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The Episode starts with Neil recalling his girl friend leaving him even after he pleads infront of her not to leave him. A fb is shown. Neil gets closer to Ragini and recalls Roshni in Sid’s embrace. He thinks his destiny is bad and his past is coming back. He says I hate you Ragini…for doing this with me….Ragini/Roshni is still unconscious. Naina comes to their room. Neil breaks the things and goes. Naina thinks Neil’s past is coming back because of Roshni and if anything happens to him then Roshni will be blamed.

Roshni wakes up and goes to washroom. She recalls what had happened last night and gets tensed. Sid also wakes up with heavy head. He tries to talk to Anya and tells that he had planned a night out for Roshni and Neil, but this had happened. He says he didn’t do any mistake.

Anya goes from there angrily. Sid thinks what is this Siyappa? Roshni prays to God and asks him to make everything fine. Neil comes there and says I will also do puja and wash away my sins. He asks Roshni to come to side and throws gangajal on her saying he is doing devima puja. Roshni cries. Neil asks her not to move and says big puja is remaining. He brings aarti thaali and smears kumkum on her forehead. He says you are now devimaa. Roshni is shocked. Neil asks her not to move and says he is her big bhakt. He brings coconut and hits on her feet.

Roshni falls down. Everyone come there. Naina asks what you are doing? Sid comes and asks him to take care of himself. Neil says Dev has come of this devi. He says you wanted him to come and save you naa. Sid asks him to stop the drama. Neil asks who are you to interfere. Sid slaps him shocking everyone. Naina asks how dare you Sid…and is about to slap him. Roshni says stop it…..and cries. She asks Sid to go. Sid leaves. Roshni holds Neil and takes him to room.

In the room, Roshni tries talking to Neil and asks him to drink water. Neil says he doesn’t want. Anya comes there and asks Roshni if she is happy now. Roshni asks what you are saying? Anya says look at my brother’s condition. She says you didn’t bother about me, Neil or Naina. Mitul hears her. Anya tells Roshni that she is having affair with two men of the house, first her brother and now her husband. She says I didn’t know that you will romance with my husband and didn’t think about me. Roshni asks her to stop it. Anya asks her to end her drama and don’t kill them. Mitul and Ranjeet gets happy. She tells Ranjeet that they shall get the papers signed today itself. Ranjeet says okay. Sid thinks I don’t know what to do? Roshni’s life is getting ruined and I couldn’t do anything. He thinks what is this test? Bunty comes there and says Anya called Simran. She is also tensed. Sid says I am fed up. He says Neil has a bipolar disorder. He gets drunk daily and misbehaves with Roshni.

Bunty asks then what went wrong? Sid says he was in the restaurant when Mitul asked him to bring medicine from home. He says he made me drink that cold drink and understand her plan. He asks Bunty to get ready to teach them a lesson. Mitul asks Ranjeet to get signatures on the papers urgently. Sid comes on their way. Mitul asks why you are troubling us. Sid pushes her. Ranjeet asks why is he misbehaving with his mum. Sid asks Ranjeet, shall I tell your mum what you did in the pub and stare a woman. Ranjeet says I didn’t do anything.

Sid says I will expose you both. Mitul says we didn’t do anything. Sid calls Bunty and asks him to give their birthday gift. Sid says it is the newspaper and says someone drugged me and Roshni. He asks do you know who did this? Bunty and Sid asks who is that person? Mitul says what is the proof that I have done this, and how you will prove. Sid picks a hair from Ranjeet’s beard and says you have confessed to the crime. Now I don’t need to find proofs. He says you are not the only cunning people to come in my life, I am standing like a banyan tree. He threatens her and asks her not to play games.

Roshni asks Neil if he is coming to office. Neil says no, and says now she can romance openly with Sid. Later Roshni asks Sid to leave, and leave her on her condition.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what is the crap
    Writters u guys need get this foolish roshni out from ur series

  2. Whn will sid n roshni unite. Plssssssssssssssssssssss unite dem sooon plsssssssssss

  3. Well I didn’t watch jamai raja for abt more than two weeks and now I’m glad I did so
    JR season 1 was much better than this I know there were many villans one after one but still it didn’t took away the fun and amid all this sidni found time to romance which made the trp increase day by day
    But this season 2 sucks first of all the start of the show was it self so stupid tht roshni left Sid just coz she thought their rishtey talk is not pious ….serriously …i mean ….so lame
    Cm on writers improve the storyline for God sake this shit is unbearable

  4. Writers end this shit twist after twist is not entertaining us In fact it is irritating us
    Introduce ria and patch her with Neil let Anya go to araav and focus only only on Sid and roshni u can introduce their kids and further proceed the story

  5. I am getting bored seeing Sid and Roshni being way from each other due to the lack of condition of Neil i fell like they are getting away from each other rather than getting closer to each other but i can see that Roshni is trying to trust Sid as she can see that his trying to help her and make her happy as he want to fullfill his Saasu maa`s promise Durga Devi Patel

  6. I love u Sid no matter what happens because u are always right

    1. OMG everything is messed up now 🙂 🙂

  7. I am From Trinidad and i love this show it hurt ny heart to see sid and roshni apart i often cry hpe the can get back together nice couple

  8. I didn’t know that in India people can get marry first and the give some stupid reason and leave the husband…later change their identity …. Come back with different name and marry different guy….come on….wow! where is this culture is goin?????…so, they don’t stay married to one guy until death….whatever promise they make is all just words??? That’s it?????seems like now Indian culture turn out to be American style.?

  9. I think Roshni is deserve for what’s torture given to here by Neil bcz she leave Sid alone ruin his and his family members life now its time of Roshnis I can’t bother abt here little bite also……. One thing should be realize here why I leave did without any reasons she must dresreve and reasons for all this much of hungamaa

  10. this is the worst series that i ever watched .season 1 was better than this .roshni leaves sid change her identity than got married what a crap

  11. To get sidni united,writers should add a twist where its revealed that arnav is none other than rajveet’s brother,who blackmailed roshni that if she lives with sid,he will kill her,and roshni starts crying revealing the truth to sid so he stops putting roshni-neil together and also reveals that if he stays with ananya then arnav will kill him so he gets revenge from his brothers death.sidni unites fighting againist neil/ananya;mitul/ranjit;simran/nainna

  12. Pls unite sidni;can’t take this much longer

  13. Hi Marilyn, I’m from Trinidad also and I don’t like what I’m seeing on JR these days. Season 1 was the best. Why can’t writers move the story along where sidNi have kids and face issues together with family problems and so on… They made us dislike roshni and took away her fighting spirit, I don’t recognize we character these days. Fed up of Jr these days.

  14. Sorry, I mean…. Her character

  15. Why sid is tolrating anya’s anger? i hate her. she is too much yar..

  16. i don’ watch this serial any more (only read updates) – total crap . Just end this stupid story line. Sid you are worth more than this idiotic part.

  17. shriti or tori

    I checked on my ggg wall and saw nothing….. felling awkward
    but I will check with compt

    1. hi girl friend even i’m havin a hard time with my ggg account …….so just forget about it
      and we’ll just chat on telly
      wah u bin ah tell meh about punam
      that’s y u say u just remember punam
      she deh on here

      1. Jade ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        hello its me

  18. This is too much.why Roshni doing this with Sid.everyone is seeing that neils behaviour with Roshni too bad.he hurt Roshni again nd again like a crazy guy. But Roshni ignore all things.I think now the time when Roshni n Sid both will be end of this drama and live together like a beautiful couple because we all r wish that both will be happy.

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