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The Episode starts with Neil coming to Roshni’s office and shutting her laptop screen. Roshni says don’t you dare touch my laptop. Just then she sees Neil and says wow, look who is here, the dashing Mr. Neil. I am sure girls have fainted seeing him, and asks who do people get affected by you. Neil says you know well what I am going to say? Roshni says Ragini what are you doing here when you have injury. Neil sits down and says even I couldn’t figure out why do people get afraid of you. She says you couldn’t impress me till now, and says you can’t do. She says I am worried about business and says you can ruin the business if I leave. Neil asks her to go and rest. Roshni says okay, it is your office and I will leave. Neil says you should go home. Roshni gets emotional hearing about home. Neil says

you don’t believe on home, as hotel is your home. He says first we will go to my home. Roshni asks about Anya. Neil says Anya have returned with that guy and has married him. Roshni says if that guy is alive? Neil says mom’s condition is very bad. Roshni asks about the guy. Neil says I don’t know. He says Mama called me and told that they have come home. Sid asks why didn’t you tell her anything.

Anya says why did you save me then. Mama informs Anya’s mum that Sid Khurana is a number 1 play boy of Mumbai. Anya tells him that Neil’s girlfriend left him on the mandap, and her mum got heart attack because of it. She threatens to commit suicide. Sid says where is your brother. I will explain to him. Anya says my Dada is against love marriage after whatever happened with him. She promises him not to tell anything to them until she finds Arya. Sid asks do you want me to act like Jamai in the house. Anya requests him. Sid agrees. Anya’s mum says reporters write fake news, she says Sid is Jamai and should get respect being Anya’s husband. Door bell rings.

Roshni thinks about DD’s death and her conversation with Sid. Kesar comes and asks her to drink coffee. Roshni says I am getting nervous….Kesar says same Sid, family, everything started again. He says 2 years have passed. If he comes near you then you shall move on with him. He says this is not you, and you have to become Roshni Patel. Roshni says Roshni is dead and this is truth. Kesar asks why did you hate him so much. Roshni says no…how can I hate him. He didn’t do any mistake. He is the person who taught me to live and made me understand the meaning of love. He loved me madly. If he comes to know that Roshni is alive then he will search me even if he dies. He might kept Roshni alive in his heart, but I am scared of his love. He says that love had ruined everything. He says our love have ruined my identity. She says I can’t keep my love alive, on my mum’s death. She says if we get back together then everything will start again. She says this loneliness is good. Everyone is happy and normal. I will stay like this. She says our love story has no ending and can’t complete. Kesar calls Roshni. She says she is in lobby. Simran sees Kesar and asks you? Kesar says yes. Roshni is coming towards him. Kesar says I will meet you later and takes Roshni with him. Simran couldn’t see her face. Simran thinks if he came to meet Sid, and why?

Neil comes home. Sid introduces himself as Sid Khurana. Anya looks on tensedly. Neil says I am Neil, Anya’s elder brother. Sid says nice to meet you. Sid says I am sorry, we are meeting this way. Neil says I am surprised to see you. My sister is very young, just 20 years. Sid says I am 28 years old and asks why they are playing age game. Neil says I believe people mature with age and asks why did he marry by eloping. Anya says what is the use of this talks. Neil says yes you are right. He says just for my understanding, you know about mum’s condition. Didn’t think about mum before doing this. Sid says Anya didn’t do any mistake. Neil says I can talk to family members and not with outsiders. Sid looks on and says sorry to Anya. He is about to tell truth to Anya. Just then his mum comes and asks when did you come. Anya says dada and Sid met each other. Anya’s mum says they have married but party is remaining. We shall throw a small celebration party. She asks Sid to let Anya stay with them for some days. Sid says sure, she is your daughter. He says I will leave. He shake hands with Neil. Anya says I will drop him and come. She goes to drop Sid. Sid says everyone is misunderstanding him. Anya says you wanted to bring me here. Sid says you are a small kid and says we have to search Arav, and asks her to give details. He says I will bring him. Anya says okay. Mami sees them smiling.

Neil tells Ragini that he is a casanova and says I read about him in the flight. He asks her to see his pic in his phone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Who is anya

    1. Anya is Neil’s sister, Neil you know, the new guy in the promo.
      And Anya is Sid’s ex-employee as well, she used to work for him before she quit and joined family business.

      1. OK well i didn’t view today’s episode but i haven’t viewed the show in a while so can you please give me a brief run down like how roshni died etc.?!

