janam janam ka pyaar… episode 1


Hy guys i am akshaya kannan but my pet name is riya.

“ABHI!” Pragya screamed as she was pulled by her brothers. “Baba STOP! Stop please!” She saw Abhi beaten with sticks and stones by her cousin brothers at the order of her father. Pragya’s brothers brought her home and locked her in the room. Pragya cried for them to open the door. She begged them to let her meet Abhi. She begged from the other side to let Abhi go. She begged them for her love. After few hours, she could hear the foot steps of her father.

“Job done?” Her mother asked. Hearing her mother’s betrayal broke her. She was the one person she had trusted and that one person had caused all this.

“Done.” Her replied at ease. Done. Was all she could hear now. Pragya got up and slowly locked the door of her room from the inside so no one could in. She gathered all her strength and walked towards the mirror. She looked at herself. Dressed in a simple red sari that Abhi had given her. Wearing the bangles and jewelry Abhi had provided, she believed she was beautiful. The sindoor that Abhi had placed in her forehead and the manglasutra only multiplied her beauty. Abhi would have been overjoyed to see her like this but right now all she saw was a widower.

The red sari was laughing at her. Her jewelry mocked her. Her kohl had left marks on her face, her hair was messy. She slowly started to take off the jewelry. She reached for her manglasutra. She held it for a moment letting the memories flood back.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life.” Abhi had told her. Pragya smiled at his response and put her head on his shoulder. “I want you to be forever mine.”

“What do you mean?” Pragya asked looking at him.

“Next time when you come dress up in the red sari and the jewelry I had given you.” Abhi explained. “I will bring a priest so we could become one.” Pragya could feel her eyes water. She loved Abhi a lot and right now he had put forward his wish to marry him. She was over joyed.

Next morning, they had gotten married. Abhi had slowly applied the sindoor and tightly knotted the manglasutra. The two lovers had finally become one.

Pragya with shaky hands tried to remove her manglasutra when she heard a commotion from outside. She unlocked the door from inside and was thankful it had been unlocked from the outside as well. She ran out side. The scene in front of her shook her. Her father had aimed the gun at Abhi, while Abhi was completely blo*dy from the beating.

She ran towards them, she wanted to stop her father from doing this. She had stop this. She couldn’t let anyone hurt Abhi. Just then there was a gun shot. Everyone stared in horror. Pragya had jumped just seconds before the gunshot and was shot in her stomach. Abhi had caught her.

“Pragya?” Abhi shouted. “Pragya open your eyes.”

“I..I.. knew you… wouldn’t… leave me. I knew… I will al…ways love…you.” Pragya told Abhi with her dying breath. “Maybe… we…weren’t desti-ned… to be… toge-ther… But… I-I-I… wil-l… w-ait… for y-ou… i-n the nex-t…” Saying these words Pragya looked at Abhi one last time before closing her eyes forever.

“Pragya!” Her father came running. Abhi scooped her up before her father could even touch her. “What…”

“You did this.” Abhi looked at him bitterly. “You have no right. You broke her.”

“Because of you..”Her father began but was interrupted by Abhi.

“No. All she did was loved me.” Abhi said. “She didn’t do anything. All she wanted was a happy life. All she wanted was to live a life worth living. She was my wife! You took her away! But I am not like you.” Abhi handed Pragya’s life less body to her father.

“She will always be with me. You have to bid the good bye.” Abhi walked to her brother. “Kill me now so I can be with her forever. So I can wipe her tears in the lives that are too come so I can be with the one I love.”

That very day the lovers had become one, though only for hours in the worldly life but forever in the spiritual.

30 years

“Here have this coffee. Drink it.” Pragya told Abhi.

“Why do you do this? Why do you show this concern.” Abhi asked Pragya. “What am I to you?”

“Torturer.” Pragya explained. “If you wont drink the coffee, then you will get a cold. From you I will get one and then I will make you drink the water and then you will get-” Abhi placed a hand to stop Pragya from speaking. He motioned her to be quiet. Together they shared an eye lock.

True love will find its way…………..

Credit to: riya kannan

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