Jamai Raja 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Payal giving money to Khan and Romana. Khan says we were thinking after Mahi and Satya go away from your life, then can you let us stay with you. We won’t give you a chance to complain. Romana touches her feet. Payal asks them to stop it and goes. Khan says she is a stone hearted woman and asks Romana not to do any mistake tomorrow. Payal puts saree on her and see in the mirror. Gangu Tai comes and says it is looking good on you. Payal looks at the prasad thaali. Gangu Tai gives her prasad and says I prayed for your event in the temple. Payal says whatever I do for Satya and Mahi is less. Gangu Tai goes out. Payal thinks she gave her ghee laddoo and keeps it. She thinks of get rid of all of them once she succeeds in her plan.

Satya comes to Mahi and asks her to have

icecream. Mahi refuses to have icecream and asks him not to trouble her. Satya says if this is the case then I will go far that I will not come back even if you call me 36 times. Mahi keeps hand on his mouth and asks him not to say this again. Satya asks her not to do this again. Darkhast hai ye song plays……………..

Satya gets romantic and closer to her. Mahi also reciprocates his feelings. Song continues to play. Their romance is interrupted by a phone call. Mahi says she has to go to office immediately as papers are important. Satya asks what about me? Mahi says papers are important. Satya says I will go and brings papers, and asks her to sleep well. Mahi kisses on his cheeks. Satya says you are mad and smiles. Mahi also smiles.

Khan keeps flower-bomb tray under the table and calls Payal, saying work is done. Payal says so Satya will have to face gun and bomb together tomorrow. She thinks he will lose anyhow. Satya goes to the office in night and gets the file. He sees light coming out from flower’s tray and take it out. He thinks it is brought by Khan Saheb. He finds bomb kept inside it and thinks Khan Saheb is planning to make a big blast. He is shocked and calls Mahi. Mahi picks the call, but just then dhol starts playing and Mahi couldn’t bear anything. Satya asks her to stay far from Khan, but Mahi thinks Satya wants to talk to Khan and goes to his room. Her phone is switched off. Mahi thinks to inform Khan to talk to Satya. Satya is shocked.

Mahi opens the door and finds Khan making bomb, and his wife Romana with gun. She is shocked and tries to run, but Romana and her husband Khan catch her. Romana makes her smell chloroform. Gangu Tai hears the sound, but couldn’t see Mahi. Satya calls Payal, but she doesn’t pick his call. Payal calls Satya as a kidnapper, and informs him that his wife is in her captivity. She asks him to wait for their next time. Satya thinks Khan and Romana has kidnapped Mahi, and doesn’t know about Payal’s involvement in it. They make Mahi wear bomb fixed jacket and makes her sit on chair. Payal takes her video and signs Romana to keep check on her and signs Khan to come to her.

Satya comes to Kajal and asks from where did you pick up Romana. She tells from the bus stand. Satya comes there and hears train sound. He thinks Mahi is here somewhere. Payal and Khan are there. Payal tells something to Khan. Satya couldn’t see Payal with Khan. Payal leaves. Satya sees Khan and shouts at him. Payal hides and is shocked. Khan tries to run and come to the factory. Satya follows him and come there. He looks angrily. Payal looks at them from hideout. Satya kicks Khan with his leg and slaps him repeatedly. He says I told you that you can’t count your broken pieces if you touch Mahi. He says you acts to be handicapped naa, and says he will make him handicapped today. He hits on his leg. Payal sends him video, where Mahi is seated with bomb jacket. Khan laughs. Satya is shocked.

Khan asks if he liked it. He says this is just a trailer, film is yet to be watched. He asks him to do as he says. He says if you try to kill me, then your wife will be killed. I have one more surprise for you, and shows Sid, Roshni, Raj, Simran and Krutika’s pic. Satya says this is my family. Khan says she is your Bua, and asks him to kill Krutika, else he will make Mahi blast.

Krutika requests Payal to make her meet her nephew Karanveer. Payal says sure.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Seriously? Yawn…….. Yawn…… I guess terrorism sells……..

  2. Marie Raphael

    I have a feeling Khan, is Bounty and he killed Simran and Raj. However he don’t have the guts to Kill Krutika because he love her and whatever he is doing is to revenge. Maybe he is pretending to help Payal, because look at the expression on her face when Khan ask Karanveer to Kill his aunt, or it could be Payal plan, because after she gets all the money she wants then she can send Karanveer to jail for the murder of Krutika. I have a request since Satya truth is out why don’t the writers stop addressing him as SATYA AND ADDRESS HIM AS KARANVEER.

    1. so true I agree . His identity is now revealed . They should be addressing him as Karanveer now. Because they will cause confusion in the audiences. And I don’t like terrorism tracks in these shows. It’s just wrong and setting bad examples.

  3. indera sanichara

    This is so sick, I guess the people in India don’t like to see happiness among their own family. All the serial are showing the same nonsence. Soon all viewers will quit watching your channels.

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