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The Episode starts with Roshni trying to switch on the light to inaugurate the school, but Sid stops her and gets electric current. Sid falls down and is in pain. Shabnam thinks her plan has failed and thinks what to do? She covers him with plastic cover to get the electricity effect go. Roshni helps Sid get up and asks if he is fine? She thanks Shabnam for saving Sid’s life. Shabnam says it is her duty to save Jiju. She says she heard that electricity effect goes when the person is covered by the plastic. Beeji and others takes him to hospital. Shabnam thinks Gaffur said right, and Sid interfered in her work.

Later at home, Sid thinks something is not right and this accident is not a coincidence. Roshni says you are over thinking and asks him to stop it. She says you have really scared me.

Sid says I will not leave you easily, and can fight with death also. Roshni and Sid get romantic.

Sid serves breakfast to Roshni in the morning. Roshni asks do you love her so much? Sid says it is a lie, and I keep her busy so that she don’t doubt on me. Roshni asks if your wife know about your GF? Sid says no. He says whenever I buy something for my wife, I buy for my girl friend too. He makes her wear his chain locket. Roshni says you loves me so much. He gets a call and he goes. He gets a phone call and says he is coming. He tells I love you to Roshni and leaves.

Sam and Bua Dadi come to Bunty, and sees two women sleeping with him. Sam tells him to wake up and says Sid’s PA came to know about your address. He can come at any time. Just then door bell rings. Bunty opens the door and finds Sid and his PA on the door. Sid enters inside the house. Bua Dadi and Sam are hiding behind the sofa. Sid asks if he was busy partying at night? Bunty says no, and says he had medicine as he was unwell. He asks how come you are here? Sid says there is a puja at our school, and asks him to come. Bunty laughs. Sid says you are unwell and can die, so stop laughing. He leaves with his PA. Bunty closes the door. Bua Dadi and Sam comes out. Sid and his PA sees alcohol bottle outside his house. Sid asks his PA to keep an eye on Bunty.

Shabnam gives water to Roshni. DD looks at the school and says nice decorations. She asks the persons to bring boxes. Roshni says it has our school logo also and asks what is it? DD says it is milk shake for school kids. Sid’s PA says he needs to check the things before letting it enter school. DD says who gave you orders. The person says Sid. DD asks him to do the checking. Shabnam do something. DD is about to fall. Shabnam signs the man to keep the box in which some stuff is there. She asks DD if she is fine. DD says yes and asks her to leave her hand.

Sid asks Ayesha, if you have done any mischief. Ayesha says no. DD says it is okay, and asks Shabnam to take care of Ayesha. While everyone goes inside. Shabnam takes a sigh of relief. At home, Roshni is doing Ayesha’s make up. Sid comes and asks Ayesha to go. Ayesha says princess is getting ready. Sid says Badi Maa is calling you. Ayesha goes. He shows designer dresses for everyone. He gets romantic, but Roshni says she will see the dress first. Sid shows her saree and says he will make her wear it. He tells romantic words and romances with her. Just then they hear someone throwing stone on the window and gets distracted. Roshni says she is very busy and asks him not to disturb her. Sid runs after her. Shabnam enters their room and picks the saree. She says this saree looks beautiful on real begum. She looks at DD’s blouse and gets an idea.

While Sid and Roshni are dancing. Shabnam conspires against them and tries to go, but something falls on ground. Shabnam hides and Sid looks out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think Ayesha will tell her papa Sid wat shabnam is doing

  2. what a lovely sidni episode

  3. Very nice and romantic episode. Sid and Roshni your romance is just awesome……….

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