Jamai Raja Fanfic Sidni in College – Episode One


Hi I am new to fanfic please comment below to tell me if I am going on the right path and if should continue.
I am also a diehard fan of jamai raja.

So here it is.

As Durga Devi was yelling at her workers to quickly get her daughter to college. Here we have our heroine’s entrance. Roshni is seen praying to god to have a good day at college. As Roshni was praying to god she wished for a husband who would love her and not care about money. She was then interrupted by her mom, durga Devi, as DD said to quickly sit in the car and go to college.

Now we have our hero’s entrance. A man is being seen stepping down from a chopper, helicopter, in hand he has the latest phone, he has a gold-diamond studded watch, the latest rich boy fashion clothes and ray ban sunglasses. Then the man is seen stepping into a Ferrari. He then looks at his watch ad realizes he is late. He quickly leaves the helipad and swiftly drives. As he reaches his college, which happens to be the same as Roshni’s, he parks his car and as he steps out of his car, people are starring at him. All the girls are happily squealing that their beloved Sid has finally come back from abroad.

Roshni runs over to see what all the squealing was about.

End of episode

Thank you so much for reading

Credit to: Ne

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  1. Eish what this may u please tell me someone…nice episode by the way

  2. Pls go with he is not a clg stud for that he is better to be bussiness man

  3. A very new try and grt description..keep it up dr ..waiting for next episode

  4. Nice starting. I liked it.keep it up

  5. The episode was nice but now a day it’s becoming worse…

  6. It’s great…….keep it up

  7. Thanks for the appreciation will continue

  8. nice great

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