Jamai Raja 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid seeing Roshni, going in front of her, but then walking out not finding her out. He walks in front of Yash. Roshni turns back and sees Yash standing with flower bouquet. Roshni asks why is he carrying bouquet. He says it is for her as Khurana’s took back their against against NGO and spared it. Roshni happily hugs him.

DD in her husky baritone yells at Simran that Roshni is not ruining Sid’s voice and kick Sid out of her life long back, but Sid instead went behind her now. She says she is proud of herself that she separate Sid and Roshni and will not tolerate Sid coming back in her life. Naani asks both of them to stop their ego and think about their children’s life. Simran starts yelling next and says she showed Roshni her place once and

if she tries to enter her son’s life again, she will not spare her, asks Naani to teach her arrogant how to behave, and walks out. DD scolds Naani and asks her to keep her mouth shut.

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Sid (wearing oversized, ill fit googles) shows a school teacher Roshni’s pic and asks if Roshni works in her school. Teacher says she has not seen this lady. Sid gets sad thinking he lost another chance of finding Roshni. A local auto driver requests Sid to see a religious place and says his prayser will be fulfilled. Sid agrees and reaches religious place/buddhist temple. Roshni also reaches the place. DD calls her, but she cuts call. She calls Yash, but even his phone is not reachable. She thinks what if Sid has reached them and thinks this cannot happen.

Sid and Roshni pray at a buddist temple with people. Roshni walks out before prayer ends. Sid also walks out without seeing each other. They are about to clash when Sid’s phone falls down and he bends. Roshni passes by without noticing him (big joke by writers). They stand just at a 10 feet distance from each other, even then they don’t notice each other. They then start looking temple idols again just a 10 feet distance and finally look at each other and happily run to hug each other. It is just their dreams. They walk away again and out of temple.

Yash tells her sister how Roshni hugged her today. Sister says that means she loves him and asks him to propose her. He SMSes Roshni to give her dinner party on NGO success. She agrees. DD calls her and tells about Sid reaching there. Roshni is shocked to hear that. DD says she does know how he got her address, asks her to be careful, and tells she will speak to Yash to safeguard her. Sid gets Raj’s call who asks if he found her. He says he does not know where she is, but he will not come back without her. She starts crying vigorously thinking why did Sid come back to her. Sid hears her crying and senses her nearby.

Precap: Yash tells Sid that his girlfriend is very beautiful and her name is Roshni. Sid is shocked to hear Roshni’s name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu


  2. huh after a lot of stupid drama they looked at eachothr finaly atleast

  3. Roshni is full of shit….she dont deserve to be with SID – she is a ugly b*t*h

  4. What nonsense this serial is getting stupid roshini n sid was so close but still didn’t see or meet one another this yash is another problem now he will create problem for sid. and we will have to wait for days n weeks for the truth to come out and for everything to get back to normal

  5. I agree with rani again this soap is a whole pack of nonsense shit sid right there on the phone talking and roshini is facing him and yet cannot see each other what is going on are they blind or what lol they are so near and yet so far you want to tell me up to now sid cannot find her and what shit again is going on with the writers how on earth could yashs sister arrange marriage between roshini and yash when sid and roshini never got divorced what kind of scruples these indian people portraying walking out on your husband and going into another country to meet another man and living with him that is real low down dirty this soap is a lot of shit also you know what I think these writers do not think what they are writing they go to sleep and between sleep and wake they start writing so all we a getting on paper is real shit tata too tooo

  6. This ploy where people pass each other even though close by in most of these soaps is really unrealistic and foolish. Please end this drama and write something good for a change.

  7. This serial has become a joke

  8. Roshni is not going to accept yash proposeal

  9. These soaps are so predictable for years it’s the same storyline for each soap, it’s just that they use different characters. I’ve been watching zeetv from 07 but somehow my cable got mess up and we lost the channel anyhow we got it back…but these shows base on the same thing wicked mother-in-law, other woman scheming for another woman husband etc writers we are tired of the same crap over an over again

  10. this show is losing it’s interest.

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