzaare thhe jo lamhe pyaar ke
Hamesha tujhe apna maan ke
To phir tune badli kyun adaa
Yeh kyun kiya?
Wo o wo o.. Wo o

they both dance romantically & while
dancing they both come close each others. there lips is just few cm away from each other. twinkle close her eyes. they both is about to kiss when kunj mobile is suddenly ring up
kunj went to attend d call
k- hello!!!
sm1- hello kunj. i m avani
k- how do u get my no & y u call me at this time?
A- ill tell u later on 1st u pls come here. i need ur help. I’m in a big trouble pls came here & ya pls don’t tell anyone. ill send u address pls come
k- ok I’m coming
kunj came near twinkle & said
k- twinkle. I’ve 2 go. someone need me
T- & wat about me kunj?
k- ill return in 15 minutes. i promise. bt I’ve 2 go now.
he leaves & twinkle get some1 massage
here kunj reach in given address & knock d door. Avni open door.
A- kunj! cm inside
k- ( coming inside ) y u call me hear?
Avni held his hand & say
A- i love u kunj. i love u. i love u from d core of my hert
kunj jerk her hand & said
k- but i don’t love u. u got it. i don’t love u. i love my twinkle
kunj is about to go wen she pull him to her& hug him tight. kunj try 2 break d hug ,she pull him more close. den sm1 shout
sm1 – kunj..
kunj see her
k- twinkle

kunj break d hug & come near twinkle
K- nothing like dat wat u see here
T- stop it kunj. i see all this with my own eyes. so, stop make me fool
k- listen 2 me once
T- i don’t wana explanation now. thank to d person ho open my by showing ur reality
Fb show
twinkle get message
sm1 ..if u want 2 know d reality of kunj den came at d given screws
T- ( herself ) wat a rubbish. wt he think dat he tell against kunj & ill trust him. but I’ve 2 go as i want 2 show him.that there no 1 in d world like my kunj. Fb end
T- because of u i even not trust on my bhai. he is always said me dat u are only flirt wit me bt not love but i never trust him u know y because i always listing 2 my but from now i only listen 2 my heart
so i decided to break all relations with u . its break up kunj sarna its break up.
K-dont do this. twinkle pls listen 2 me once its just an misunderstanding
twinkle cry & rush from their
kunj is about 2 follow her when Avni hold his hand &say
A- just leave her & come to me
kunj slap her& say
K- i never see a girl like u& leave
kunj came out & see her living in her car. he run 2 stop hr but he couldnt. he fell on his knee & cry(mat jaa re mat jaa Teri cami hei ankhey nami hai tanha hai dil mera )
twinkle reach her home & fell on the bed & shout
T- y kunj y u did this with me. she cry bitterly
(dil jurre bin hi tut gay)

the screen fridges on twinj crying face

PRECAP:- Avni was crying. she get a call & said ur work is complete. I’m succede in sepreating twinj.

who was behind this all& y he did this? think over it.
thanks guys for ur support. & pls do more commaints

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  4. superb sonali

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