Jamai Raja 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The pisode starts DD nursing Roshni’s wound. DD says she herself self-inflicted this wound and there is nothing to worry. Sid asks why did she do it.

Rajveer loafer meets Baweja and says before going to China he has to marriage Sam. Baweja says his lawyer is preparing marriage papers and soon he will marry Sam. Loafer says Sid is behind him and even Roshni is missing from home. Baweja asks him to relax and have chicken lollipop. Loafer asks why did he order food from outside instead of getting it prepared by servant. Baweja says servant went to his village and left his sister who looks like a model than servant and does manicure, pedicure, etc. Rajveer asks him to stop his rubbish.

DD reaches home with Sid and Roshni. Yash who is already sitting there asks DD why did not she

inform him about Sam missing. DD says she did not have time. Roshni gets Biji’s call who asks her to come home soon. Roshni asks if Sidharth ji came home. Biji says no. Roshni then asks Sid to hurry up as Biji is waiting. Sid jokes that he cannot digest her calling Sidharth ji and asks her to change her Shanta bai clothes, else his family will start giving her salary seeing her servant dress. Naani laughs.

Sid and Roshni reach home and sit for dinner. Simran yells at Roshni that Biji asked to clean the house with her, but she is missing since morning. Rajveer loafer sees servant dress popping from Roshni’s bag and tries to peep. Roshni sees him peeping and hides her dress in. Sid sees that and tells that he and Roshni will get ice cream for everyone. Roshni looks at Simran. Biji asks her to go when her husband calls and asks her not to take Simran’s permission. She leaves, while Simran angrily looks at her. Loafer thinks something is brewing between them.

Baweja tries to feed Sam khichri and soup, but she does not eat it. Sid acts as drunkard and shouts at Baweja to come out. Baweja calls inspector and tells Sid is threatening him. Inspector says his men are around his house and Sid cannot harm him. Security guards see sid and try to catch him. Baweja makes Sam unconscious again and hides her back in cupboard.

While Sid continues distracting Baweja, Roshni enters Baweja’s house and tries to rescue Sam from cupboard when Rajveer loafer comes and hits head from back. She falls unconscious. Loafer says she came here to rescue her sister but will get killed herself. He says she told she will expose him, she does not know it is not easy to reach Rajveer Ranawat loafer. He thinks to hide Roshni’s body before police comes.

Inspector comes and asks Sid to come down. Baweja asks inspector get this Sid out, else he will lose his control. Sid asks him to relax, else he will get heart attack. Rajveer loafer is seen dragging Roshni and Sam and taking them in auto wearing burqa. Sid sees them going, but does not doubt. DD calls Sid and asks the status. He says Roshni did not come yet, so he will go in and bring Roshni and Sam out.

Sid goes ot Baweja’s house, holds his collar and asks him to tell where Roshni is. He says he does not know who is Roshni. Sid is about hithim when he hears DD’s voice calling Roshni.

Precap: DD finds Roshni outside Baweja’s house unconscious on floor and tries to wake her up. Sid also rushes and tries to wake her up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Update fast plz

  2. Only GOD or the producer of this shows knows why it is still on AIR! A total crap show.

  3. H Hasan

    Friends, sorry for the late update. It usually happens due to power outage. I can’t help than waiting until power comes back to post the remaining update. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

    1. Please tell us what is going to happen or please at least give us a hint

    2. Thank you for your daily updates. People should understand these things happen sometimes. You do a great job with your updates. Thank you 🙂

  4. Please fast update all dramas. Because i am copying all your dramas for tellyupdates.mobi. 😛

  5. H Hasan

    Friends, power outage during summer is common in India, so please bear the inconvenience. Remaining updates will be done as soon as power is back.

  6. Till how long nobody will be able to recognize & unveil loafer rajveer?
    The charm f the show is degrading as there z nothing interesting and challenging.
    everytime rajveer n kritika do conspiracy n win.
    Request the writer of the serial to give some strength in characters like sid roshni biji raj nani to defeat n challenge rajveer

  7. see what I mean shit again LOL I feel pity for you writers to know this is how you make a living and all you doing is writing shit

  8. I won’t be suprise to see the writers saying that roshni lost her memory this is crap

  9. All these soap are on a spinning wheel and according to the spin they write the crap that comes.These writers will spoil this loved show just like the others.

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