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The Episode starts with Shabnam getting closer to Raghu/Sid. Sid tells her that they will get intimate after marriage. Shabnam thinks she has to check bullet mark on his chest, and says marriage will happen. She dances with him on a sensuous song. Roshni sees Shabnam dancing with Raghu sensually. She says you drank wine and romancing. She drinks wine and gets jealous seeing them close. She comes there, pushes Raghu….Raghu thinks thank god. He asks her not to tie Shabnam and gives her hint. Roshni ties her hands. Shabnam asks Raghu to help her. Roshni takes Raghu with her. Raghu/Sid says I am someone’s wealth. Shabnam frees her hand. Roshni takes him to her room. Sid says it seems my respect will not be saved. Roshni says she will save his respect, calls him Sid and asks not to leave her. Sid gets

emotional. Shabnam knocks on their door asking them to open the door. Roshni cries and tells that she is afraid without him. She asks him not to go and says that chudail is calling you, but don’t go. I will take care of you and miss you very much. We will be together, and I will love you very much. She says I am your life and not that Shabnam asking him to understand.

Simran asks Bunty where he is going with pillow and blanket. Bunty says nothing. Simran asks him to spend sometime with Krutika. She sees Krutika having hiccups and makes drink for them. She tells Bunty that it is a soft drink. Bunty gives the drink to them. Krutika drinks and asks what is this. She says do you want to take my advantage, and falls asleep. Simran thinks it is good.

Roshni is still with Sid and says I won’t let anything happen to you. She asks Sid to sleep at his side. Shabnam knocks on the door continuously and thinks I will see you Roshni. Roshni sleeps on his chest. Sid holds her. Next morning, Sid comes out of bathroom and thinks his wife is still sleeping. He lies down on the bed again and pretends to sleep. Roshni wakes up and asks what you are doing in my room. Raghu looks at the lipstick mark on his hand and asks what I will tell my darling Shabnam now. DD comes to the room and is shocked to see the lipstick marks. Roshni is shocked and says I didn’t do anything. DD asks her to go to washroom. Raghu says you have to tell everything to your mum now. DD says idiot, and says Roshni loves only Sid, have no place for anyone else. She asks him not to tell anything to anyone. Sid says his destiny is bad, always his sasumom scolds him.

Simran asks Krutika, what happened yesterday night. Bunty comes and greets her good morning. Krutika makes Bunty fall down as she pulls the chair. Simran is shocked. Krutika tells her that her husband tried to make her drunk yesterday, and says Rajveer was better than him. Simran says he is your husband and is about to tell that she added drink in soft drink, but Bunty stops her. Krutika goes. Bunty says I can’t see a mom feeling low infront of her daughter. Simran says you are really good from inside and says she will unite him with his wife. She says it is a deal and shake hands with him.

Sundari makes Shabnam clean the house. Shabnam sneezes. Sundari says you are very delicate, and sneezing…she asks her to clean properly. Raghu comes. Sundari asks her to make tea for Raghu. Shabnam goes to bring tea. She comes back and thinks to find out if he is Sid or Raghu. Raghu tells Sundari that he wants to see her reflection in his wife. Shabnam spills tea on his chest. Sundari asks him to take out the clothes. Sid says he is fine and it is not needed. Sundari removes the shirt. Shabnam looks at his chest.

Sid tells Pinto that he is tired of acting. Pinto says today is your engagement and suggest him to tell the truth to Roshni. Roshni comes and asks what is that truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh My God… So excited… I hope things would turn out fine.. I hope sid will tell his truth to roshni and they can kick shabnam out together… Sid you are awesome ??

    1. azy who s ur best actor

      1. Ravi dubey is my favorite TV actor…

  2. I don’t think he will tell the truth. Sid is gorgeous

  3. Very nice…jamai raja is getting better and better….i love roshni and Sid romantic moments..

  4. Even i am fed up of this drama
    Let hope that when sid tell roshni the truth the wont have any misunderstanding between them

  5. Nice SidNi scenes……..was missing it…..Sid is really a good jamai and a good husband….Just for his sasumom and Wife….He is doing all this…..Hats off to u….best serial ever!!!!!

    1. plz tell me who ur best actor is

  6. I hope he does n the truth comes out n see wat shabnam does

    1. is this Leila abdulhakim?

  7. Yes jamai raha is best serial ever. There is never too much drag. Always subtle…. Plus sid is always right. Love tat guy…. Even shabnam s track. Though it has been there from long.. Shabnam is not been happy for long. I lik how she s being troubled…

  8. wow but I hope sid doesn’t cook up a story to cover the truth

  9. guys will u plz just tell me ur best actor in zee tv

    1. Which serial is Yash ? Jamai raja ?

      1. u r right. who is yash?

    2. Mine is kunj ….

    3. 1.the rock star
      5.his majesty

    4. ♡♥Maha♥♡


  10. I just hope sid doesn’t cook up a story

  11. ayesha answer us who is yash? is he your bf n that’s why u mention him 2much?

  12. Mine is just twinj

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