Jamai Raja 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Neil giving speech and telling media that the face of his company will be a working woman, wife, sister and mum also. He says this woman is around me, we didn’t have to go far from finding this woman and says she is going to become my life partner now. He says face of mauve, the woman of the year is my fiance Ms. Ragini Desai. Everyone claps for her. Roshni is shocked to see the poster. Sid is teary eyed too. Neil gives his hand to Ragini and takes her on stage. Everyone claps. Anya tells Sid that nothing happened as they planned and Neil has ruined their plan. Roshni praises Neil and says she really liked her pic and says she couldn’t think that she could look like this. Neil says you are an example of a working woman. Roshni says you have saved Mauve and says when you are

there, everything gets right. Sid says your perception is good, and says whoever have this perception have rich destiny. He congratulates Ragini and goes.

Mama and Mitul have food at Khurana house and praise it. One of the reporter tells that he saw Ragini Desai before, but her appearance and name was different. Mitul hears him and thinks to find out. Sid tells Anya that small games are done now, and says we have to do something big. He says we have to make Roshni understand that a relations are not to be blamed, but the circumstances which are wrong. Anya says what we have to do? Sid tells her something and says all the best.

Anya says okay and goes inside. She tells Naina that she wants to eat cake right now. Naina asks her to go to office. Anya asks Neil to make cake for her. Neil says I have to go to office. Sid says I will make. Roshni says he can’t make. Mitul asks how do you know? Roshni says it is written on his face. Neil says he will make cake for Anya and goes to kitchen. Sid thinks this was his plan. Neil is in the kitchen and keeps cake batter in the oven. Everyone waits outside anxiously. Just then the oven gets short circuit. Everyone runs hearing the sound.

Mitul says whatever Neil is touching is getting electric current. Anya says what do you mean that he is inauspicious. She recalls compromising with gyser wires and oven wires and smiles. Neil somehow makes the cake. Sid praises him. Roshni says it is awesome. Sid says Mitul Mami taunts unnecessarily. He makes Anya tastes it. Anya says it is amazing.

Sid asks Anya not to eat much and think about her baby. Anya says it is enough. Naina asks Sid to give cake to her also. Sid says you can’t have as you have diabetes, it is poison for you. Everyone eats the cake and feels drowsy. Mitul says something is wrong with this cake. I am fainting. Anya and Sid also pretend to faint. Neil and Ragini also feel drowsy. Naina gets worried. Sid looks on.

Precap: Roshni confronts Sid. Sid says if our relation is inauspicious then your relation with Neil is also not to be meant. He says you have done wrong with me and says your relation was dead with my mum long back. Roshni is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Writer has ruined character of Roshini.. Its too bad . We had loved the character Sidni.. Upcoming promos are very unpleasant .. Writer has destroyed Roshni’s character. Nia Sharma should leave the show. Writer is pushing her character towards negative role. She is loosing her fan base..

  2. Sid plz let roshni go n she herself will come back to u

  3. hi guys. pls wt happened to yash n dd n wts ds news abt roshni aving a bby? ill appreciate smeones explanation

    1. Oh my you missed out alot.. Yash had turned into a negative sick crazy character as ” Joker ” he still loved Roshni and was crazy about her and wanted to take revenge on Sid and totally destroyed his life because he blamed sid for ruining his life by making him get married to Sam who never loved him and made his life miserable. He lost his sister also. Yash was in jail and then he had a brother name ‘ Amol ‘ to help him ruin sid life while he was in jail. Amol had pretended to love Roshni and made all the family turn against Sid . Then Yash escaped jail and wanted to marry roshni. Roshni ran away to a huge building which was still in construction. And yash followed her there. Then sid and DD made it there as well. Yash made Roshni , Sid and DD hang out at the top of the building by a chain. Dd was holding sid hand and then she sacrificed her life and let go his hand and fell off the building to the ground and died. Then police came to arrest Yash and then yash ran so fast , jumped off the building and died . Then roshni blamed sid for her mothers death and said our relationship was a joke. Then she ran away in a train . The train crashed and a news flash about roshni crash was shown on news dead. Show took a 2 year leap

  4. I love to watch this show but not interesting anymore because Sid and roshni I they has never ending problems why can’t they be happy with some
    Kids and happy family whoever wrote this script is so unfair to Indian woman and there families people don’t live like why do that to people and indian

  5. We want Sid and roshni together . what ever happened in jamai raja is so boring.
    So we want them together .

  6. I think they ruining roshini character leave the show nia Sharma we can’t see so much of negativity the writer is putting on roshini character.

  7. sid world’s best hubby…????

  8. I like the show but sidni have to come together.

  9. thanks a lot xavier:D

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