Jamai Raja 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Krutika coming to Yash’s office for the post of PA. Yash hires her immediately. Krutika tells if Sam will agree? Yash says Sam will be happy and hires her on the job. She hesitantly shakes hand with him. Ayesha is playing in the house. Beeji says happiness came because of her. Ayesha collides with Roshni and the stuff falls from her hand. DD scolds Ayesha. Roshni shows the toys, dresses and chocolates for Ayesha. Ayesha thanks and hugs her. DD says Roshni brought it for her so that she stays happily at her new home. Ayesha asks her to throw all the stuff and says don’t send me there. I don’t want to talk to you, and goes inside. Sid looks on and applaud for DD saying good job. He says you shows ego infront of everyone and says he is not interested to hear her old lecture.

Roshni looks at the things which she brought for Ayesha and gets teary eyed. Sid comes and says it is your decision and who am I to challenge your decision. He says do whatever you want. Roshni packs the things in the bag. Sid looks at Ayesha’s painting booklet and asks her to keep it in the bag too, when Ayesha is leaving. Roshni gets emotional.

Roshni asks Ayesha to come and have food, and bring Sid also. She says she loves butter paneer and hot roti. She eats it and says yummy. She says I forgot that I have laddoo also. Ayesha gets happy hearing laddo and goes to Roshni. Roshni makes her eat it and asks Sid to have it too. Ayesha makes Sid eat the laddo. Sid calls him ghochu…..Ayesha says you said again. Nani Maasi looks at them and gets angry.

DD asks servant to make soup for Roshni. Nani Maasi comes and tells they are enjoying as a happy family. She tells your son in law is cunning and knows how to handle Roshni. DD says she can’t interfere between husband and wife, but tonight is last day for Ayesha in this house. Roshni congrats Krutika for getting a job. Mona gets worried for Sam’s reaction. Sid tells he is proud of Krutika as she chose to work with Yash rather than working in their family business. He says Sam has moved on and will not be upset. Mona says I hope so. Krutika leaves for office. Mrs. and Mr. Sharma come to DD’s house to take Ayesha. DD tells she asked them to take Ayesha today. Roshni and Sid are shocked. Sharma’s take Ayesha forcibly.

Sid calls Mr. and MRs. Sharma and insists to talk to Ayesha. He is shocked and asks how can you do this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. dd heartless

  2. stupid episode nothing good everyday one madness i thinking something good will come of this but it no use
    dd roshni is not a sick patient for having soup everytime sid why r u even bother left roshni to do what she want cuz your words dont have values for her she just have to listen to her hard face mom everymins n time idk why she roshni is so shock when mr n mrs sharma come to take ayesha when she in self ask them to come when they ready n ayesha will get better parent in them so
    tthis show is getting slow n boring day by day they need to get these characters to get strong n powerful again we dont want to see weak n helpless characters n story

  3. Omg!!!! Come back of Rajveer & Gafur. Sid & Roshni please be careful….

    1. what? rajveer back from the dead??

  4. DD is a b*t*h…. How can she do that???.
    Roshni and Sid need to live there own lives ,they need to move out of DD house…….
    And congrats to Nia and Ravi for winning popular face of the year at the ita awards

  5. I hate DD.she is a b*t*h.writer can you plssss changes her character.

    1. yea like really sid should change her for gd this time
      she is so meannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  6. OMG Sid and Roshni plz go on living on your own I can t believe they take the sh…t from DD She is crazy.B… And she called herself mother My FOOT.

  7. I agree DD is going from being plain rude to being an absolute monster. Very soon many people will stop watching this abuse of an innocent child, SID please be a man and leave this crazy family including Roshni who does not appreciate your LOVE and SACRIFICE

  8. Oh yes…… Many many congratulations to nia & ravi for winning popular face of the year at ita awards. You are my favourite also. Love you – – – your big fan.

  9. This show is becoming boring now.

  10. Greattt news…Roshni isn’t gonna let ayesha go …soooo glad…after that there is gonna be a new twist

  11. What??? But how do you know this gabi?

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