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The Episode starts with Shabnam taking the media in her words and they say DD is right. Shabnam says DD called her and says she has transferred her property on my name as she don’t trust Roshni. Roshni says she is lying. Shabnam says I will do all the possible things to bring my badi mom out of jail. Roshni asks the media to question DD to know the truth. Media says DD’s lawyer has put the clause of no media. She says DD has refused to give any interview. DD’s lawyer smirks. Shabnam thanks the media for giving her chance to take her stand. Roshni is in shock. Shabnam acts to be innocent. Reporter says they are two sister and tells about Sid who is no longer alive. Simran tells Beeji that Roshni is taking DD’s side, who is her husband’s killer. Beeji asks her to have some juice. Simran refuses

and cries. Raj comes to Simran and says we shall leave this city. He says it is very difficult to stay in this city. Bunty says Papa is saying right and says we will go to foreign. He says there are some good holiday package, you will freshen up there. Krutika refuses to go with them. Bunty says but. Krutika says can you leave Roshni alone in this condition and says she needs us.

Roshni meets DD in jail. DD says she never doubted on Shabnam, and says she did a mistake by trusting an outsider. Roshni says we have to stopped Shabnam as she has named your property and all on her name. She has maligned Sid’s name. DD says there is one way. Ayesha calls Roshni and searches her in the house. She finds Roshni and hugs her. She gives her painting which she made. Roshni cries and says it is so nice. Ayesha asks where is Papa? Roshni says Papa is seeing you and asks her not to do any mischief. She asks her to get ready for school.

Roshni asks Lakshmi to give breakfast to Nani. Lakshmi says that Shabnam has already taken breakfast for her. Roshni runs to her. Shabnam tries to forcibly feed food in Nani’s mouth. Nani cries. Roshni comes and shouts at her. Shabnam says she is feeding Nani and asks if she thought she has added poison in the food. She says you think me right. She says she added phenyl in one bowl. She says you have thrown one good bowl, so I will make her eat phenyl bowl as I don’t like to waste food. Roshni throws it. Shabnam says I can do whatever I want, and says DD is rottening in jail since 6 months. She says your kesar chacha has become servant to me, and says Nani is like a puppet to her. She says you and your husband have talked much that truth will win. She says truth is winning as you are all wrong. Roshni says I will never accept defeat.

Shabnam says you are singing the same song since 6 months and asks her to learn some new song. She asks her to accept that everything has fallen from her hands, and says I wonder how you will take revenge from me. She says if you have any plan then tell me, and asks her to clean the floor. Roshni cries and feels miserable. She says I miss you Sid and says she has been lonely. She asks where did you go, my love is not able to bring you back…………

A Ram Leela play is shown. Someone comes and hypnotizes Ravan. Ravan falls down. The man’s face is shown half and he is seen eating paan, and says he needs Hanuman’s blessings. Roshni and Ayesha are seen watching play. Ravan tells his dialogues. Ayesha says Ravan is a bad boy. Roshni says hanuman ji will come and will bash him up. Ayesha says just like Papa. Someone asks where is hanuman? Roshni, Ayesha and Nani gets up from their seat. Hanuman makes an entry in a style. Ayesha tells Roshni that Hanuman is here. Roshni sees masked on his face. He takes off mask from his face is shown. He is none other than Sid chewing pan.

Sid or his lookalike walks past Roshni. Roshni turns and sees him going.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Typical Indian drama

  2. I agree too

  3. I thought sid was going to return to roshini but I see these writers start their shit all over again imaging sid passing roshini straight what bull shit which means that this shabnam tract is going to be prolonged which is total nonsense writers what is really wrong with you all come on now we the viewers are frustrated with these stupid scripts

  4. Copying of Satrangi Sasural epi’s total nonsense?

  5. Pls writers give us Sid to help Roshini and pls don’t twist it just end it well let good super see evil pls. Frnds am I right? pls plead with them.

  6. Foolish writer…. What you got after form this typical bakwas track… It totally going out of track….

  7. Mustapha Fresh

    This is total nonsense from the writer. Shabnam issues is irritating… imagine Sid just passed Roshni no word no intimacy.

  8. The character of six cannot replace .his roll is magnicifient .you to have his return .plz change your plot idea make it different from satrangi .it hurts the hearts of million who watches this serial to see the best.character have to be excluded .have a doubt six die he will return .

  9. Interesting.

  10. very boring…why do all the serials of zee tv have the same track????
    copying satrangi sasural

  11. bullshit!!!!!!!what nonsense!!!only drama!can there be for once a hapoy moment??there is always smthng between those family!if this will end up like this about sids dead,trust me its getting boring then!pppfff

  12. you know what is so transparent is the fact that these writers just copy catting and writing the same scripts for all the serials you want to tell me that ZTV has only one writer writing the scripts for all these serials what happen cannot they afford to pay other professional writers to assist them my gosh it is one thing over and over again kidnapping, black magic/witchcraft, poisoning, memory loss, stealing property and not to mention murder I could go on and on and on please ZTV take a hard look at who you hire to write these serials because they are just destroying you network please do something before it is too late and you loose more of your ratings

  13. Its sid confirmed its his plan..d precap shows..that sid saw Roshni in window nd wantedky goes past roshni…
    Interesting now sid expose foxy soon

  14. At first they had shown roshni and her family believe that sid is dead. But after 6 months she was wearing sindur and mangalsutra etc. If she doesn’t know that sid is alive then how she could do this??? That means she knows that……. isn’t it?

    God knows. I can’t understand. But it will be better if they don’t change sid’s lovely character.

  15. And oh yes……wishing a very HAPPY AND SAFE DIWALI to all of you friends. Enjoy it…..

  16. What sh*t u all can never quit black magic, lookalikes and dragging

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