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The episode starts with Sid telling Roshni that now drama will start. DD comes home fuming and asks Shiv how dare he is to send her vulgar messages. He calls her darling and asks her to stop frowning, else she will look more old and already people are talking that her husband looks younger than her. Naani and Kesar laugh hearing that. DD asks him to shut up. Sid enters and aks roshni what is happening in this house. DD asks him to stop his drama as she knows he is behind all this. He says she blames him for everything, even if volcano erupts, tsunami comes, sens*x fluctuates, etc. Kesar comments he is right. DD looks angrily at him.

Sid tells Shiv that he has stage fear. Shiv says he will teach him how to face people as he was champion debator of his time. He says he should think people

as a photo and he is staring at it instead. Sid mimics. Shiv says even then if he feels fear, he should close eyes and remember the most loved person of his life. DD hears all his ideas and leaves silently.

Simran and Kritika tries to provoke Meesha against Roshni and asks her to get Sid out of Roshni’s clutch. Meesha says she has to see herself to believe them and walks out. Simran tells worriedly what if Roshni controls even Meesha, she won’t be able to get Sid out of roshni’s trap.

Sid sits near swimming pool with Roshni and asks her to give his prize money. she gives him 1000 rs and says he is a company owner, but is dying for 1000 rs. He says though he has crores in bank, he loves prize money and he will at it in his piggybank. She asks he has grown up. He says what is relationship between age and piggy bank. He gets Meesha’s call and they both starts taunting and joking with each other. Meesha invites him for dinner and he tells Roshni that he is going now. She asks if Meesha is his best friend. He says yes. She asks then why did not he tell her about Meesha. He says they fought once and she left London without informing him, but when she came suddenly in front of him, he forgave her. She says that is why she knows his favorite food, she was thinking he likes chinese instead. He says he used to order chinese as she likes it and leaves.

Shiv comes and asks Roshni who is Meesha. She says Sid’s best friend. He says he knows Sid since 1 month and he loves only her, so she should stop feeling insecure. She says she is not, but she does not know what is Sid’s favorite and his bestfriend knows it. Sid used to tell her that she is not his best friend and she realized it know.

Sid enjoys dinner with Meesha and taunts her to stop eating so much, else she will swell like a balloon. They both then start joking. Sid says he was telling Roshni that he will never forgive Meesha as she left without informing him, but after seeing her. They continue their talks and he tells he alone has to control both wife and bestfriend. She asks he has divorced Roshni, but even then calls her wife, why is so. She says he got angry when she left without informing him, but he forgive roshni even after she left him for 6 months. Sid gets sad. She asks him to stop getting sad and cheers him up. Ugly kritika tells Simran that Meesha will soon change Sid’s mind asks if she knows their tomorrow’s plan. Simran happily nods yes.

Sid informs Roshni that DD has agreed to go on stage. DD goes on stage and falls unconscious. Sid tries to wake her up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. meesha, meesha, meesha plz do sth ryt coz i think u’ve seen a change in simmi b’coz of that kritika also how sid nd roshn love each other so plz take a gud decision.

  2. Time is coming close . for the sake of love reunite both did n roshni or separate them let both of them remained single .let’s no meesha witch hunt ..simran done .raj ant want her

  3. farida uttan

    Another twist in the storyline – but what happened to the document Raj got Simran to sign. When will we know – hope he drops the bomb of divoring her before Meesha does her dirty deeds

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