Jamai Raja 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with DD telling the Police Inspector that she is Patel and not Khurana. Sid says Sasumom…… DD reminds him that she is not his mother in law, and asks him not to make any relation with her. She asks him to go from Roshni’s life and says they didn’t need him. She tells Raj that Roshni lost two important relations in her life, one is her dad and other is her to be husband. She asks Raj to take Sid from there. Sid tells that Shiv was not only his sasur, but also his friend. DD tells him not to make relation and leave. Simran brings Misha there. She sees Sid staring Roshni.

Misha starts acting and sees glass pieces fallen on floor. She pretends to hurt her feet and sits down. She asks Sid to hold her in his arms and says she couldn’t stand on her feet. Sid stares Roshni

and lifts her in his arms.Misha sees earring in Shiv’s hand and thinks how to get it. DD yells at them to get out. Kesar asks Doctor not to trouble his brother and give his body immediately for performing last rites. DD says last rites can wait, and asks Doctor to find out proofs against the killer. She says she knows that Shiv is murdered and determines to find out the murderer. She says she will get the guilty punished. Later DD removes her jewellery and changes her dress.

She recalls Shiv and her romantic union and the moments there after. She recalls their marriage, honeymoon etc. Sid also recalls his casual talk with Shiv, their friendship etc and gets sad. Roshni cries in her room thinking about her moments with Shiv while the song plays………….Misha calls the goons and asks them to enquire where Shiv’s body is taken for postmortem. She tells them that she will meet them in the hospital in the morning. Roshni mourns for her father’s dead. DD comes wearing white clothes and says Shiv didn’t want anyone to look sad. She says Shiv has kept and they have his memories. She gets a phone call from Doctor, asking her to come to hospital, as he has some doubt. DD agrees.

Beeji cries and feels bad for Sid and Roshni. Misha leaves the house to come to hospital. The goons see Roshni and DD, and push Stretcher hurting DD. Roshni shouts who did this. Misha comes wearing burqa and thinks to leave after taking the earring before anyone sees her.

Misha thinks to steal the ring and leave. Sid thanks the Doctor for giving him information. Doctor asks Misha, who are you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. Man i just hate this episodes how they go, i knew this would happen that misha would kill shiv, and would get away with it. The truth would be revealed later on very late. I aint f**king continuing wasting my time !!
      lol this shitty hindi drama is too much !

      f**k it i aint watchin this crap no more !!!!!!!

  1. Fatima Kamran

    Plz end this track

  2. Fatima Kamran

    Is anyone here. ?

  3. Jr going Down no comments from now onwards by me

  4. Come on writers please do some thing before I stop watch this show please shock us all

  5. comeon serries are nw boring…..i hate misha…y is it that ol the villains get what they want….it xooo boring….comeon come up wid something intresting.before we the viewers get bored and stop watchn them.personallay am hating jamai raja.

  6. why is misha getting her way all the time why cannot any one see the earings in shivs hand which he pulled from misha unbelievable how convenient that she misha is getting her way all the time now she has reached the hospital to remove all evidence talk about real crap this take the cake and ass for roshini she is doing nothing only a set of crocodile tears instead of having her head on and looking for clues I do not know what to say again about this serial

  7. shiv was stabbed in the neck with a scissors so you want to tell me that no one is seeing the wound come on a child can detect that it was clearly murder writers I say it again shiv just unite with dd and roshini why kill him kill the evil ones you writers are so wrong sided and transparent that one can tell exactly what script you are going to write even before you put pen to paper and that is true

  8. disgusting

  9. Disgusting

  10. I think shiv still alive and only acting like his dead

  11. end this misha’s scene as it is booooooooooooooooring nd hate this episode

  12. kristell sids wife name in true life is SARGUN MEHTA

  13. I hate misha do something in which the serial would be interesting like romantic moments of sid and roshini

  14. Wtf am beginning to hate dis show its hust frustrating roshni is a fool she gave up d love of ha lyf for misha y cant dey take ha to d mental asylum

  15. Meesha will revealed its coming to grip she will be exposed watch on viewers

  16. I just hate Misha pls end this track

  17. stupid episode all of them is totally blind they need to go and check they eyes sight all of them is ryt in front of shiv and them cant see that he is holding misha earring or how he reach there in the pool and how they find misha holding scissor with blood on it…….in the precap any bet she wouldnt get catch

  18. Lovely episode.

  19. chulbul Pandey

    Get rid of this cow misha

  20. Get rid of this cow misha.hopefully dd forgives sid. Then roshni and sid can get married xxxxxxxxxxx

  21. the truth of misha will be revealed in upcoming ep nd sid will be again jamai

  22. Ohw am also get bored with ths serial, but big up to DD

  23. see what I mean in the precap they showed when one of the goons pushed the guney and hit dd with it then roshini raised up and she looked straight at misha who was dress in brown like a nun so you could have made out it was misha yet when they showed it over in next episode they showed you when roshini looked at misha misha pulled the jab down to cover her face so only her eyes were showing what nonsense is this with these writers so why show one thing in the precap and then change it in the next episode they did the same thing with shiv he was on the bed holding his wound in the neck and sid and roshini appeared and saw misha standing in front of shiv holding the scissors and then they changed it too in the next episode so why on earth show one thing to come and build up our expectations and show something else in the next episode wayaaaaaaaaaaa what is really going on do not understand this shit

  24. This program is becoming stupid every time sid and roshini reunites then there is issues . Like really just let them be man.

  25. StUpid ppl, hate the show!!!!!!!

  26. As usual India films they reveal the culprit s reality when every things got finish when there is no one even has a interest to know about it

  27. Yes juzt its boring that time

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