Jamai Raja 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Satya walking holding the Ganesha idol. Deepu and his friends pretend to cheer for him and breaks glass into pieces infront of him. He stumbles but holds it tightly. Mahi gets impressed with him. Deepu is shocked to see him walking through the glass pieces and reaching the destination. Organizers get happy and increases the prize money to be 25000. Mahi recalls giving money to them. Satya gets the prize money. He says Ganpati Bappa Moriya. Deepu comes back to Basti and distributes sweets to everyone. He says now everyone must know who is bad here. He says Payal saved us, and says redevelopment is needed for us, but Gangu Tai is against it as she wants to be secretary always. He says we will give our lands to Payal. Sunil tells everyone that they will have to get relieved of

lands, and they will not get anything. Deepu asks him to keep quiet and not to interfere. He says our life will be good after this redevelopment.

Satya comes to Basti and gives her 25000 Rs. He says first time in your life, that you got insulted because of me. He asks her to give 25000 Rs. to chawl people and get her necklace. He says I didn’t steal, but lifted Bappa with my hands. Gangu Tai cries and asks what I shall do with this money. She says my reputation and respect will not be back. She says we have lost….now nobody can stop the redevelopment.

Satya looks on surprised. Satya sees redevelopment pamphlet and says I will not let this chawl break. He thinks to meet Payal Sen Gupta. He asks Chawl people, why you are accepting Deepu’s saying and says it is his advantage. He says why you are turning your face from my mum who is devi, and says she is on the secretary position as she loves you all. Deepu says son is like his mum. Satya asks him not to say anything against his mom. He reminds him about the challenge. Deepu says why you are interfering me, and says you knows well that Koel and Mahi are Payal’s daughters, and that is the reason you got closer to them. Satya is shocked as he doesn’t know about it. Deepu says he is lying and call him cheat. Gangu Tai hears him and says both daughters are of Payal. What to do now and gets worried for Satya.

Mahi is in her house and feels bad about insulting Satya. Payal comes to Mahi and says she has been waiting for her since morning. Mahi apologizes to her. Payal asks her to go for dinner with Dhawal. Mahi agrees. Payal signs Dhawal. Mahi and Dhawal come to the restaurant. Satya comes there and asks her to take her gift back and says I don’t need your charity. Mahi says even I don’t want to do charity. She asks him not to create scene there. Satya asks everyone to stand up and says I was thinking that I am using them, but actually they are the one who have been using me, and wanted to get my land on the name of redevelopment. He says your mum is wrong. Mahi slaps him and asks how dare you to call my mum as liar. She says you are a low character guy. Dhawal talks to someone and says very soon he will become rich and will trap Mahi. Mahi asks Satya to keep money with himself and asks him to think it as fees for saving her life and for roaming with her sister. Satya says this money is less and kisses on her lips. Mahi is shocked. Satya says I got my fees, keep this money with yourself for paying bill.

Mahi comes home and tells Naina that she is angry with Satya. Naina asks who is Satya now. Mahi looks on angry.

Satya comes to know that Payal is coming to basti. Payal and Mahi come to basti in car. Satya goes just then in auto.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I am liking the show.mahi don’t had to slap satay. Love the show.

  2. Mahi’s acting is not that great instead of her nia could play the role of mahi sidroshni were perfect she is not suitable for this role

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