      2. But why did roshni fake her death and is DD alive ?!

  2. May be its anya’s plan to trap sid.anyways its gud..i desperately want sid to move on with anya and roshni just regreting

  3. Roshini faked her death so Sid wont come looking for her. She knew that sooner or layer Sid will come to get her back and she didn’t want this to happed. She doesn’t want to be with Sid because she thinks that Sid’s love for her killed DD. She blames Sid and his love for DD’s death.
    And no, DD is not alive. She’s dead.

    1. Umm but how did she die and how did roshni fake her death by chance

  4. I don’t know why but I started liking Sid n anya.

  5. The whole nonense with DD always being rude to Sid and YASH fooling them all made me stop watchin gthis after all the years. I think ROSHNI never truly loved SID if she did, she would never doubt him and appreciate his sacrifice. I will now start watching as I would like SID (THE HUNK) to move on if life and be appreciated

  6. Roshni doesn’t want Sid to come near her because she thinks they’re not meant to live happily together and forever, she thinks their love is poisonous. I understand her now!

  7. What roshni did was right because just think ever since her and sid got married things somehow always went wrong but on the other hand she had no right to blame their relationship because of sid she finally got her mothers love and he sacrificed many many things for her even his own respect. In this episode Roshni said she doesn´t hate him but rather she is scared of his love as if he gets to know Roshni is alive he will find her til his last breathe. So basically she made this decision to help them all stay out of danger as their relationship might harm more people if they were to be together again.kya roshni kiya gaya tha sahee hai kyonki sirph usake baad se kabhee lagata hai aur sid baaton shaadee kar lee kisee bhee tarah hamesha galat ho gaya tha , lekin doosaree taraph vah vah ant ho gaya usakee maan ka pyaar sid kee vajah se unake rishton ko dosh dene ka koee adhikaar nahin tha aur vah usake lie kaee kaee cheejon ka balidaan yahaan tak ​​ki unake sammaan karate hain. is prakaran mein roshni ne kaha ki vah nahin karata hai use napharat hai, lekin balki vah apane pyaar se dar lagata hai maano vah jaanana roshni vah use til unaka antim saans le paenge jinda ho jaata hai . to buniyaadee taur par vah is daichison un sab ko khatare se baahar rahane ke roop mein apane sambandhon ko nukasaan pahuncha mor logon sakata hai agar ve toghaithair ho rahe the karane mein madad karane ke lie banaaya

  8. what roshni did was right because ever since they got married they have faced many many problems but she definetly had no right blaming it on her and Siddharth relationship because because of him she finally got her mothers love and he sacrificed many things for her including his respect. In this episode Roshni said she does not hate him but rather she is scared of his love as if he gets to know she is alive he will look for her even after death as he loves her very much. She is doing this to protect their loved ones from dangers.kya roshni kiya vah sahee hai kyonki jab se unakee shaadee ho gaee ve kaee kaee samasyaon ka saamana karana pada hai , lekin vah nishchit roop se koee use aur siddhaarth ke rishte par yah dosh dene , kyonki usakee vajah se vah ant ho gaya usakee maan ka pyaar ka adhikaar tha aur vah use apane sammaan sahit ke lie kaee cheejon ko balidaan tha . is prakaran mein roshni ne kaha ki vah usase napharat nahin karata hai, lekin jaise ki vah jaanate hain ki vah jinda roop mein vah use bahut pyaar karata hai vah usakee maut ke baad bhee dikhega ho jaata hai balki vah apane pyaar se dar lagata hai . vah is khataron se apane priyajanon kee raksha karane ke lie kar rahee hai.

  9. I posted the second one because i think the first one did not explain my thoughts too well

  10. I agree that Roshini is right at her point, but when looked at the picture as a whole, this decision of Roshini’s sound a little self centred. I mean when you are in love and married, such important decisions should be taken jointly. She felt guilty, she wanted to protect her family but what about Sid? What has he done to deserve the pain, the hurt that he’s going through.
    Its all complicated.

  11. Okay I know that Roshini took a desicion by herself anf without Sid but at least I now know that Roshini doesn’t hate Sid so I am now wanting them to be back together but it will only happen after a lot of dragging.

    1. Yup. They will meet now as shown in the latest promo but then again, there will be so much dragging. First Sid will have to woo Roshini back, then Neil and Anya might cause problems.

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