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The Episode starts with Simran trying to throw Shaku out of the house. Raj comes and she falls on him. Raj asks them not to touch her, and says whoever wants to stay with her, can stay out. Simran says she will stay out. Bunty says you are looted papa ji. Raj thinks Sid has trapped him. Roshni hugs Sid and says today you have saved me, but if they try to get me married to Kunal forcibly, what you will do? She says why you and mom keep me in dark and don’t tell anything. She asks him to tell everything, why she has to bear this. Sid says you need to trust me, whatever I will do is for you, this family and for our happiness. I am not saying for your betterment. Roshni says I do have the right to know the truth. Sid says you have right to know the truth, but time is not right. He asks her to wait for

some more time and says I promise that everything will be solved and you will know everything. I don’t want anything except your happiness. She hugs him. Kunal eyes them secretly.

Simran and Krutika are leaving the house. Raj and Bunty try to stop them. Bunty says Shaku should get a chance. Raj calls Simran, just then a car hits him. Raj gets hurt. Simran, Krutika and Bunty are shocked. Bansi tells she is a big game player and will not leave him and his dad. Sid asks her to stop and asks him not to go on his dad. He says that black color was suiting well on you, and it was showing your true color. He says I want to tell you three things, you can’t harm my family, you will find me everytime you try to trouble my family, 2nd thing, if you try to harm my family then I will harm your family, 3rd thing is you have challenged me that you will take Roshni away from me, and says I challenge you that you can’t separate my Roshni from me even if you try all means. Bansi says you might harm someone else, while trying to save Roshni. Sid gets a call and is shocked. Bansi smiles, and says you will save whom now? Sid looks angrily.

Doctor checks Raj and says everything will be alright. Raj says it happens sometimes. Krutika asks Shaku to move from there. Raj asks Krutika to behave well with guests. Krutika is shocked. Simran asks her to let it be, and says I will ask him when he gets fine. Sid comes. Simran asks him to see his dad’s condition and refuses to talk to him. Doctor asks Sid to take care of his dad and inform him. Raj asks Shaku to leave them for sometime. Sid apologizes to Raj and says it was not an accident, but Bansi got it done. He says I will kill her. Raj asks him to control his anger, and says they can harm Roshni or DD, and asks him not to hurry up. Sid thinks you shouldn’t have hurt my dad and reminds of the promise that he will hurt her family member.

Kunal injures his hand. Roshni comes and asks him to leave the knife. She asks what you was doing? Kunal says he was about to snatch her mangalsutra and says he want to cut his hand. Roshni says I know that you are helpless and want to keep me out of this. She asks him not to do this again and brings first aid box. Roshni says you calls me friend a does this. Kunal looks at her. Roshni gets Krutika’s call informing her about Raj’s accident. She runs saying her Papa needs her. Kunal says you are my wife and felt other’s pain. You have left me in this condition, why? He acts madly and says you have seen my love and goodness, don’t force me to be inhuman.

Sid and Roshni are on the way back home. Some goons come there and tease Roshni. Sid asks them to back off and beats the goons. Sid fights with the goons like a true hero, but the goons hit him on his head injuring him badlu. Roshni cries and shouts.

Roshni runs to Sid and tries to wake him up. Kunal comes on bike and acts to save them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This is too much. Please change this dengerous storyline……

  2. Kunal set it up n trying to make himself look like the fake hero

  3. I hate kunal

  4. Yes fed up

  5. Ab maza aa raha hai…

  6. Atleast family drama to band hua… challenges start nice

  7. I think roshani DD daughter and bansi trape her

  8. Samajh nhe aata constitutional country me ye sab kaise possible bnata hai writer….really old time storyline. …hard to digest….. blo*dy fool lady roshni without sid she is nothing….. If sid use kuch nhe btata toh usme b dimak hoga thoda bhut apni traf se aakhe fod ker dekh sakti h yaaa wait. Kr rhi h kab sid dikhayga wo dekhegi…. Kunal nhe ho gya uska bichda pyaar ho gya…. Mangalsutr ke liye toh etna Drama krti h uski value sirf neck tak nhe hoti blacky roshni…stupid women do somthing use brain…. Sid is your husband not h bodyguard of you n your family…….uske pass bhi family hai…… Ediot writer nonsense blacky roshni….. Bechara sid ugly ambe bani kasam budhiya…..or sabse bda joke wo sagun priyashi….. Ufffff

  9. Where is 9 th January update ?? Also. All Roshni needs to do is get a dna test done and see if she is really DD’s daughter or not. So they will see if Bansi is speaking the truth or lied all along to fool them

  10. where is 9 -01-2016 written update of jamai raja waiting for it plzz update fastly

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